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  1. pdxreeftank

    $10 Early Bird tickets for Frag Fest!

    Put me down for one more please
  2. pdxreeftank

    $10 Early Bird tickets for Frag Fest!

    Payment sent
  3. pdxreeftank

    Light stopped working

    That is a good idea! I didn't even think about that! I ended up taking my refugium light and putting it in the spot. I am pretty sure it is still under warranty. Hopefully.
  4. pdxreeftank

    Light stopped working

    I am not sure if this is an emergency or not but one of my Hydra 26hds stopped working yesterday evening, I have contacted their support, and also red sea support. I have 2 other working AI's. Should I panic? Are my corals going to die on the side where the light used to be? I am assuming they will be sending me a replacement but I am not sure. I should also say this is a Red Sea Max 500, with some rock flower anemones , sps, lps. Thank you
  5. pdxreeftank

    Meeting on August 25th!

    Maxspect Gyre 250....
  6. pdxreeftank

    WTB Tuxedo Urchin

    Oh awesome, I have been wanting to come check out your shop anyways!
  7. pdxreeftank

    WTB Tuxedo Urchin

    Does anyone have them locally? Also looking for harlequin shrimp.
  8. pdxreeftank

    Help with ID

    I have that page bookmarked! haha always good info
  9. pdxreeftank

    Help with ID

    It looks like a Ghost Flatworm. Check out https://www.lionfishlair.com/hitchhikers-guide/ seem to have a pretty accurate list of critters
  10. pdxreeftank

    WTB Purple Tang

    Picked up a really nice one from Seahorse yesterday. Thanks guys!
  11. pdxreeftank

    WTB Purple Tang

    Awesome thanks guys! I will go check them out
  12. pdxreeftank

    WTB Digi Frags :)

    Looking to buy some digi frags locally. I live in Portland Or. Thank you
  13. pdxreeftank

    WTB Purple Tang

    Looking to buy a purple tang locally. I live in Portland Or. Thanks!
  14. pdxreeftank

    Algae Barn?

    I like Algaebarn. They do have issues meeting demand at times, but I haven't had any problems lately. I also use their OceanMagik phytoplankton, which really seems to keep my pod population up. And my corals seem to really like it.
  15. pdxreeftank

    Large pieces of rock

    I have some Tonga Branch dry rock left over if you still need some rock.