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  1. Starting to encrust over the glue! Nothing changed on my end! Seems happy so far I really need to invest in a lens filter!
  2. One thing I also noticed is when your running more air to the stone the water in your return pump chamber rises. So depending on how much air your pushing it could mess with your ato.
  3. You know I was expecting it to be a lot worse than it is.. I’ve ran it a little over a month and have only wiped down my light defuser once witch is my standard cleaning.. my lid mesh will form creep but again not as bad as I expected. Salinity hasn’t moved.. returns are just a hair below water line. With the valve I can almost get it to where the return pump is sucking most of the bubbles so the creep in the sump isn’t noticeable
  4. Yes! Sorry should of put how I set it up! I got a 2inch wood stone and zip tied it to my return pump cage. I got a valve to adjust the amount of air so the return pump doesn’t just suck air. Just enough to keep the pump quiet! I got all the stuff on amazon for under $25 including a new air pump!
  5. Is anyone micro scrubbing there tank? i started to scrub the tank for 8 hours after the lights went out during the night.. the first week i had to change my filter socks daily. My skimmer was pulling the black yuck instead of "tea" colored. You could also see my sps shedding its slime coat in the water. I started off with 8 hours a night for the first two weeks and now have changed to 4 hours a night. My ph has been alot more stable at night than it was. Coral that stalled growing has taken off again.. i will say i dont think that my Zoas like it very much but i think its more due to the nutrients than the bubbles them self.. Has anyone else tried this?
  6. Have slight encrusting on back side. I’ve noticed most of the growth up! My color and polyp extension has been great! Nothing has changed except for starting to bubble scrub the tank nightly for 4 hours. Sorry for the horrible pic
  7. Interested in a box or two depending on price!
  8. I’ll give them a try and see what they say!
  9. Obrien.david.j how long did you have to wait once you ordered for pickup?
  10. I contacted them and they won’t price match online pricing. If I order online I can get 3 for the price of 2. The online vendor is plastic-mart and they will install the bulkheads free of charge. They just want a week lead time in return.. when you went did you get charged a $35 will call fee?
  11. Looking to buy 2 or 3 new Norwesco vertical tanks. I know I can go pick them up in Washougal from there distribution center but would like to support local if they can price match! Even if they can come close! TIA
  12. DT is 40in planet aquarium 47g with a trigger 26 sump, a dcp10000 return pump, 1mp10 1mp40 skimmer is a POS RO essence130, Tunze ATO, lighting with 2 XR15 pros with defusers and coming soon a 36” aquatic life hybrid! Water changes are anywhere from 10 to 15 gallons a week( depends if I let it go longer than 7 days Or forget to buy salt lol). tank is grow out/watch tank! Have 2 clowns and spotted mandarin and a handful of cuc. Feed a mixture of frozen throughout day and add benepets and or Red Sea A and B 2/3 a week. I manually dose 15ml of alk and cal a day but have to constantly watch as i am adding or removing items.. mostly zoa frags and a few sticks! Good luck!
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