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  1. Manny Tavan

    New Tank Check off list.

    Only thing you need...
  2. Manny Tavan

    Buy Dr. Tims locally?

    biospira on amazon is $9 for 8 oz. Always worked for me so I think their stock is fresh and arrives live. Dr Tim. people recommend ordering directly from their website because orders placed online including amazon might have old stock (some people reported it didn't work). Dr Tim is like $20 for 2 oz last time I checked. Not sure if it's more potent/concentrated or not.
  3. Manny Tavan

    Buy Dr. Tims locally?

    Tried stability and microbacter 7 before and nothing happened. With biospira, i get a nitrate spike and undetectable ammonia in just 3 hours. That stuff is amazing. Never tried dr tim because it’s a lot more expensive than biospira
  4. Manny Tavan

    Best quarantine method?

    I guess I got luck with my current 34 gallon. Never had major issues just putting fish in there straight from the LFS. Decided to quarantine the fish that will eventually stock my new 190 gallon system. So I picked up a used 20 gallon. It has a light. It will have a heater and some sponge filter only. Will put PVC piping in it and some ceramic balls that are currently cycling in a plastic tote. Wondering what other members do in terms of medication. I'm leaning towards prazipro and seachem cupramine right off the bat and keeping fish in quarantine for 4 weeks. Is that what most people do?
  5. Manny Tavan

    Is this cyano?

    Never seen cyano actually grow on corals. Would consider dipping it if you haven’t done it already
  6. Manny Tavan

    Some good news for once!

    it's natural selection. the corals that survived the last bleaching event are going to be more resilient to the next...
  7. Manny Tavan

    Getting crowded! rainbow btas for trade

    I want one but no room for one... eventually will turn my 34g tank into an anemone tank but that won't be for a few months
  8. Manny Tavan

    Full tank progression shots

    I’ll play. My tank is 13 months old and many dead corals later...
  9. Manny Tavan

    7th Annual Anniversary Sale!

    Group buys again?
  10. the frog fish one is the best one though... that octopus is bad [language filter]...
  11. Manny Tavan

    Dr. Deuk - Has anyone ordered, yet?

    alright my invoice was $58 for the prime stop RTN. I didn't buy the in tank treatment because I don't want to put anything unproven in the tank yet 😃 I'll pm you my paypal address if you still want half of it. If anybody else wants to try it, let me know, I should have plenty extra
  12. Manny Tavan

    Marco foundation rocks rock!

    Oh yeah i forgot... orphek light are equally amazing! Build quality and color omg! maybe it’s time to start an official build thread...
  13. Manny Tavan

    Marco foundation rocks rock!

    I don’t usually do product reviews but I was blown away by these rocks. I wanted a flat bottom foundation for my new scape. Decided to try marco foundation rocks. Ordered 4 “small” pieces at $12 a piece (black friday). I thought it was expensive but still cheaper than losing a thumb trying to cut my own rocks (home depot rents a concrete saw for $50 4hrs). Anyway I expected to get four small overpriced rocks. Instead I received these massive rocks with a perfectly flat bottom. I was blown away when I opened the box. There’s probably 15 lbs of rock there for only $48. Kinda wished they were also coated with that purple paint but now my scape is ultra stable
  14. Manny Tavan

    Dr. Deuk - Has anyone ordered, yet?

    Sounds good. Sent Rob a message to purchase it. Been in touch with him for a few days already