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  1. kjlife

    Green palys

    not 100% sure but crushing them seems like it would help to spread them out more
  2. All live stock sold im going to post another one with equipment as it will be easier and everyone will look lol Im cleaning up all the powerheads and tank maybe take a few days for me to post up Mods can close this one?
  3. Anyone interested in anymore of the corals or livestock? Going cheap name your price? Rocks? Im going to do a new thread for equipment like thursday or friday
  4. Bump. anyone want to throw in some offers ?
  5. Medium flat rock that has anemone also has an enchrusted blue stylo with clown $65 😁
  6. Edit : i'll take 530 for everything thats left including rodi and whatever extras i have in the garage
  7. Iam trying to sell my 65 gallon its not a fancy rimless tank or anything and its not really a cube its close i think its like 36"x24"x24" or close to it atleast
  8. Is there any one that would want all the rock or is considering it as i'd like to move that on soon espeically if they want to keep it alive or coraline algae
  9. https://photos.app.goo.gl/85gb59EKxYzC6GYM6 Is this allowed let me know if you want to see anything
  10. Also got maybe 6 head candy cane, 6" or taller kenya, golf ball size xenia
  11. Reached photo limit opps i dont know if it resets or no there is a bunch more
  12. i will post up some other pictures in a about an hour maybe 2
  13. You got dibs if no one wants everything 😁
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