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  1. kjlife

    Solid wood cover for 75 gallon tank

    Awe... to long for what i had planned for it matches the color of my 65 which is only 36inch long
  2. kjlife

    Solid wood cover for 75 gallon tank

    What are the measurements?
  3. kjlife

    The St. Helens 200g Reef Box

    Awesome Thread i really enjoyed the read
  4. kjlife

    One year anniversary

    Awesome tank looking good
  5. kjlife


    Nice im excited to see if this works I've noticed a little red bug or 2 in my tank recently been manually removing them hopfully it doesn't get out of had or ill have to look into something like this maybe
  6. kjlife

    February 2019 Frag Swap at PDXMonkeyboys

    Guessing The When was a typo lol Feb 24th maybe ?
  7. I have a pretty large rock of xenia looking to get rid of or break apart or whatever if your interested i also live in forest grove area let me know i can send some pictures later when im back at home
  8. kjlife

    Duetto ato

    i have the Xp Ato got it on sale on black Friday haven't had any issues with it yet luckly
  9. kjlife

    why are people flakey?

    what Frags are you trying to sell lol i mgiht take there offer
  10. kjlife

    Looking for live rock

    Oh totally spaced it i'll get you a pic today when I'm home i'll pm you
  11. kjlife

    PNWMAS history?

    As I'm also new to this group this was a very good read enjoyed the history of my local group Awesome job guys
  12. kjlife

    Super awesome aussie acropora spathulata

    im interrested if you still got some how much you wanting for one
  13. kjlife

    Looking for live rock

    I have like 2 buckets of random rocks from a friends tank breakdown more then likely dry by now can send pictures if your interrested