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  1. My calcium reactor co2 tank pressure is at 250 currently and I still get 10 psi at the regular. When should I consider it empty and switch out for a full tank?
  2. he probably wants 2016 prices, not the 2020 price...I would too
  3. My bugs would destroy your corals. Guarantee!
  4. homebrew exhange just got me a 5lbs bottle. Call them up?
  5. I have the fox flame....uh I mean burning candle since I got it from Rudy 😃
  6. adding "mattV" in front of any coral name adds a digit to the price. Put CB in front of the name and it add two digits. Simple coral math imo
  7. the two aiptasia appear to be dead... RIP If anyone want to try F-aiptasia let me know. It's a big bottle
  8. Let’s see what Joe thinks of F’ aiptasia
  9. Sounds like it’s due for a name change.
  10. It’s been four months...I think they are best friends now. Friends don’t eat friends
  11. Here is a picture of my copperband with his best friend “Joe the aiptasia”
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