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  1. Not to high jack the thread or anything I'm also taking down a freshwater tank looking to get rid of everything if there's anyone interested let me know i'll get you more info
  2. i have a dirty 29 in my garage ? its 30" long
  3. Not enough flow because it wasn't cleaned ? i wouldn't want to clean something that looks that nasty either lol
  4. There's 2 farm stores out here in forestgrove large supply of them "coastal farm and ranch" and wilco not sure if there any out there probably about an hour or more from portland anyways
  5. Original Idea came from "Scary Movie"
  6. Do you have to buy special megnets for this like ones that wont rust or whatever or where do you get them this looks like a good idea
  7. i use Xp Aqua one good price hasn't had any problems yet about 6 months https://www.amazon.com/XP-Aqua-Dual-Sensor-Complete-Auto-Top-Off/dp/B07H8NV386/ref=sr_1_fkmrnull_3?crid=DGBR244SLIAW&keywords=xp+aqua+duetto+dual-sensor+complete+aquarium+auto-top-off+ato+system&qid=1550863646&s=gateway&sprefix=xp+aqua+top%2Caps%2C186&sr=8-3-fkmrnull
  8. This is interesting to me i've been using instant ocean salt and i was recently thinking about switching to something more expensive to be more "professional" or whatever brs talks about how tropic marine is better but its like $90 a bucket after seeing the comment on this maybe ill just stay and put in my $50 order to amazon
  9. Awe... to long for what i had planned for it matches the color of my 65 which is only 36inch long
  10. What are the measurements?
  11. Awesome Thread i really enjoyed the read
  12. Nice im excited to see if this works I've noticed a little red bug or 2 in my tank recently been manually removing them hopfully it doesn't get out of had or ill have to look into something like this maybe
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