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  1. Yep, that's correct, actually both the utter chaos and the blueberries came from you. Someone bought my largest piece, so the one pictured right now is the largest.
  2. Blueberry fields
  3. Granny apple smith
  4. 10/20/19 Frags up for sale. I have a few of each that I will be posting. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. I may be interested in trades depending on what you got to offer. I have bundle options too. Buy 1 frag = regular price Buy two frags = 5% off purchase Buy three frags = 10% off purchase Buy 4 frags = 15% off purchase Buy 5+ frags = 20% off purchase I am located in Albany, OR but do travel to Portland so I can meet people there if needed. If the frag dies within 7 days from obtaining it, replacement will be given based on the sellers discretion and photo evidence. But if there's any other issues, just message me and we can work things out. Pink Diamond Zoanthids 3+ polyps - $50 Utter Chaos Zoanthids 3+ polyps - $35 Granny Apple Smith Zoa 3+ polyps - $35 Blueberry fields Zoa 20+ polyps - $40. - smaller frags can be made Peach Rings Zoa 5+ polyps - $20 Pink diamonds Utter Chaos
  5. I could probably use a few more if we do this group buy
  6. I believe TPA in salem has some last I checked, though I'm not sure if they have the red banded ones, I saw a quite a few white ones a last week. As for why I think they are a good snail, they can correct themselves if the fall on there back unlike some other snails that cant get back over sometimes as well as these guys are able to reproduce in a reef tank pretty easily compared to other snail varieties.
  7. I couldn't find a 3d model of the specific wrench, I could only find the site that someone sells them. I wonder if that design is patented or not. I might try to build a model this week for a wrench like that.
  8. Visible for me on android mobile and PC.
  9. Are they purple in white natural light or with blues?
  10. NateDawg

    3D printing

    Also make sure your getting the correct filament type as far as material type. PLA seems to be the easiest and most forgiving but from research and my own 3d printing, I've found that non dye infused ABS is the longest lasting if the part is in saltwater, but is also more difficult to print because of temperature and shrink issues. I'm sure there's others on this forum that have some input. I've definitely printed up many parts for various aquarium equipment to the point that for my personal use on the hobby, it's a necessity.
  11. NateDawg

    Green Lump

    It kinda looks almost like an ora tricolor acro valida, mine looks very similar and started out all green but when better lights and more growth came about, the purple tips popped up.
  12. Thanks! I'm just crossing my fingers that he won't decide to munch on the corals or clam, so far he hasn't seem interested much at all. (Knocks on wood)
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