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  1. I have some in happy valley. Grows like crazy ever since i started dosing iron
  2. That’s why i never let the dog hold my beer...
  3. With the tablets, i read that there are a lot of fillers to deal with which make the water cloudy. Did you have any issues. Did it work to treat ich?
  4. Weirdly I like it. I love monochromic designs. Would love a tank with a single species of coral and fish
  5. My three day cycle is done. Ammonia went from over 2 to 0 and my nitrate from 0 to 100 lol.
  6. Here’s what I am wondering. I will transfer my fish from the 34g to the 150g soon. There are two clowns, three chromis, two bengai and a yellow tang. I never QT’d these fish and I have never seen ich on any of them (they’ve been there for over a year). Should I treat these fish with copper or are they ich free?
  7. Been reading more and more about CP. Seems like it is the best solution for QT but hard to procure. Really it comes down to getting a prescription from a vet if you want pure CP from a compound pharmacy. Wondering if people have first hand experience with it and if it's worth the cost. Also are there any CP friendly vets around town? Been reading online that most vets don't even want to prescribe it.
  8. Sounds like i should just do what some people do which is let ich roam free in their tank and keep healthy fish that are able to fight it off...
  9. if I had the resources and the time, I would try the TTM. 15 days and done. Almost guarantee of having ich free fish
  10. I remember someone dropping them into the anemone using a long pvc tube. It's on youtube
  11. that's what clownfish do. No reason for it...and not much you can do besides waiting longer
  12. if I decide to switch from cupramine to copper power, do I have to clean everything out? or just empty the water and refill with fresh saltwater and titrate up? Thanks for the advice on adding copper to the fresh saltwater before refilling. didn't think about that
  13. So I have a QT set up with 2 clowns, a kole eye tang, and a rabbit fish. They've been in there for three weeks First week, the kole eye tang showed some signs of ich so I started cupramine. Ramped up the dose gradually to 0.5ppm (using salifert test kit which isn't great). It's been at that level for a week now. All fish were doing well and eating until two days ago. One of the clownfish stopped eating. He's also looking tired, not swimming around as much. Ammonia level is at 0. Nitrate 25. I did a 30% water change last night and added more copper. Copper level this morning is still at 0.5ppm so I don't think it dropped below therapeutic level. I hear you can get away with a 2 week treatment course but that's for fish that didn't show any sign of ich in the first place. Because the Kole eye tang showed some ich before I started treatment, it's now in the whole system. How long should I keep levels therapeutic? 30 days? 6 weeks? Hopefully the clown was having issues with the nitrate and not the copper but I think it's probably the copper because he started acting that way when I reached therapeutic level. last night I ordered copper power and hanna copper checker. I may switch to chelated copper if the clownfish still doesn't tolerate the cupramine after the water change
  14. Started the cycle this morning. Two blocks of marine pure media that have been cycling for 3 months, a table spoon of ammonia and a bottle full of biospira. Ordered two more bottles of biospira. I dose ammonia daily for three days and the ammonia level the next day is usually zero.
  15. Nothing good happens fast in this hobby. This is also a second tank so it helps that I don’t have to rush. I can do things right this time
  16. I may need a controller board of some sort
  17. Tank is full and apexEL is hooked up. What a pain it was to setup as a second apex. Also more goodies. The brand new maxspect gyre 350 arrived.
  18. Manny Tavan

    Clown babies

    Same with my pair of blackice snowflakes. It’s all gonna be fish food though. I wonder how the crabs aren’t devouring the eggs
  19. Horrible picture but I noticed yesterday that my clowns have laid some eggs right on the bare bottom glass
  20. I call them wavemakers cause that’s what they do
  21. She’s officially wet. Filling it directly from the rodi unit. Going to take forever
  22. Price drop $200 for both (package deal)
  23. The plumbing seems ok...Better than my red sea to be honest. Screws were better quality than ikea lol. No issues with the hardware overall
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