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  1. NateDawg

    Reef Stuff For Sale

    Would totally grab that rock, just can't justify driving from Albany up there 😬
  2. NateDawg

    Sps grow out contest?

    Why not just take the frags back to CnC afterwards, then they would be all together and be able to be measured in whatever way, even by coloration, and the equipment would be the same for all of them being measured so there wouldn't be nearly as much, if at all, control issues. Just mark each frag plug prior to them getting taken home or wherever so you'd know who's is who's when they come back.
  3. NateDawg

    Recommendations for 180 gallon aquarium lighting

    I'm all for MH, I just hate having to deal with heat and really expensive bulb replacement 😕
  4. NateDawg

    Recommendations for 180 gallon aquarium lighting

    I've always wanted to try real sun light!
  5. NateDawg

    Recommendations for 180 gallon aquarium lighting

    I do hear good results about both those light fixtures. Is it still true, with today's technology, that corals won't color up as well under solely LEDs?
  6. So I've never bought lighting before, I've always just made it myself but I'd like to try something different. Id like to stay with all led, maybe with some added t5 if someone convinces me lol. I wouldn't need a ton of features, just timing and adjustment of color and intensity. Also more budget friendly but not cheap, if that makes sense at all. I would be having both sps and clams at the bottom of the tank as well. The tanks dimensions are 6'x24.5"x24. Any input would be super helpful plus if anyone has any lighting for sale, I'd be interested in that as Well. Thanks!
  7. NateDawg

    Growing your own phytoplankton

    Got the phyto fudge light put together. It's just the bare bones at the moment till I can find some sort of case for it. I built it to produce 50w of "full spectrum" light that should get the stuff growing fast. And for the growing chambers, I'm gunna use 6, depending on how much I end up needing, of these define flip water bottles with rigid air tubing coming off each and will be connected to an air pump to keep oxygen/CO2 gas exchange going + it will keep everything suspended and not settle to the bottom.
  8. NateDawg

    Bubble algae advice

    I have an emerald crab and got him just for the purpose of taking out bubble algae. He does a fantastic job and doesn't seem to bother any of my corals. But he only stays at the bottom and never gets any of the algae up higher in the tank. Occasionally my purple tang will nip at the stuff but it seems that he just tastes it and decides he doesn't like it.
  9. NateDawg

    Growing your own phytoplankton

    I will definitely be selling it for super cheap, I just want to make sure I'm using the right food for the phyto. I ended up just going with the f/2 formula that I was being recommended too use. Still seems weird to me that it contains copper though... I think I'll do some tests and see if there is any copper in the final product before I use it.
  10. NateDawg

    WTB an a quarium

    Anybody have a 120 or 150 gallon glass aquarium up for sale? I'd just be looking for the tank, no stand or anything. Moving out of the dorm here soon so I'm starting to look.
  11. Has anybody on here ever grown there own phytoplankton before? I just built a phytoplankton growing station and I've got everything all ready except I'm not sure what to use as fertilizer, I keep seeing something named f/2 which is a specific for marine algae fertilizer. I also see people using miracle grow, not something I would do personally as I don't know the exact ingredients, but some reefers on forums say it's bad because of heavy metals, mainly copper. While doing research I found two separate formulas for the f/2 fertilizer that everyone says to use and both contain copper sulfate?!? That to me seems like that last thing I'd want to put in my tank.... with that being said, anyone know of something different to use as the fertilizer? I was almost thinking of trying a mix of potassium nitrate and some other stuff that would be already used to dose tanks with. I'll attach the formula for the fertilizer that everyone seems to be suggesting to use. f_2_medium.pdf
  12. NateDawg

    Coral Giveaway!

    Did the winners get picked already?
  13. Well, got the light for the tank set up, and rock live rock in as well. Found some really nice pieces of pukani from the Premium Aquarium shop, definitely a big thanks them! I think I need to change around some of the colors as I only have royal blue right now. What do you guys run? I'm looking for the florescent look but right now I think it's a bit too harsh blue.
  14. NateDawg

    metal halide repair?

    When you say pop, does that mean they made an actual "pop" sound when they quit working? If so that could be as simple as a capacitor poping which would be an easy fix for someone with limited electronics experience
  15. NateDawg

    Rasta zoas shrinking???

    Thanks everyone for the info! I'll do what I can and see if I can save em, I'll put a light filter over top of one of em and do a big water change and see how that goes.