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  1. It’s grown a little bit since I took that pic months ago. It’s showing some purple now too
  2. Yeah im surprised they haven’t brought the asking price down
  3. I’ll bring the box of tissue. Actually two because chasing corals is a major tear jerker! actually going to be racing at the ridge for the omrra/wmrra combined round
  4. I’ve got a couple spare garf bonsai frags available
  5. Bad weekend for the reef. Went to Seattle for the weekend (left Saturday morning and came back Sunday evening) - Missing fire shrimp. I suspect my blue throat trigger got hungry and ate him. Not sure if it killed him in the first place - All three yellow tangs and naso tang have black ich so i dosed prazipro and I am making 40g RODI water right now to do a water change in a couple of days - Achilles tang that had one swollen eye now has two swollen eyes - Birdsnest coral is STN'ing at the base
  6. Would love a tutorial on how to get a trident
  7. OCD people...you may take a look now
  8. That looks a lot better already!
  9. Time to organize my rat’s nest OCD people, please look away
  10. Yeah carpet is not ideal. I’m just very careful and my automated vaccum cleaner goes through it every day.
  11. Blue light all over the house...I have a problem
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