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  1. Thanks for posting the site! It was a great read. Lots of good things to think about going the coldwater route. Was thinking of going more fish/inverts than anemones, etc but good to know that I am going to have to go back to protein skimmers and such.
  2. Good (almost) afternoon. Now that I'm at school I can say, that I have a 55gal. It's not aryclic. Just a standard glass set-up. I'm not overly concerned about condensation, as my students are used to seeing it on the 20 gal we use for the salmon & trout eggs we raise and release in the other tank. But as I said, I'm at the point where I am open to going either way with the tank. I would love to get a chiller and collect local PNW species with a K-12 permit (which I am working on getting); however, I know that just might not be in the cards at the moment. Looking forward to all the advise and help! Lorien
  3. Greetings! Only took me two years to figure out how to get here, but hey! Better late than never. My name is Lorien Brooks, and I'm the Marine Biology teacher over at Central High School in Independence. I also teach Biology and Anatomy. I currently have a saltwater tank (and a small freshwater one). Posting this from home (and sleepless), but I am rather sure my saltwater tank at school is 75 gal. (If not it's 55.) I currently do not have fish in the saltwater tank and was looking to either get some fish for the tank and keep it tropical or... get a chiller for the tank and get a teacher's collector's permit and get local organisms. I've maintained a saltwater tank before with a variety of fish an even a snowflake moray before moving from FL to OR. Any help is great!
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