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  1. They range in size, though they are all over 5in when fully open, if that works I have one more left.
  2. I have 6 2 good sized RBTA's for sale - $25ea obo All spoken for I also have 2 BTA's for sale as well - $10 obo Both spoken for They all bubble most of the time. I have attached 2 pictures of the RBTA's. As you can see they are multiplying like crazy and taking out my zoa garden lol I can meet people in Portland Or. (Cuttle Fish, Seahorse, ect..)
  3. Ok sounds good! I have to get some fish food, and I am sure a few new corals lol.
  4. We could meet at Cuttlefish tomorrow. At like 11am ish? And I completely understand wanting to break them up asap that looks intense
  5. They appear to be females. I have a male and he does have a large dorsal spike. If they are in fact females I could take the smaller one from you
  6. Here are my pups: Pearl is a 2yr old Frenchie and Greta is a Italian Mastiff and she is a little over a year
  7. Anyone in the Portland area have any chaeto for sale?
  8. This worked! Thank you! I was getting pretty frustrated(I didn't know I could use my screen name to log in either)
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