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  1. May meeting ideas!

    Grab bags would be fun. Like what Jeff had for thanksgiving
  2. Question about selling...

    $1/item fire sale
  3. I’ll be there from 3 to 4pm
  4. i can bring chaeto . let me know if you still need some
  5. CNC Auction #1 Gold Torch

    I really need to set an alarm...
  6. Wait till everyone wakes up in the morning lol
  7. CNC Rainbow Acan Group Buy!!!

    Payment sent
  8. CNC Bonus Group Buy Inverts!!

    that's a lot of snails! enough to feed a small town in France for a year
  9. do you ever...

    How about the corals...those selfish high maintenance polyps...
  10. CNC Rainbow Acan Group Buy!!!

    this acan is crazy, I see at least 6 different colors
  11. Face to the Name 2018

    Me with the wife, the mistress and the girlfriend
  12. Corals for sale

    Blue green acans $25 pending iron man mushroom 2” $20 Located in Happy Valley
  13. Corals for sale

    Mushroom still available. Everything else is sold or pending thanks
  14. Corals for sale

    I texted you already
  15. Looking for a skeleton

    You mean this kind of skeleton?
  16. CNC Auction # 6 RMF Acid Trip .5"

    The acid trip is an amazing acro. Probably one of my favorite. You have to see it in person to appreciate how bright orange it is.
  17. Corals for sale

    answered all pm's
  18. Group buy or growout contest?

    zoa grow out is too easy. That stuff can grow in the toilet if you leave the light on
  19. SPS For Sale! cut to order

    If you visit Son, Leave your wallet in the car! I ended up getting some extra frags because they looked too good to pass up. Cool guy with the best reef I’ve ever seen!
  20. SPS For Sale! cut to order

    sent you a text!
  21. Free crap

    No worries - already found some lol
  22. Free crap

    Was hoping for actual crap. Never mind...
  23. Tank blowout sale!

    just means more $10 frags for all of us - everybody wins