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  1. So it make it more simple for me: 1. giving this fish away for free 2. if you can come pick up this fish today anytime after 5pm in happy valley then please text me at 5038690872. He’s still in the trap and I’m hoping not to move him to the sump if someone can pick him up today
  2. Would trade for a coral frag too if I don’t have it already
  3. Anyone wants a 2-bar rabbit fish? it’s a 5-6” fish. Beautiful color but he does not get along with my achilles tang (probably because the achilles wants to be the boss and they are about the same size) I managed to trap him with my fish trap and that’s where he is now. He’ll go to the sump and then to the fish store if no one wants him
  4. you can use mine if you want. I'm in happy valley
  5. I kinda miss that aiptasia a little. It was a survivor. Survived at least 20 treatments of aiptasia X and 10 laser treatments. It always came back RIP aiptasia
  6. Just when i said that. The largest aiptasia in my tank (it was the first one to appear a year ago) has disappeared overnight. It’s gone!
  7. I placed 12 nudis two months ago. I still have aiptasia. More than before. Not sure why it’s not working for me
  8. You’ll probably get a better answer if you post all your parameters because “solid” is difficult to interpret. Did you try a water change?
  9. How do you sex them? I have a mandarin but i dont know if it’s male or female
  10. I guess things are getting serious
  11. I still can’t get a trident...
  12. I love fritz. It's cheap and mixes really clean
  13. So what’s you plan of attack? If there is only one, it would be easy to take it out the tank
  14. wow that looks like fun!
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