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  1. Hey all, looking for a few parts here before buying new. I'm searching for: - CO2 tank - CO2 regulator (Milwaukee specifically but another could work) - neptune systems PM1 module - ph probe - calcium reactor media - needle valve Let me know what you got, thanks for looking!
  2. Welp, it's all yours whenever you wanna get it, just shoot me a message and I'll get it cut n bagged.
  3. I dont have a huge sump but I can trim you some dragons breath and chaeto as long as you dont mind a little hair algae and a good amount of varios copepods. I'm in South Albany.
  4. Dang, this would be great as I'm about to graduate with with two different electronics degrees.... I wish they had an office further up north from california.
  5. You could try going into the settings at the top right of the energy bar icon and refreshing or looking for a setting to delete that specific energy bar from fusion.
  6. That unfortunately sounds like a faulty energy bar. A short from a piece of equipment wont really cause an error in voltage but rather a larger wattage due to more amps being used. I would be surprised that it would be a firmware issue since it looks like your other energy bars are working fine. If you have a voltage meter, you could check the wall outlet rms voltage that the bar is plugged into and make sure your getting between 110 to 120 volts. Another thing you could try is plugging in each piece of equipment directly into an outlet that works and see if each piece of equipment works fine. If all of the equipment works fine. Then it sounds like the energy bar is busted.
  7. Hopefully, you can figure the issue out soon. And hopefully non of your devices are shorting out.
  8. I would first unplug everything from the energy bar and check to see if the error still shows up on fusion, if not then plug in each device one at a time to see if one of the devices is faulty. Since you got a notification about the skimmer first, I'd leave that unplugged and have it be the last thing you plug in and try.
  9. Are able you able to see this voltage on apex fusion? If so. What does it say?
  10. Might want to post this in the classifieds thread. Might be why your not getting any inquiries.
  11. Thank you!
  12. Thanks!, I don't think I could go back to not having one, it does take some practice but it can sure pay off sometimes. Now I just have to wait and see if its sealed enough to be usable in an aquarium environment.
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