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  1. pdxreeftank

    Light stopped working

    That is a good idea! I didn't even think about that! I ended up taking my refugium light and putting it in the spot. I am pretty sure it is still under warranty. Hopefully.
  2. pdxreeftank

    Light stopped working

    I am not sure if this is an emergency or not but one of my Hydra 26hds stopped working yesterday evening, I have contacted their support, and also red sea support. I have 2 other working AI's. Should I panic? Are my corals going to die on the side where the light used to be? I am assuming they will be sending me a replacement but I am not sure. I should also say this is a Red Sea Max 500, with some rock flower anemones , sps, lps. Thank you
  3. pdxreeftank

    Meeting on August 25th!

    Maxspect Gyre 250....
  4. pdxreeftank

    WTB Tuxedo Urchin

    Oh awesome, I have been wanting to come check out your shop anyways!
  5. pdxreeftank

    WTB Tuxedo Urchin

    Does anyone have them locally? Also looking for harlequin shrimp.
  6. pdxreeftank

    Help with ID

    I have that page bookmarked! haha always good info
  7. pdxreeftank

    Help with ID

    It looks like a Ghost Flatworm. Check out https://www.lionfishlair.com/hitchhikers-guide/ seem to have a pretty accurate list of critters
  8. pdxreeftank

    WTB Purple Tang

    Picked up a really nice one from Seahorse yesterday. Thanks guys!
  9. pdxreeftank

    WTB Purple Tang

    Awesome thanks guys! I will go check them out
  10. pdxreeftank

    WTB Digi Frags :)

    Looking to buy some digi frags locally. I live in Portland Or. Thank you
  11. pdxreeftank

    WTB Purple Tang

    Looking to buy a purple tang locally. I live in Portland Or. Thanks!
  12. pdxreeftank

    Algae Barn?

    I like Algaebarn. They do have issues meeting demand at times, but I haven't had any problems lately. I also use their OceanMagik phytoplankton, which really seems to keep my pod population up. And my corals seem to really like it.
  13. pdxreeftank

    Large pieces of rock

    I have some Tonga Branch dry rock left over if you still need some rock.
  14. pdxreeftank

    Coral Giveaway!

    Share the love
  15. pdxreeftank

    GB Ultra Gold Torch Group Buy!

    Haha! Well I love torches. Also sent payment