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  1. NateDawg

    Tank breakdown sale

    Hmm weird, I don't have any messages in my inbox
  2. NateDawg

    Tank breakdown sale

    Pm sent
  3. NateDawg

    Sunkist Bounce & Breaker

    Pm'd ya
  4. It's alright, should've gone with my gut on it. Anyhow, thanks for the prize! But, I'd like to bump the gift to the person who finishes the whole contest though since I didn't quite make it 😊 and maybe if someone ever does any trimming on this piece or a strawberry shortcake I'd be happy to trade some green paper for them.
  5. Unfortunately I'm out, bought some peppermint shrimp from an lfs who was adamant about them not ever touching corals to take out some aptaisia. Plopped them in the tank and after one week stripped 2 whole acroporas clean of there flesh, which included this one.
  6. NateDawg

    Super awesome aussie acropora spathulata

    Just picked up one of these frags and they are both very large and have some really amazing color! Definitly worth the price by a ton!, and definitely worth picking up a frag! Thanks again!!!
  7. NateDawg

    Super awesome aussie acropora spathulata

    I'd definitely be up for getting a frag of that piece! I've never killed an SPS coral before "knocks on wood" and if I can help keep this colony going, I'm all in! The frags I got from you a little while back are doing fantastic as well
  8. NateDawg

    Any DIY reef lighting builders on here?

    Perfect! That's exactly what I wanted to hear! Thanks!!!
  9. So I'm planning on using a bluefish mini WiFi controller with the mean well ldd-h drivers for my 180 build. The highest amperage driver they have is a 1500mA one. And I'd need more like 4500mA for the Royal blue channel alone. So my main question is, can you run more than one ldd-h driver off of one pwm channel signal so I can get a total of 4500mA, the outputs of the drivers won't be connected in anyway. I tried to draw a basic of what I want to do.
  10. Height of tallest is about 3.3cm Width is about 3.7cm Macro-ish shot 1. total system volume : 35 gallons 2. what kind of lighting : DIY Full LED, about 160 watts 3. how you keep alk and cal stable : kalkalkwasser in ATO 4. how old your tank is : 8 months 5. rate your tank stability on a 1-10 scale : 8 (have never lost an sps)
  11. NateDawg

    November SPS grow out

    @pdxmonkeyboy when were you going to start the thread for pictures and measurements/ when will the official start be for measurements?
  12. NateDawg

    Another DIY Calcium Reactor

    To cut the keyholes, I drilled two holes, the larger one and a smaller one, the third picture down shows this, then I took a compass and drew in lines that connected the two holes together and used a jigsaw to cut out the bits between the two holes, and sanded it down. As far as the acrylic tube, I got this one off of eBay when there was a sale on it, normally $33, but occasionally they drop it too $25. I also call around some plastic shops, I've been able to buy some of there end cuts for just a couple bucks.
  13. NateDawg

    Another DIY Calcium Reactor

    Thanks guys!! Just water tested it for an hour, no leaks so far. I still need to put a ph probe holder on the lid. Not sure where to get one local though. Also need to get a ph controller, CO2 regulator, and a CO2 tank. Anyone ever run just plain old seashells off the beach in there reactor Or is it safer to just go with something like reborn?
  14. NateDawg

    Another DIY Calcium Reactor

    Decided to build my own calcium reactor after doing alot of research on them and ended up with this.I was looking a for a good cost effective build and I really liked the look and simplicity of Geo's reef reactors, but for the size I needed, the price was a bit high, especially since they only came with a.c. pumps. So this one will be able to handle systems up to 300 gallons plus another hundred if a secondary reaction chamber is added onto it. My total cost for everything, including tools and solvent cements was $127.89. (Seems like a pretty good price for a D.C. Calc. Reactor)
  15. NateDawg

    Return pump for 65 gallon

    I've used ehiems, and the newer versions of the dc jebao pumps, both are pretty cheap and quiet. The jebao can be hit or miss though, I've had mine running for 3 and a half years and have just cleaned it twice a year and it's kept it's pressure the whole time. But I always keep a spare on hand.