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  1. Manny Tavan

    Fish and reef equipment fs

    the kole and the clowns are mine!!! *evil laugh*
  2. Manny Tavan

    250g envison tank fs

    One of the best reef I’ve had a chance to see with my own eyes. Hopefully you’ll be back with a bigger tank
  3. Manny Tavan

    BRS group buy..????

    Brs is huge now. Would be like trying to get a group buy from amazon lol
  4. I want to know how much of my own dna is now part of the reef
  5. Manny Tavan

    Manny’s 150g Waterbox

    Just a box and bubble wrap. They should wrap the edges and corners in thick padding imo
  6. Manny Tavan

    Manny’s 150g Waterbox

    Yes so far they’ve always responded quickly and sent out replacement. I think quality controlled may be lacking. I’m curious if all that damage is really happening in the hands of ups...giving them the benefit of the doubt at this time
  7. Manny Tavan

    hey dad... i heard a beeping in the basement..

    18yo = 0 apex = 1
  8. Manny Tavan

    Manny’s 150g Waterbox

    How is this even possible. My third replacement panel came in with damages...again!
  9. Manny Tavan

    Manny’s 150g Waterbox

    Removing the first filter sock holder was a pain in the butt. Managed to cut myself twice but it was worth it still waiting for the new replacement side panel
  10. Manny Tavan

    Neptune Apex is GARBAGE!!!!!

    Apex cooks me breakfast in the morning and does my laundry...
  11. Manny Tavan

    Neptune Apex is GARBAGE!!!!!

    Weird. My neptune apex has worked flawlessly for 18 months and my password is already filled in so I never have to enter it on the computer (auto login). On my iphone I use my thumbprint
  12. Manny Tavan

    Frag Fest photos?

  13. Manny Tavan

    Black Storms everywhere!

    I'm just waiting for the mocha storm and orange storm to come down in price now 😃
  14. Manny Tavan

    Black storm clownfish sale!

    wow these used to be $600 when they first came out.
  15. Manny Tavan

    blue tang for sale or trade in tigard or

    Tried to buy it but got radio silcence