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  1. I still can’t get a trident...
  2. I love fritz. It's cheap and mixes really clean
  3. So what’s you plan of attack? If there is only one, it would be easy to take it out the tank
  4. wow that looks like fun!
  5. just organize a group buy. There are usually a bunch of people that want some you get free shipping with $75 order. Just wait until they are half off and you can get a good deal
  6. I placed 12 in my tank two weeks ago and they are nowhere to be found. I now realize it would be really hard to retrieve some even if they grow and multiply. On the plus side, one of the many aiptasias has disappeared
  7. I would love some nems. Please!
  8. Ive got one jebao gyre left. New in the box
  9. redundancy is a good way to prevent human error...
  10. what is your heater set at? I set my apex around 77 and my heater around 78
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