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  1. Nitrates!

    A 30% water change will lower your nitrates by 30% unless there are nitrates in your rodi water (chloramine). Or your test kit is bad. Easy way to know is mix couple mls of 50% tank water and 50% rodi. Then test nitrate to see if they come down by 50%. If it doesn’t then your test kit is bad
  2. Nitrates!

    Get salifert kit if you want nitrates to go down quickly, only a water change will do that carbon dosing with nopox took months to make a change in my system and it was only a small effect (nitrate from 5 to 1) maybe look at a better light for refugium. Not sure what you are using not feeding fish for 5 days won’t make a difference. Lighter feeding over months will slow down nitrate build up but won’t really make it go down
  3. What do you do?

    small world!
  4. What do you do?

    I’m a pulm & critical care doc...basically the last doc you ever want to see
  5. What do you do?

    Interesting. I did some research while in college on sulfolobus (volcanic hot spring virus). It was a long time ago...
  6. Clear pvc cement

    Same thing happened to me. First time around i used blue. Second time i used the clear pvc cement which makes a huge difference. Got mine from amazon “oaty medium clear pvc cement”. Didn’t use primer
  7. A ripe GB Crazy Banana

    I’ll trade you a regular banana for it and take that crazy one off your hands
  8. New sump from wanareef

    Got my wiring sorted out
  9. New sump from wanareef

    Yes. It’s the stock reefer 170 sump. 17x17”. Wanna buy it?
  10. New sump from wanareef

    Just wanted to give Charles some major props on my new sump. It’s awesome and the price was better than anything I could find online. I spent all afternoon getting the old sump out and the new one in. I’m still fighting with all the wires. What a pain!
  11. Zach’s 110Gal Mix Reef Part out SALE!

    I was eye balling that mummy eye chalice too! It’s a nice one
  12. New best friend!

    Is it reef safe?
  13. Egg Crate

    Homedepot has white. I buy black eggcrate on brs
  14. Tank cycle

    ace hardware has pure ammonia - it's like $3 a bottle but you'll only need a few mls
  15. Golden basket overload

    That’s perfect. The marinedepot advertisement was starting to flood as well but that solves the issue