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  1. Davids Reefer 350 build.

    The motor shaft slips on the rollers I would prefer a dosing pump where the rollers are physically attached to the like the libra. But I cant afford it. I have recently started putting rubbing alcohol on the dosing head to keep salt creep and moisture to a minimum which so far has been working. The other problem I've had is one of the units just completely stopped working altogether. I'm thinking about modifying the head so it will be more accurate and robust. If it works ill create a thread about it.
  2. Davids Reefer 350 build.

    How do you like the Jebao doser? I'm on my third one in a month.
  3. Hitchhiker pests?

    We had a customer bring in a Teddybear crab at Cuttle Fish And corals. We tried feeding it to the predator fish tank, but no one could eat it. as of now, it's in the sump. If you ask Jeff, he would likely sell it to you.
  4. Hi there, im looking at getting a better dosing pump to replace my Jeabo (POS) dosing pump, and wondering if anyone has had time using or is using this doser. Thanks!
  5. Experiences with Vertex Libra Dosing pump?

    oh, I see! I'm so sorry thanks for your feedback!
  6. Experiences with Vertex Libra Dosing pump?

    What do you mean by it destroyed your tank? Did the doser overdose, or did it get misprogrammed? Was it the Stepper model or the dc motor one?
  7. Reusing carbon

    I feel it is possible to clean activated carbon with Hydrochloric acid, as the acid will dissolve the organic compounds. Resulting in clean carbon media, I would be curious to see if this works as it is how carbon is cleaned in factories. Not sure if this is something worth looking at as it would be harmful if not done correctly. Probably just cheaper to buy new.