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  1. Steve Lovelady

    Help with ID

    Thank you very much
  2. Steve Lovelady

    Help with ID

    Thank you
  3. Steve Lovelady

    Help with ID

    Can anyone tell me what this is?
  4. Can you give me width and depth of the 29 gal biocube

    1. jadams7


      Sent you a message. If it’s easier feel free to shoot me a text at 360-355-0676

  5. Steve Lovelady

    Flow question

    Thank you, kind of what I have been doing
  6. Steve Lovelady

    Flow question

    I have a 2x2x2 65 gal with a 20 gal sump. The tank has fish, live rock, soft and sps coral. I would like input on my flow in the tank. Currently I have a Hydor wave maker with two 450 koralia powerheads mounted on the back wall about 8 inches from the surface and pointing toward the front. I also have purchased 2 koralia 1500 max pumps which seem to have two much flow. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I also have a couple 800 gph constant flow in my possession
  7. Steve Lovelady

    One for the books

    Worked great. Just rub lightly around the foot and they will release
  8. Steve Lovelady

    One for the books

    We purchased a beautiful rainbow anemone during the bar-b-que at CNC for a really great price. Brought it home to my 3 clowns and they loved it. They fought over it so much that we decided to get another for them. Picked up a rose BTA and put it in the tank and the clowns loved it as well. Now for the good part. The rainbow moved on top of the Rose and completely surrounded it with its foot and has never let it go. Every where it moves to it keeps the Rose trapped in its foot. I used Ice to remove it from the rock and you can see the foot of the Rose BTA sticking out but the rainbow won’t release it. Been 4 days now and I assume it must be dead but the rainbow is holding on.
  9. Steve Lovelady

    New to the aquarium hobby

    Thank you it was a cool way to include the region since the light is on all night
  10. Steve Lovelady

    New to the aquarium hobby

    Thanks, great site
  11. Steve Lovelady

    New to the aquarium hobby

    Thank you
  12. Steve Lovelady

    New to the aquarium hobby

    Hi All Thanks to Chris we are now addicted to the underwater world. It all started with a 65 gallon cube Chris had laying around. I decided I needed to build a stand (see photo) to properly display the tank. After numerous trips to C&C we are cycled and up and running. The setup includes a protein skimmer, 1000 gal DC pump, Tunze auto top off and a Hydro wavemaker with two 600 to 1500 circulating pumps. My wife and I really enjoy what it brings to our evenings.
  13. I would like to purchase your clowns