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  1. Manny Tavan

    $10 Early Bird tickets for Frag Fest!

    Payment sent
  2. Manny Tavan

    Grafted Monti Caps

    I had a sunfire grafted monti from wwc. Weirdly the green part died and now i just have a regular sunfire orange monti lol
  3. Manny Tavan

    Please vote! Mr. Saltwater Tank to speak about...

    This is so hard! Kinda like chosing between pizza and cheeseburger...
  4. Manny Tavan

    Hollywood Stunner growth

    that's why I don't have any in my tank lol
  5. Manny Tavan

    Free bag of cheato with pods

    I could use some since chemiclean killed all my pods along with the cyano 3 months ago
  6. Manny Tavan

    Zoas colonies for sale

    Close up of the sunny d’s
  7. Manny Tavan

    Zoas colonies for sale

    Would also trade for frags of acans or euphyllias
  8. Manny Tavan


    I got the portable yamaha generator from costco (goes on sale from time to time). Will power my tank and my modem/router which are the only two things I really care about in life
  9. Manny Tavan

    Apex & Alexa integration

    If only Alexa would cook me breakfast in the morning. Seems like she already does everything else...
  10. Manny Tavan

    Zoas colonies for sale

    Zoas are great until they start growing like weed lol
  11. Manny Tavan

    Zoas colonies for sale

    I’m going to be breaking up my zoas garden. Growing too fast and taking over the tank. There will be three main colonies for sale and maybe some frags of the other colonies eventually colony 1 is a mix of eagles eyes, radioactive dragoneyes and blue palys. It’s a big colony: $40 obo or trade for acropora frag colony 2 is a big colony of bam bams: $40 obo or trade for acropora frag (sale pending flash21) colony 3 is a big colony of sunny D’s: $40 obo or trade for acropora frag. 15 head have the normal yellow/green color but the others have turned green for some weird reason: (sale pending) located in Happy Valley
  12. Are you saying the “brighter than the sun” monti I just ordered won’t look like this?
  13. Manny Tavan

    Growth update

  14. Manny Tavan

    Sps grow out contest?

    Is there a prize for last place cause i can seriously keep an acro the same size for 12 months without killing it. That’s gotta be worth something.
  15. Manny Tavan

    WTB. Sump for reefer350

    I've got a reefer 170 sump...