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  1. Manny Tavan


  2. Manny Tavan

    Jeffs Rainbow Zoas

    Even aiptasia doesn’t grow that fast...
  3. Manny Tavan

    Aritica 1/15 chiller

    I'll take it
  4. Manny Tavan

    Coral Giveaway!

    Share the love!
  5. Manny Tavan

    What SPS questions do you have?

    When I’m not home and I think about my sps...i wonder if they think about me too...
  6. Manny Tavan

    What SPS questions do you have?

    My nitrates are at 1. Been trying to get them up to 5 actually. Phos 0.03
  7. Manny Tavan

    What SPS questions do you have?

    why do they become brown in my tank and stay brown FOREVER!
  8. Manny Tavan

    May meeting ideas!

    Grab bags would be fun. Like what Jeff had for thanksgiving
  9. Manny Tavan

    Question about selling...

    $1/item fire sale
  10. I’ll be there from 3 to 4pm
  11. i can bring chaeto . let me know if you still need some
  12. Manny Tavan

    CNC Auction #1 Gold Torch

    I really need to set an alarm...
  13. Wait till everyone wakes up in the morning lol
  14. Manny Tavan

    CNC Rainbow Acan Group Buy!!!

    Payment sent