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  1. Sounds like all hippos are psychopaths lol
  2. CB's is on my way home from work. I''m gonna stop by later today. Thanks for offering
  3. Good idea. Where can I find that locally? edit: never mind I think cb’s carries it
  4. Good idea. Where can I find that locally?
  5. Look at the icecap one. Cheaper and does the same thing
  6. Just saw him eat two worms just now. I think we might be ok
  7. not much else I can do tried frozen brine with garlic, frozen mysis with garlic, LRS reef frenzy, marine cuisine, flakes, pellets, live blackworms, live copepods... only other thing to try would be live brine shrimp...
  8. It’s a jebao. Aren’t they all chinese?
  9. I tried everything. Won’t eat clam, live black worm, or even giant live copepods/amphipods...
  10. One box is still sealed. Other is open but has never been used. Which label would you like to see?
  11. sorry didn't the last message. Yes I've still have these sitting around. I can ship them for $220 shipped
  12. with three tanks at home (QT, 150 gallon, 40 gallon)...I think about taking a break every day!
  13. Got some frozen half clams at the lfs today. Will hopefully work
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