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  1. I've been thinking of buying a used ICP-OES testing machine for testing Aquarium water. Thinking of longer-term being able to test water samples local. Let me know what you all think. PS, If your wondering ICP-OES stands for Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectroscopy and it Heats a test solution with plasma ripping apart the molecules creating light that a sensor reads. the benefit of ICP testing is from one sample I can test up to 50 different elements. (This is a very basic explanation of how an ICP-OES machine works the full explanation is much more complicated.)
  2. Buying a used ICP-OES Testing Machine

    Alright after lots of research and help from friends in the lab industry, I've chosen the ICP-OES testing machine best suited for saltwater testing a PerkinElmer Optima 4300 DV Spectrometer * Dual-View ICP-OES More details coming soon,
  3. Tiny Tank, Tiny Budget Contest

    4/14 update, Changed route now going with macro garden with dwarf seahorses. So far no algae problems. (Lol) Thanks jack for the extended post deadline!! Won’t happen again
  4. Tiny Tank, Tiny Budget Contest

    Is there a chance I could get a stay of execution. I’m not at home today until late late in the night.
  5. Looking for Euphyllia

    Ha. ha.
  6. Looking for Euphyllia

    After the heater failure in my nano, it's looking a little bare, If anyone has any baby Euphyllia or small pieces they are willing to part with I would be quite grateful. Thanks!
  7. Looking for Female Kittens

    Thanks, I greatly appreciate it. Hey could have always been worse Thanks tho
  8. Looking for Female Kittens

    After a long fight with cancer, my orange longhair kitty passed away today. I am on the lookout for Siamese, or Black female kittens. If anyone knows or any litters in the area please let me know. Thanks!
  9. Learning how to be a pro photographer in 1 hour...

    At Cuttlefish and Corals, I am the coral photographer. I use a Canon SL2 with an EFS 35mm macro, I use a custom color card to set my White balance to help with the overwhelming blue that leds do to cameras. I also use a G-4 R-5 Color shift for color correction. I usually keep the ISO at 100 or as low as your camera can go. shutter speed at 1/400 of a second and aperture at 2.8. if the photos are too dark slowly bring the shutter speed down. the lowest the shutter speed should be is 1/250 if the images are still too dark then start bringing up the ISO. Just remember the higher the iso the lower the image quality. anyhoo what you have looks great! Keep working on it!!
  10. This is my Custom built 3.4G Drop-off. I built this tank for the pico challenge, its 1/4" acrylic with a Birch stand. Equipment: Maspect razor nano Cobalt Aquatics maxi-jet 1200 Aqueon heater 10watts Float switch from old tunze ATO and custom circuit to turn on and off aqua lifter pump.
  11. Bubble's Nano 3.4 G Drop off Pico.

  12. Bubble's Nano 3.4 G Drop off Pico.

    Thanks, man, it always seemed hot to me it was keeping a steady 83 then it just went off today I guess.
  13. Bubble's Nano 3.4 G Drop off Pico.

    Thanks, Kim, I threw everything in my main tank when I got home. one or two might make it but time will tell. I had the heater unplugged and then when cable organizing it stupidly plugged it back in.
  14. Bubble's Nano 3.4 G Drop off Pico.

    Thank you! could have been worse, I caught it fast so that helps
  15. Bubble's Nano 3.4 G Drop off Pico.

    4/4 Update: Heater failure came home to 101 for temp. Lost almost everything except 2 hammers and most of the inverts. Will give second update tomorrow.
  16. Out with the tiny, in with the slightly less tiny

    Do you want a custom wood stand?
  17. Cannon 6D full frame-800.00 OBO

    This is the camera Brad uses to take all his amazing sps photos! This is a great deal. Goes new for like 1400
  18. Jack's 12g long

    No wonder you came up with the Pico challenge! lol
  19. Bubble's Nano 3.4 G Drop off Pico.

    Recent upgrades. I added Brs media reactor I had laying around and turned a foot stool into a nice little filter and electrical box Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Our staff is amazing! Welcome our newest member!

    Thanks, Jeff! I love being part of the CNC family!!
  21. Tiny Tank, Tiny Budget Contest

    Here’s me 3/31 update: So far everything has been good other than a huge ich outbreak and I not sure where from. (This photo was from a day or so ago there is no fish in the tank as of now) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. March Picture of the Month - Angelfish

    Taken at CNC
  23. I also have 65 gallons ready to go.