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  1. Sorry this happened. It's one of my worst fears 😞 I believe those are the same that ruined The King of DIY's tank and killed his beautiful rays 😞 edit: yup same model -
  2. Thanks for confirming, @shaywood & @Blue Z Reef. After about 6hrs and about 6 gallons of skimmer overflow I was able to drop my skimmer back down in sump. I'm now running back at normal settings! Yes, @SuncrestReef - after chasing the cause and solution for several months, I can't believe how fast and effective the chemi-clean was. What a transformation in just 2 days! I am keeping a much better eye on the food I am feeding my little monsters and the buildup of po4 (I am now also running gfo to keep it in check). Hopefully I won't have to do this again 🙄
  3. I let my po4 get pretty high and red slime started to bloom. I tried 4+ water changes and vacuumed as much out as I could each time. The phosphates were reduced to .025, nitrates to 15 and have maintained it at this level for over two months - red slime still blooms... I tried a regiment of Dr. Tim's Re-Fresh and then Waste-Away for several weeks without much improvement. Then I tried a dose of Chemi-Clean. It worked very well. After one dose, and 48 hrs later all traces of cyano are gone! Before: https://photos.app.goo.gl/QsFiPS1MVaMaNxsi7 After: https://photos.app.goo.gl/eAsGFLrViJeSNKgb9 Now, I can't get my skimmer back under control. I waited another day, added fresh carbon and did a 30% water change. The skimmer is still erupting with a river of very wet foam with it turned down all the way. I raised the skimmer about 3+" and have it overflowing into a 5 gallon bucket. Hopefully it will settle down soon. Anyone have any tips for getting it under control?
  4. Anyone have spare Chaeto available? I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
  5. I'll try to make it. Thanks!
  6. I moved up to the PNW about 5 years ago from Austin. I've had various marine LPS tanks over the past 30 years but no SPS tanks. I currently have a 30" 58 gallon FOLR tank and I'm looking for a 48" 90 or 120 gallon tank, stand & equipment to build another FOLR tank (I love triggers). I was introduced to this group by the super nice folks at Cuttlefish. -Jeff
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