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  1. If you export aluminum faster than it accumulates it will help
  2. Gonna try to get rid of all this aluminum. Corals aren’t doing well. Here goes a 80gallon water change
  3. So my RODI test came back with 0.014ppm of arsenic. that's weird...especially since the arsenic level from the tank is 0 I'm honestly not super impressed with ICP-analysis. I sent a sample 4/30 that they said they never received. So I sent a new sample 5/9. Somehow they ran both today and the numbers don't correlate. How can my water change that much in 9 days without a water change
  4. The bottom is siliconed down to the bottom glass all the way around
  5. I’ve got one ammonia badge for every fish in QT. Is that how it works? #overkill
  6. it's weird my first order took a long time. probably 2-3 week shipping. The replacement took only one week
  7. the magnet on this version looks pretty well sealed but only time will tell. I don't leave it in once it's empty anyway.
  8. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Marine-Aquarium-Seaweed-Nori-Algae-Feeder-Veggies/323057222113?hash=item4b37b601e1:m:mzcYNSXi10rv1b1lL8pqI8g
  9. that's why I didn't buy the IM. It's more expensive and the magnet rusts It really was free shipping. Actually I damaged the cube feeder when I first tested it because the magnet was so strong and they sent me a replacement right away. Very trustworthy and highly recommended imo
  10. Brought home a fish today....Wife said it’s ugly... I threw away the receipt when she wasn’t looking....
  11. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F323446243132
  12. They are well sealed up with some sort of sealant as far as i can tell. They make three different version based on the glass thickness
  13. Copperband loves it cause it can stick his mouth inside...like it would in the wild I guess
  14. My tanks is a couple months old and these clown are already on their second batch of eggs. These poor little homeless clownfish are still “hosting” the corner of the overflow lol
  15. Bought these on ebay (comes from russia). They are 3d printed and the magnet is very strong. Works great on my 3/4 glass i have both the cube feeder and the algae grazer
  16. So what’s your dream fish? Mine would be a koi tang...anyone has one in town?
  17. got it! Thanks. I think managing expections goes a long way with a product like that. Lots of upset people out there already 😃
  18. so what's the reasonable timeline to get one without having to fight for it. We've all waited 2+ years for it, few more months won't make my tank crash. I would like one when it's readily in stock
  19. Some retailers are going rogue lol (this is from neptune forum)
  20. You can borrow my test kits in the meantime lol
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