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  1. Location: Bellevue, WA, 98004. I'm moving and I've also been spending more time on my other hobby, music, so I've decided to sell my reef tank. It's a cube, it's roughly 35 gallons and I used it as a mixed reef saltwater reef tank with tropical fish and corals. I can and will part out eventually but people buying as a whole or multiple items will be strongly prioritized and will a get an even better deal. I think every item is priced fairly, feel free to reach out and politely ask questions. The total comes out to $820 but if you take it all, I'll knock it down to $700. Everything has been cleaned and is ready to be picked up. Do you want a smaller, manageable reef tank in your living room? This is a pretty nice set up and turn-key for anyone that wants to start keeping tropical fish and growing corals soon. SPS, LPS, mixed reef, this tank can handle it! It has all the basics and then some. All the main parts like the lights, RODI system, and reactor are great quality and in great condition. They can be used for years to come. Cash only and pickup only, please. Serious buyers only. Tank+Stand+Net Cover = $60 It has normal wear and tear for a marine aquarium but no leaks, chips, or major scratches. It's been used for a while, hence the low price. It doesn't come with any pumps, tubing, media baskets, or any other add-ons. The stand does have a self-leveling foam top though which is really nice. The price includes the tank, the stand, the cover screen, and if you want it you can have the MDF board and shims I used to get it perfectly leveled. I believe this model tank has been discontinued but it's a neat all-in-one that allows a lot of options in the back compartment. The model is a "Solana 34 Gallon SuperBrite" but it has been discontinued. Brute 20 Gallon Trash Can = $10 Perfect for mixing large batches of water or cycling rock with a pump and a heater. 2x (TWO) Eheim 150W Submersible Heaters = $15/each Both very lightly used, excellent condition. 2x Red Sea Marine Care Test Kit = $25/each Partially used but each has over half of the uses left. The cards have some discoloration due to some reagent spilling during shipping but I used them all without any kind of issues. Bulk Reef Supply sent me a second one because of the cosmetic damage to the first. Red Sea Reef Foundation Test Kit = $25 Also has more than half of the uses left. In excellent condition. Marine Pure Ceramic Biomedia Plate 8” X 8” X 4” = $20 Two thirds of it have never been used, the other stuff has been cleaned and is in small media bags with drawstrings. This stuff is absolutely amazing and it will keep your nitrate and nitrites to zero. GFO and Carbon Reactor Deluxe with MJ1200 Pump + Pump Prefilter = $70 This thing is amazing. You can use it for carbon or other media. I used it for carbon and GFO together and it worked wonders for my tank. My water quality was always top notch. I upgraded it with a pre-filter to lengthen the lifespan of the pump and make it easier to clean. 2-Part Pharma Calcium & Alkalinity Starter Package = $20 It still has more than half of the Alk/Ca and all of the Mg. I still have every part and this is perfect to get you started dosing for corals on the cheap! Reef Chili, Unopened: $5 The best coral food! Phosphorous Ultra Low Range Colorimeter HI736 Hanna Checker - Marine Water = $30 Easy to use, incredibly accurate. There are about 5 reagent packets left. 75 Gallon Per Day RO/DI System = $120 This is the 4 Stage Value RO/DI system from Bulk Reef Supply which has been upgraded with an in-line TDS meter and a pressure gauge. The filters have been recently replaced and have tons of life in them still. This will make 0 TDS water right out of your sink! Radion XR30w Pro 3rd Gen with RMS XR30 Mounting Kit = $300 This is in fantastic condition. I still have the box, the manual, etc. It comes with the mounting kit. I'd have no use for the mounting kit by itself if I sell the lights. They are not the latest model but these lights are simply amazing. Look at any review online. Older VorTech MP10W = $90 This is the kind that can be synced with another MP10W in the master/slave config. Unfortunately my second one was damaged but this one still works great. The wet side was recently replaced by VorTech so it's brand new and I've replaced the power supply with a brand-new third-party one that works flawlessly. It moved a lot of water in my 34G cube tank and its various modes are amazing to keep a clean tank and healthy corals. It's a much older model, hence the very low price. Bag of odds and ends: $15 for all Aquarium filter foam, Instant Ocean HoldFast putty for attaching corals, 1 old MJ1200 that can be used to mix or transfer water, an additional old koralia low-flow pump, tubing of various sizes, airline, siphon, a small net, and a cheap but accurate thermometer. Sold as-is in bulk, must take all. KEDSUM 550GPH Submersible Return Pump: $10 I used this thing as a return pump and it was fantastic. Very quiet and enough flow for a 35 gallon tank. Macro Aqua M-50 Hang-On External Protein Skimmer 60 Gallon: $40 This thing worked fantastic for my tank. Make sure to tune it to the tank's bioload and it's very efficient. It's actually very quiet as well. I've owned $300+ dollar skimmers in previous tanks and this one did its job just fine as far as I could tell.
  2. Wet skimmate isn't the end of the world even though I get your frustration. I have a Macro Aqua 50 on my 35g and so far it only pulls out dirty water and little foam. This is when it's set to the minimum which is kind of annoying. There is no way to raise the collection cup, you can just tune the water and air flow so when it's at the lowest flow, that's as good as it's going to get. I'm just hoping it breaks in and starts pulling denser skimmate. It's still very new, less than 2 weeks.
  3. Hello, is anyone around the Seattle/East Side area getting rid of some chaeto this weekend? I'd be delighted to have some for my tank.
  4. Seattle Area folks (Bellevue but I can drive some), I have two Vortech MP10s and the power supplies failed on both of them. I was lent a PSU to test them and they work with a working power brick. If any kind soul has some lying around that they no longer need, I'd gladly take them off their hands. I'm willing to pay up to $25/ea. Thanks for reading, -B.
  5. I had no idea these were a thing and I was going to order one of the DJ ones as I had in my old tank. Ordering one of these instead!
  6. Not gonna lie, those look pretty dope.
  7. bladedrummer

    Exquisite acro

    Wow, that's gorgeous!
  8. I'm not sure I'm a fan of the shape but the color is sweet!
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    Banana Rama

    That looks awesome!
  10. Drumming, gaming (mostly PC&PS4), PC hardware/building PCs, I'm big into hiking, and traveling.
  11. I haven't yet seen it but I really have to.
  12. That's a neato frag farm you got there!
  13. That's unfortunate. Other tank looks suweet!
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