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  1. WTB Sunburst Anemone

    Where on facebook will you post this? I’m interested
  2. Just no time for it, parting out my nano

    Never mind then. I can’t keep wall hammers alive for some reason
  3. Just no time for it, parting out my nano

    If it’s the kind of aussie gold torch that has the orange/gold body and blue tip i’ll take it. Thanks!
  4. Just no time for it, parting out my nano

    Thanks. How many heads do they each have?
  5. Just no time for it, parting out my nano

    Do you have pics of the gold torch and frogspawn? I’m interested
  6. Pest or? What are these?

    Colonial tunicates
  7. Chaeto Reactors compared to Algae Scrubbers

    Nice ad/commercial for algae scrubber which I’m sure are a good way to export nutrients. Meanwhile my chaeto reactor seems to do a good job interestingly, the chaeto itself gets covered in slime and hair algae as well
  8. Looking for some Chaeto

    I have a bunch. Too bad i didnt see this sooner
  9. 92g Oregon Reef

    Looks like you know what you’re doing :). The tank looks great
  10. New to saltwater

    Hey everyone! Just here to learn. I’ve had my tank for a few months now and it’s a lot of fun (and stress)
  11. Free yellow clown goby

    Caught this dude nipping at my small acro frags so it has to go. Anyone wants it before I take it back to the LFS tomorrow? they are LPS safe from what I read but they like to nip at acros I live in Clackamas
  12. Some sps frags for sale

    I’ll grab the pavona. And if you have another tort, that too
  13. The dollartree cyanoacrylate gel is the best. Two tubes for $1. Hard to beat that
  14. Safe as long as it says cyanoacrylate
  15. Algaebarn pods and phyto $30

    I just ordered from algaebarn and it came with a buy one get one free combo. I only need one because I have a nano tank. It’s $60 full price for the combo. Will sell the extra one for half price ($30) located in Happy Valley. I just placed the order. Should be here around Thrusday
  16. Cuttlefish score!

    That sucks. They usually hang out on the bottom of the tank
  17. Cuttlefish score!

    Wall hammer from a grab bag? That’s awesome
  18. Free yellow clown goby

    My little acro destroyer has found a new home. Thanks @Lovesalt
  19. Reefer 170

    Spent the day rearranging my rock work and cleaning. Finally able to remove the frag rack (makes a huge difference) before and after pictures + close ups this tank was set up in september
  20. Reefer 170

    2 clown, 3 chromis, 2 bengai cardinal, 1 yellow clown goby. I feed frozen cube once a day and some pellet/flake occasionally. No water change in two months with stable phos/nitrates
  21. GB Krakatoa Fire

    How many bitcoins for this?
  22. Greg's Red Sea Peninsula 650 Build Thread

    Ripping out the carpet. That’s dedication right there
  23. New to saltwater

    Yup I’m running out of room. I did clean up everything yesterday
  24. FS: 5 dollar frags and up! High end to low end!

    Is the B frag of oxide zoas still available?