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  1. bladedrummer

    Lewisriverfisherman's 20gal Nuvo Fusion Build

    Wet skimmate isn't the end of the world even though I get your frustration. I have a Macro Aqua 50 on my 35g and so far it only pulls out dirty water and little foam. This is when it's set to the minimum which is kind of annoying. There is no way to raise the collection cup, you can just tune the water and air flow so when it's at the lowest flow, that's as good as it's going to get. I'm just hoping it breaks in and starts pulling denser skimmate. It's still very new, less than 2 weeks.
  2. bladedrummer


    Hello, is anyone around the Seattle/East Side area getting rid of some chaeto this weekend? I'd be delighted to have some for my tank.
  3. Seattle Area folks (Bellevue but I can drive some), I have two Vortech MP10s and the power supplies failed on both of them. I was lent a PSU to test them and they work with a working power brick. If any kind soul has some lying around that they no longer need, I'd gladly take them off their hands. I'm willing to pay up to $25/ea. Thanks for reading, -B.
  4. bladedrummer

    Power strip

    I had no idea these were a thing and I was going to order one of the DJ ones as I had in my old tank. Ordering one of these instead!
  5. bladedrummer

    Tan tan Wi-Fi timer

    Not gonna lie, those look pretty dope.
  6. bladedrummer

    Exquisite acro

    Wow, that's gorgeous!
  7. bladedrummer

    Rare pocillipora

    I'm not sure I'm a fan of the shape but the color is sweet!
  8. bladedrummer

    Banana Rama

    That looks awesome!
  9. bladedrummer

    What are your other hobbies?

    Drumming, gaming (mostly PC&PS4), PC hardware/building PCs, I'm big into hiking, and traveling.
  10. bladedrummer

    Chasing Coral

    I haven't yet seen it but I really have to.
  11. bladedrummer

    New Red Sea 160 gallon tank.

    Holy cow this is amazing!
  12. bladedrummer

    50g low boy

    That's a neato frag farm you got there!
  13. bladedrummer

    50gal Tall & Slender

    I'd love to see a full tank shot.
  14. bladedrummer

    Soo my 75gal broke...

    That's unfortunate. Other tank looks suweet!
  15. bladedrummer

    Ryan’s 150G DD Marineland Build

    I really like tanks with some depth to them. Looks off to a great start.