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  1. I would not skimp on the ato, the float gets stuck easy, and the timer cutoff doesn't always work. the full-size one is almost bulletproof with the electronic eye along with the float as a backup.
  2. Been on the prowl for some pink bn, after fiji shut down its been really hard to find. if anyone has any I would be greatly appreciative if someone had a small piece. specifically looking for the light/dark pink bn. thank you!
  3. So I have tore down my 3.4 gallon pico contest loser tank. Lol It needs a little TLC but is a nice tiny aquarium. Comes with Cobalt mj1200 No light 50$
  4. HA isn't this the truth with a HIGH credit limit
  5. HAHAHAHHA I’m not going to answer, as to not offend any fish whom have not found there true self yet. (Thanks for the catch btw)
  6. Hi there, I’m looking for some at least .25” thick clear or black acrylic to make a small drag tank. If anyone has any pieces left over I would gladly take it off your hands if it will work. Thanks! -Kai
  7. Ahhhhh No problem, Sorry I could not be more help! thanks!
  8. I have some caribsea life rock Belize branch 30lbs I think, Its been in my sump for a year now, seeded very well.
  9. For some reason these did not upload the first time?
  10. Just Some bored Photography, lol Enjoy
  11. The 18-135 is my favorite lens! Great Deals!
  12. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, But being one of CNC s coral photographers, when editing photos we try really hard to make them look as if they are in your tank and not under 100% RB and UV.
  13. I almost bought one, but I just don’t have the time to set one up and keep it calibrated. I will let everyone know once I get one.
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