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  1. sump

    just got skimmer for sump bought octopus 202 s barely fit in skimmer compartment that was a little disapointing but it fit.
  2. sump

    I just orderd trigger 44 triton is any body using this sump? and how good is it i have a 180 gallon duel over flow glass tank i am setting up just installed in wall.
  3. sump

    Nice looks good we will see how it works soon refigium is suppose to be 20 gallons?
  4. Looking for sump

    Looking for sump 48" long up to 60" x 18" wide x 20
  5. Looking for sump

    I will have to do some thinking on that I wanted acrylic sump but glass might work also
  6. Looking for sump

    I can't see post?