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  1. Maybe it's your toxic personality that awarded you the rank of zoanthid lol and your profile doesn't say you are a supporting member so pay up!
  2. I did 2mg/gallon when I treated mine. So far so good. I thought that if any DNA remained it would come back so I nuked it with a double dose of fabendazole right off the bat. Like bacteria what you don't want is to develop a resistance. What most likely happened is that brown polyp you have now is resistant to it
  3. looks like that blue clove polyp is trapped and can't spread out 😃
  4. looks like it's time to upgrade to a bigger tank
  5. You’re right. The controller has a solenoid that lets co2 in (from the controller to the reactor) based on the status of the float switch. I meant that the supply of co2 from the regulator to the solenoid is left open
  6. metering co2 is how deltec and dastaco are set up as well skip to 12:00 for an explanation
  7. I have both a Red Sea and a waterbox currently. I like the waterbox more. Plumbing is so much better. I love the all glass overflow
  8. I believe the Co2 supply is constant using a regulator. There is a float valve that detects when there isn't enough CO2 in the mix. the pH is not monitored at all. The only thing that gets adjusted is the number of seconds when the effluent gets added to the tank. 2 seconds every 200 seconds is the starting amount and you go up from there. From what I've read the DKH of the effluent is 50-60.
  9. That is a pretty lobo mine isn’t as crazy but it’s huge
  10. Poletti jawbreakers first sale Momma (NFS) has a ton of reds and even greens. It came from golden basket reef (you can see it in the top left corner and circled in red) 18 month old Babies (Circled in yellow) have some nice red streaks, some purple but no green yet. They are all grown up and about 2-2.5” in diameter when fully open $250 obo each also willing to trade (gold torch or OG bounce)
  11. I am thinking about making the plunge into the calcium reactor world. I am leaning towards a automated system like the deltec twin-tec vs Dastaco vs Aquarium ENG ACR The ACR seems to have the simplest design and is the least expensive option. It's also made in the USA. Is there anyone local using one of the ACR? https://www.aquariumeng.com/products/calcium-reactors/6-stacked-auto-ca-reactor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rz1QOpmFxt0
  12. I wouldn’t reef without an apex. I agree that the apex el is all you need. I have both and the orp/salinity proves aren’t needed
  13. Right when I have no more room in the tank...
  14. So sorry to hear that. I had so much fun visiting the shop and I’ve gotten some great livestock from you. I hope you’ll be back soon
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