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  1. Ro buddie help

    Also i have found if you mount it as high as you have it that water has to travel a great distance up hill i cut my lines put it under the sink so i cut that distance in half
  2. Ro buddie help

    I got the same thing my water pressure is very good and my waist water is like watching money fly out the window 5 gallon bucket takes a few hours not sure i like it very much i plan on making change soon Ive learned in this hobby you get what you pay for
  3. Group buy time!!

    Ive been bit by the zoa bug so a nice higher end zoa would do but im game for whatever
  4. Missing bags of frags

    That is very sad.i could never do that to someone let alone someones home that they have opened for enjoyment. Hope everything works out and ya dident have some spendy ones in there
  5. Gotta love kids

    Hey guys well after a late night water change and watching my ph like a crack head everything turned out fine fish are out coral are out everyones happy, i dont like sticking my hand in let alone orange juice lol...no real big change from the sugar manny maybe some insomnia lol Side note... No 3 year olds were harmed in this process haha
  6. Gotta love kids

    Oh ya !
  7. Gotta love kids

    So this evening my daughter decided to play with my cleaner shrimp and dosed the tank with a cup of medium pulp orange juice its a 50 gal mixed reef no sps got pretty cloudy so i turned off skimmer threw a clean canister on it and running some carbon, i know you can dose vitamin c but is this going to have any effects on the system? Ps.. Torches and frogspawn do not like orange juice lol
  8. So i have this 50 gal mixed reef really low bio load very low end coral..me and ron talked awhile back and upgrading that being said do they have an external overflow for euro bracing actual rim is 3/4 of an inch the "hole" is 1.5" am i waisting time or do i need to get me a reefer 350
  9. Taylor's 93 cube

    Picked up some frags from ya a few months back love this tank not a cube fan but looks great good luck man
  10. Paly colony (large)

    Have 3 frags as well same paly One has 15 heads One has 20 heads And the other has like 6 heads
  11. Paly colony (large)

    Picked this colony of mind blowers up from tommy towards the end of last year love the colony but decided to clear up some sand bed and go a different approach colony has roughly 200-300 heads pics dont do justice pics make em look green for some reason Looking for zoa rocks tubbs blue looking to throw some color in my tank
  12. Great shots from nanoreefer!

    I'll buy the cat hahaha great pics wanna be my wedding photographer?
  13. WTT: neon green elephant ear

    Hey guys, unfortunately I cannot make the meeting due to work :( too bad wanted to win that vortech anywho still up for trade I'm down here in little old salem keizer pm me and lets make a date 😉
  14. Holiday party raffle items 😎

    Thanks this will be my first meeting excited to be apart of the group