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  1. New to saltwater

    Yup I’m running out of room. I did clean up everything yesterday
  2. FS: 5 dollar frags and up! High end to low end!

    Is the B frag of oxide zoas still available?
  3. nitrate test results

    Salifert is easy and very reliable
  4. Reefer 170

    They work great. My nitrates are 2.5 and phos 0.02. Haven’t done a water change in 2 months. I do dose 2ml of nopox every other day to keep the bacteria well fed
  5. Reefer 170

    Side view
  6. Reefer 170

    I am running chaeto reactor 2 cups of marinepure spheres seachem purigen media bag carbon media bag skimmer
  7. Reefer 170

    What my sump looks like
  8. Reefer 170

    Spent the day rearranging my rock work and cleaning. Finally able to remove the frag rack (makes a huge difference) before and after pictures + close ups this tank was set up in september
  9. NEW Par Meter Booking Thread

    No the one was just ambient light. My question is - there are recommended par value for sps for instance. Are those par value in line with what this device is giving me. For instance 300 par for acros. Should I aim for 250 on this meter?
  10. NEW Par Meter Booking Thread

    for some reason I am not finding it. I search using those keywords. Would you be able to link me to that post if possible. Thanks @Trailermann I was basically trying to figure out if the number displayed is actually a PAR value or something equivalent that needed a conversion of some kind
  11. Great shots from nanoreefer!

    Trade the cat for zoas and montis? Those pictures are amazing.
  12. NEW Par Meter Booking Thread

    I suck at reading instructions but where it says 1. Is that the PAR meter value? When I get it under my LED at 20% it goes up to 450.
  13. Clown and Mandarin

    I heard they still need pods and can supplement with pellets. Is that true or can pellets sustain them 100%?
  14. Clown and Mandarin

    Is that one of the captive bred mandarin?