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  1. What’s out there!? Looking for an anemone that isn’t “rose, rainbow or red”! Might consider if there more acid wash look! TIA
  2. Camera is going bad so I cant get a decent photo of the true colors! It has fully encrusted the plug on the side that gets the most light.. PE is better everyday hopefully soon I can get this camera situation figured out. first photo is shot with a orange pair of glasses as a filter second photo is with no filter my fat mandarin wanted to photo bomb 💣!!
  3. Yes here is the side shot. It’s almost attached to the rock on the one side that gets the most light. I just fed the tank.
  4. Another month down! Just added t5 hybrid! Hopefully I don’t cook it!
  5. Won’t be having macna this year
  6. Awesome reefing community right there!
  7. I have a 72-18-24 reef ready 120 gallon with stand and canopy. Has a spot of discolored silicone on one of the weir and doesn’t effect anything.. back glass is painted black. Has diy screen top.. will include 4 new bulkheads but no other plumbing. Located in Cornelius. It’s clean ready to go! Trade for high end sticks or other high end equipment. Looking to get $600 obo Must pick up
  8. Are the 36” T5s used? Brand? Thanks
  9. looking for the dome pieces that you can hang cable from when mounting lights to the ceiling. Does anyone have 2 or know where I can get them local.. Trying to somewhat match Ecotechs RMS cable mount kit. TIA
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