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  1. Yep, the light is still for sale.
  2. ATB skimmer, not sure about which model this is. - $125
  3. Mars Aqua led reef light. Fixture is not even a year old, all of the LEDs work like new and is very clean. Comes with cords. - $75
  4. Next up are two dc return pumps, they are both aquastation pumps and I have been very pleased with these, they push alot of water and are very quiet. Both are working like new. DC-3000 - $35 DC-4000 - $45
  5. Hello all, have a few things for sale. Located in albany, or. I am willing to ship and do make occasional trips to CnC so delivery would be possible if it was a day I was traveling that direction. Cash, paypal, venmo are all accepted. First up is a good and sturdy stand with a tank footprint of 39" x 22". Very sturdy built. Has a removable shelf that works great to hold either equipment or a separate fuge! - $100 Unknown sump that is around 20 gallon capacity with dual overflow sock holders. - $25
  6. I've got a running 50 gallon frag tank that could most likely hold that many frags, and your welcome to house them here for a while, but I'm down in Albany though so it's a bit of a ways.
  7. I'll check and see, most of the stuff is alot smaller because it works better in the calcium reactor.
  8. Hmmm, I'm out of the house multiple days sometimes so I think I'd need something that would last a bit longer, but that does seem to be the cheapest option so far.
  9. Mine is in random medium flow, enough to push the polyps all around. And I have mine at about the same level as some of my sps, so probably around 300ish par
  10. I've got similar water chemistry but my nitrates are actually lower than yours (about .1 - .15) and my Duncan fluffs up just fine during the day. When I initially bought the duncan, it would do the same thing, open at night and mostly close during the day. I found out that it would get fed during the night before i got it and started adding coral foods, that center on polyp extension, during the day and basically switched its feeding hours. And now it just opens during the day time period without the addition of food.
  11. Oh dang, I'm glad it wasn't more serious, anything I can help with? Shoot me a message if there's anything I can help with.
  12. Thanks, I'll definitely keep that in mind when I make a decision.
  13. How long does the bottle of ice last? And do you have a correct amount of ice to where you dont have to have the heaters keep it from too cold?
  14. Good info here, thanks, I'll be doing a bunch more research for sure.
  15. Looks pretty close to cyno to me
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