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  1. NateDawg

    Coral Giveaway!

    Did the winners get picked already?
  2. Well, got the light for the tank set up, and rock live rock in as well. Found some really nice pieces of pukani from the Premium Aquarium shop, definitely a big thanks them! I think I need to change around some of the colors as I only have royal blue right now. What do you guys run? I'm looking for the florescent look but right now I think it's a bit too harsh blue.
  3. NateDawg

    metal halide repair?

    When you say pop, does that mean they made an actual "pop" sound when they quit working? If so that could be as simple as a capacitor poping which would be an easy fix for someone with limited electronics experience
  4. NateDawg

    Rasta zoas shrinking???

    Thanks everyone for the info! I'll do what I can and see if I can save em, I'll put a light filter over top of one of em and do a big water change and see how that goes.
  5. NateDawg

    Rasta zoas shrinking???

    I be had them in there for about 2ish months and they have been doing really well this whole time. One of the two is more shaded than the other too. Since I've had them for that long with no issue, would they all of a sudden not like the light? I haven' changed the light settings once since I put them them in there.
  6. NateDawg

    Rasta zoas shrinking???

    So this really odd thing is happening, I have about 30ish separate zoa/paly colonies in my tank and they are all doing very well except for one variety, I have rastas in two places, a colony on the frag rack and one on the zoa garden I put together. Both of them have shrunken polyps, not closed but just very shrunken polyps, and I just have no idea why they are shrinking, especially when both of them are doing the same thing and none of the other 29 varieties are having issues... Any thoughts/experiences?
  7. Good info!, thanks! Well I'll keep posting update pics of it and if it looks good enough, would be cool to see others trying out the micro tank too! I got this one all set up and now has water moving though it. Now time to build the light and fixture... I think I'm gunna try going with one mangrove in the back and a small mixed colony of some really unique zoas/palys. Does anyone know of a place to get a red mangrove propagule or an already sprouted one that's been sprouted in a reef tank salinity? From what I've read, they can be tricky moving them from different salinities to new ones after they've put out roots and such. I' be also looking for some zoa/paly varieties, mainly stratosphere, hallucination, night fury, darth mauls, solar circus, and or krakatoas. The stratospheres especially.
  8. Ooh that would be cool! I already have a really decent refugium with chato in it and a protein skimmer, so the mangrove was more for the aesthetics and a refuge for copopods. I'm diggin the clown and anemone idea, but wouldn't that be too small?
  9. I was thinking that but the way I'd have to set it up, there'd have to be two pumps working and I'm tryna get away with one right now
  10. Gunna experiment here with something fun and a bit new. I was scrounging around and found some acrylic sheets and some plumbing fittings and decided to make a 1 gallon mini cube DT. It will have water pumped from the sump of my main tank into this one then back though the bulkhead and will be mounted on the wall next to the main DT. Now the question is, should I make this into a small single red mangrove refuge (which would increase nutrient export and increase copopods which equals more food for the ruby red dragonet), or make this into a really cool little zoa/paly mini tank... I'm split between the two.
  11. NateDawg

    Coral Giveaway!

    Share the love! Thank you Kevin!
  12. NateDawg

    Potential Suplier for Coral Frag Plugs

    Yah no problem! I'm not using any dyes currently, I'm still looking for a good safe dye, but the splotchy look that I make those frags in the picture earlier are actually from putting the clay through tempurature variations while firing, which I thought was really cool.
  13. NateDawg

    Potential Suplier for Coral Frag Plugs

    So I use naturally dug, non copper containing clay that came from I think Missouri. I had a thought about maybe adding small amounts of calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, and strontium carbonate to the plug material. These are already used in some ceramics for specific purposes but I'm wondering if by adding those to the plug itself, you could give a frag a supply of those mineral supplements right at it' own feet! But I'd want to test this and make sure it would leech out to much all at once. As for ingredients of ceramic clay, they start out as kaolinite which is a hydrated alumina silicate (I think) then as it is fired, the hydrogen is released and replaced with oxygen. Basically it' the mineral feltspar and calcium carbonate. I' not sure about the dyes added though, I haven' found any that describe what' in them so I'm a little worried to put it in a tank and risk it leaching who knows what.
  14. NateDawg

    Potential Suplier for Coral Frag Plugs

    Here' a couple of pics on how the plugs get made. Once they come out of the mold, they will need to be dried for a week then heated to 185°F to get any retaining moisture out, then they are fired at 1800°F to 1900°F for a few hours depending on batch size. More pics to come of firing process.
  15. NateDawg

    Potential Suplier for Coral Frag Plugs

    These are some from my fist batch, I was playing around with color to make them splotchy brown grey and light brown to match dry rock that' been seeded with LR and been in a tank for under 1 year.