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  12. Love it! Please let us know how you like it by writing a product review on our website once you've got it up and running. Have an awesome day! Jeff @ Marine Depot
  13. Thank you for your kind words! It is frustrating when we are told to wait until a certain time to launch ... and then other stores start selling early seemingly without repercussions. Sadly the same thing happened Black Friday. It is what it is, though. We can't let what others do deter us from being the best MD we can be! Jeff @ Marine Depot
  14. Some shoppers who were lucky enough to get an order in for a Trident before stock dwindled seem to be taking their good fortune to try and make a better fortune. I give Marine Depot's ecommerce competition the benefit of the doubt here. I don't believe they would do that with their own inventory. It wouldn't be worth the risk of losing your selling privileges. Most online stores nowadays have real-time inventory, but in cases like this, discrepancies are bound to happen. I haven't heard of any yet internally, but I am keeping my ear to the ground. I will concede that when I learned how few units we would be receiving in the first shipment, I was pretty certain we'd sell out almost immediately and upset folks. However, for the most part, this seems to be a big win from a marketing perspective for Neptune Systems. People are in a frenzy! It's all anyone is talking about today. Our call center is blowing up! Jeff @ Marine Depot
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