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  1. Do you still have the tank? Where are you located? How large is tank?
  2. 👍🏻🐠🐡🦑
  3. Yes I forgot to ask also, Are we automatically entered?
  4. Wow those are amazing! I would love to see those at Frag Fest
  5. Hayes

    STL Rastas

    Share the love! Keep it going!
  6. How much do you want for them? I would love 2 of them. I just got 2 new maroon clowns that need an anemone or 2
  7. I would love one also for the new maroon clown pair I just picked up if there are any still available
  8. Share the love! Share the love! Awesome!
  9. I will join. How do we pay
  10. Hello Gil&Fin, I’ve never been to your frag fest. I would love to check it out. Please pm me your address. Look forward to meeting you!
  11. I would be interested in the 2 hammer colonies and maybe a couple of the fish. Could you pm me a couple pics maybe of hammers?
  12. Ok I can come by this afternoon
  13. What do you have left beside the Acro and red planet? Still interested in selling everything?
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