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  1. New to saltwater

    Nice looking tank. I know every tank is different but when i setup my first tank a few years ago I started out with a bunch of acros right after it was cycled because I didn't want to be patient. I just dosed red sea reef energy heavily to account for low nutrients until everything balanced out and never lost a single frag. The only hard part I would say about adding stuff to a new system is you have be prepared to deal with all the nuisances that come with a new tank and stay on top of them. I don't think the worrying ever ends though lol.
  2. Hello from Hillsboro

    I was debating on the 350 and the 425xl. I went with the 350 because I figured the shorter depth would make maintenance easier but after setting it up I feel the 425 would have been fine. Thanks everyone for the welcome. I was sick all last week.....the joy of having a toddler in daycare so I haven't made much progress. I got around to setting up the dosing pumps and received all my plumbing parts. I drilled out bulk heads in the stock ATO to turn it into a fuge and setup the kessil a80. Just need some time to create a manifold and hard plumb in the vectra m1. Once I get it all setup I will post some updated pics.
  3. I am not an koi expert by any means but I have experienced something that looked like this on mine a few years ago. Is the effected area raised up? If so it may be ulcers caused by a bacterial infection. I was able to quarantine the guy in a kiddie pool in my garage and treat the area with off the shelf peroxide. I also got this stuff called Koi RX off amazon but it doesn't appear to be available anymore. You might try melafix in the short term since its readily available. COTS Koi in ridgefield might be able to help you identify exactly what it is.
  4. Black Friday/Small Business Saturday Specials!!!

    This was my score from day 1 and 2. Thanks again for the sweet deals!
  5. Hello from Hillsboro

    Hey all, found out about pnwmas via a facebook post from Paradise Corals and after talking to Bret decided to join about a month ago and then forgot I joined. Good to see that most the shops I frequent are sponsors on here. My grandmother used to breed freshwater fish so I have always had a tank as long as I can remember. I decided to make the jump to marine life a few years ago after we remodeled our living room and my 125 gallon cichlid tank no longer fit. I replaced it with a 60 gallon cube which I have been running as a mixed reef. I also had a 40 gallon breeder I recently setup in my sons playroom. My wife bought me a reefer 350 for my birthday in October with the stipulation that i consolidate tanks since maintaining 2 marine tanks took a lot of time in addition to the 3 freshwater tanks we have. So i have since broken down both tanks and have transferred over the livestock and rehomed a few. I realized I usually only take full tank shots when i first setup tanks and don't take many after that because they always are washed but I will try to stop being lazy and blow the dust off my dslr and take some progress pics with this tank. Attached is a pic of the 60 gallon being drained and the 350 being put in its place. I am still waiting on a few plumbing pieces to get here to hard plumb the return but once i get it 100% setup I will try to post some updated pics.