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  1. Shout out to @ThePremiumAquariumfor this beautiful specimen! Added a new potters angelfish to the tank 3 days ago, so far he's not touched anything but the algae on the rocks and does a better job at it than my confused purple tang who doesn't like seaweed or algae.... Sorry for the potato quality photo...
  2. Wanted to revive this thread as it has some cool content in it and want to keep it going! $500 Efflo
  3. Won't harm anything, coral will probably enjoy extra food. You might even end up with some baby trochus snails too. If your really worried about it, just watch parameters and have a 10-30% water change ready.
  4. That's how quite a few marine critters reproduce. By expelling reproductive clouds from both the female and male.
  5. Thanks! Zoas are probably the thing that got me into the hobby in the first place. Oddly enough, the only coral I lost in the move were all my birds nest which I always thought was a more hardy sps.
  6. Hey guys, haven't posted a tank thread before but figured I'd put this one up. Anyway, I just moved to a bigger place that would allow me to have a larger tank so I just got everything moved over last week. The tank before this was a standard 29 that I just basically moved everything right over to the new one. Equipment: - 20ish gallon DIY acrylic sump - simplicity dc320 skimmer - simplicity dc1600 return - 2x jebao rw-8 wavemakers - lighting is a DIY led fixture that I middle the new orphec v4 after but added a couple color spectrums too. - diy ITC-1000 temp. Controller - diy ATO -probably missing something... Livestock: Zoas: king midas, salted agave, CARs, blueberry fields, utter chaos, radioactive dragon eyes, sakura sunrise, bam bams, rastas, scrambled eggs, BBBs, everlasting gobstoppers, pink diamonds, Darth mauls, hallucinations, rainbow incinerators, space queens, twizzlers, granny apple Smith's, and many more unnamed... Sps: $500 efflo, green slimer, Oregon tort, BigR WD, ora red planet, Garf bonsai, tricolor undata, sentosa, many more.. Fish: 2x standard clowns, purple tang, green clown goby Various cleanup crews Anyway, lots more, just got tired of listing haha
  7. Here's the link to the video playlist on brstv for how they kept a clown harem tank, seemed to be pretty informative, https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBaMLrfToJyxQ2ssQRPnmwFOJ2Qp8NBHi
  8. I'm looking for a cube aquarium that's around 60 gallons. I'd be just looking for the tank, not the stand, unless it could fit a 4 foot sump. Let me know what you Got! Thanks for looking!!!
  9. There was a good chunk of palythoa grandis at the premium aquarium if your ever over that way
  10. Hmmm, kinda looks like it's expelling it's zooxanthellae, corals will do this if they bec9me stressed or they're environment changes. I imagine that any symbiotic animal that has zooxanthellae in it will do that. But that just my .02.
  11. For the one fixture that has the entire blue channel out, most likely the driver or the ac/dc power supply is dead for the entire channel and would have to be replaced. As for the other fixture that has select diodes that are out, they should be easy to replace if you have some minimal soldering knowledge as well as can get the correct LED to replace them with. I haven't messed with those specific fixtures myself but have seen one that a biddy of mine has. They look like they use 3 watt led chips. The blue are all the same spectrum, I'm guessing around 440nm or so. If I was to mod the light, I'd get a couple low uv led chips to add to the fixture. The uv radiation is a key factor in color enhancement of sps corals and why people say that t5s are better at coloration for coral than led because alot of fixtures (if not most) back when they first came out, didn't use very low uv LEDs, which ment potentially less color for sps. As for the sbreef color spectrum, it looks pretty good, though, I would probably instead of using all those 450nm wavelengths, I'd do like 60/40 of 440nm and 470nm just to add a little more wide spectrum coverage.
  12. I've always used milk carton plastic for diffusers, never had an issue with it
  13. Does anyone know of any coral safe nudibranchs? Preferably vegetarians or omnivores (not really sure if there is such a creature)
  14. Sweet, thanks! I'll look into that for sure. I've got some stomatellas in my main display that I might fish out.
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