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  1. I had to update my card but it said payment went through
  2. I had to update my card but it said the payment went through
  3. Started with 2, only made it to 5, 6th one was on the way. Didn’t get far but glad for the experience!
  4. Third post to the thread. Got one new polyp starting to grow. 5 total if you count the baby ones.
  5. Second Post! Still have my two polyps but it looks like I have two starting to poke out!
  6. Are all the group buy corals expert only or are some more beginner friendly? Still learning my stuff.
  7. I had no idea there was a place like this 3 miles from my house! How much to be apart of the group buy? Sorry still new at this.
  8. 4/18 Tank Specs 65 Gallon Red Sea Reefer Curve 5 Bubble Magnus Skimmer Cobalt Heater (78 Degrees) 2 AI prime lights Couple of JBJ powerbeads Weekly 5 gallon water changes with occasional 2 part dosing Feed LRS and Reef Chili Got two polyps
  9. Any spots left? I’m pretty new to the hobby but would love to participate!
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