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  1. I have 6 somewhat similar to yours. I just call them acid washed nems
  2. Yeah definitely splitting. One of my hammers just did the same thing
  3. I’ll take the autotop off system
  4. I feed all my nems LRS Reef Frenzy
  5. How about I trade you a bidet. (Barely used 💩)....beats plantain leaves
  6. I will take a single head if you still have one Available
  7. I will take one! Thanks Jeff
  8. Thanks to all who came out, great to meet you all.
  9. I’m in for an Acro list. Don’t have many yet but I’m collecting Arc fireworks walt disney OG oregon tort cali tort Fhc red rage Fhc lemon lime time Fhc ice crusher arc green table What the frag Figi rainbow Reef pets radiant horizon Dynamic reef Bali tricolor Jason fox fox flame jason fox sour twist jason fox the unknown wwc black widow wwc yellow tips wwc blueberry fields pc rainbow tierra del Fuego tyree blue tip stag tyree red dragon Jkr tyree rainbow the shocker twilight just got a few more acros this week GB Sum Up GB Inferno GB Orange Craze GB X factor SC Orange Passion ASD Rainbow Milli ASD sunrise Milli ASD Pink Panther ASD SoCal tort RR Prometheus RR the Vinh The JS pooper scooper sounds interesting. I’m sure Jorge has tons of frags of that!💩
  10. Available today from 1-3 for you to check out frag tanks
  11. I’m available today and tomorrow, Saturday from 1-5 and Sunday 1-3 Come on by and check out the frag tanks
  12. Moregoni$30 (sold)green with purple tip frogspawn &10 a headfuzzy purple mushroom and yellow ricordia rock$50plating purple sponge $10 a fraggreen toadstool frags $15 each
  13. 👍🏻 Come on by
  14. More pics....purple hammer, toxic green core hammer $20 a headgreen/ yellow tip hammers $10 a headacan enchanata $30green birds nest, purple pocipollora, forest fire $10 a fragelegance $75orange lobo (double head) $40gorgonias $15 a frag, devils hand leather $15 Orange setosa $10 a frag
  15. Thanks for the kind words Manny! Yes all are invited to come check out tanks. Just send me a pm and I will send you my address. Thanks all
  16. Frag tanks are overloaded! Need to sell a few frags, lots to choose from. Lps, Sps, softies, gorgonias, rock flower rock flowers $30 eachtrachy $35blastos $40 each (left blasts sold)large acanthophyllia $100 each ( one on right sold)large button scoly and small blending apple scoly $75 each (bleeding apple sold)green candy canes $5 per headhuge Favia brain coral $75sunny D Zoas $10 a frag Plus many more! Mystic sunset montis, sunset montis, Superman montis $15 a frag large corky gorgonias $15 a frag, 8 inches plus tall with many branches yellow/ green hammer, green with purple tip frogspawn and hammers $10 a head green toadstool frags $15 green sinularia frags $15 acan frags $15 3 large alveaparo frags/colonies $40. One green and two brown with white tips forest fire digis, purple digis, green birds nest, anacropora, purple Poccilopora, orange setosa $10 a frag interstellar mushroom $50 goniapora frags pink and red $25 green plate corals $20 each large long tentacle purple tip elegance coral $75 lots of Zoas frags $25 for utter chaos frags. $10 a frag for king Midas, pink Mohawk, gorilla nipals, armor of gods and more lots of mushrooms....greenricordia , fuzzy green and purple mushrooms, large rock with yellow ricordia and fuzzy purple mushroom, orange ricordia pc rainbow, Oregon tort(sold)Cali tort (only 1 left) Miyagi tort $15 a frag 2 large Duncan frag/colonies $30 each orange purple and green acan enchanata $30 2 black with yellow tips torch corals $40 each (both splitting) orange and purple lobo$20 (single head) orange and green lobo $40 (double head) a few chalices and much more! Located in Oregon City. Will be available Friday, Saturday and Sunday if anyone wants to come check them out. Pm me for address and any additional pics you might like of specific corals. Local pickup only. Lights turn on at 12, available between 12:30 and 5 (Friday, Saturday) and 1-3 sunday
  17. Looks amazing Brian! Can’t wait until all my acros grow out and look like yours
  18. I have plenty of green. Candy canes, gap, I have 3 different plate corals, green with purple tip frogspawn, hammers, mushrooms, acan, a long tentacle elegance, toadstool frags. You guys are welcome to come check my frag tanks anytime.
  19. Wow your system looks amazing! Nice to meet you this morning, looks like the frags have settled in nicely already.
  20. Frag tanks have only been up a few months. I’m willing to trade or sell. Was probably going to start posting some corals to sell after the holidays
  21. Here’s a few pics. It’s only 90 gallons but it’s an in wall tank so there’s a front and back. Front has lps and I’ve just gotten into Acros the last couple months. Back has some softies and mushrooms
  22. You have some nice stuff also. Love the chalice! Once you get your 40 cycled you are welcome to come check out my frag tanks. I’m happy to give you some good deals on corals
  23. I’m always interested in trades. How about some pics of your stuff. Here’s some of mine.... that sounds kind of weird🤷🏻‍♂️
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