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  1. DavidK

    Bubble algae advice

    I can vouch for vibrant in a SPS dominate tank as well. I was traveling a lot and slacked on my maintenance and had a GHA and bubble outbreak happen. I tried fluconazole along with manual removal. The fluconazole would kind of work about 2 weeks in, but the algae would come back during week 3 so I tried doing water changes every two weeks and just redosing but could never fully get rid of it. After a constant battle for a few months I did literally 2 doses of vibrant and my tank was 100% clean in a week. The advantage of vibrant is you can keep your skimmer and media running.
  2. DavidK

    Davids Reefer 350 build.

    Also had some time to visit @MrBret while I was downtown getting my haircut and picked up a couple zoa frags. Speckled Krak is still doing good. Thanks again for the coffee cup!
  3. DavidK

    Davids Reefer 350 build.

    Well life got busy so have not had time to post any updates. Finally got the red sea screen kit together. The flush mount profile looks clean.
  4. DavidK

    Testing parameters

    I have been using all red sea test kits for the past few years and just picked up a hanna ALK checker during BRS's Black Friday sale. Works great and saves a ton of time if you check frequently. I read mixed reviews on the other checkers though. Some people say results are inconsistent and others say its user error.
  5. DavidK

    Davids Reefer 350 build.

    I got it from https://www.saltwateraquarium.com/. The seem to be one of the first retailers in the US to get them. This was my first order from them and they ship fast. Only took two days to get here. For the cabinet lights I was in a hurry to get something down there so I just went to home depot and picked up a couple of these https://www.homedepot.com/p/GE-18-in-Battery-Operated-LED-Utility-Light-27510/205972249. They work out pretty good. I was worried about them being battery operated but so far the batteries have lasted 3 months with almost daily use. The only thing I would change would be to get the ones with motion sensors.
  6. DavidK

    Davids Reefer 350 build.

    Got one of the new screen kits from red sea today. Even though the pictures showed cutouts for the light brackets, I guess you have to order the cutouts for those seperate so i wont be able to assemble it until then. On a side note this kit seems top notch. It's hefty aluminum and better quality then the kit from BRS I was running on another tank.
  7. DavidK

    Filter floss

    On the red sea facebook group there are a lot of people using filter cups instead of socks and they are running this stuff called poly-fil from walmart in them. Haven't done it myself but its way cheaper then filter floss and apparently reef safe.
  8. DavidK

    skimmer for reefer nano

    Right now I have a curve 5 on my reefer 350. I swapped it over from a tank I tore down until with the intent of upgrading to the nyos but its working surprisingly well so I haven't upgraded it yet. If you do decide to go the curve 5 route let me know as I have a spare one laying around that was only used for about 4 months that i could part with cheap. I have been keeping an eye out for a good deal on a Nyos 160.
  9. DavidK

    Micro bubbles and cloudy on top

    It can, and it can also be the cause of the cloudiness. Try boosting your surface agitation if possible to see if it helps or maybe try an airstone to get some oxygen into the water.
  10. DavidK

    UNISEAL Bulkhead

    They have a few at upscales. I have picked up a 1" from there.
  11. DavidK

    Greg's Red Sea Peninsula 650 Build Thread

    Here is a picture of a cut BRS 4" sock in the tray. I compared it to a uncut sock and it looks like i trimmed it right at the very first ridge.
  12. DavidK

    RODI filters

    I can' rememer off hand but I remember it was quite a bit more then I could get them from BRS but I needed to make water and couldn't wait.
  13. DavidK

    Greg's Red Sea Peninsula 650 Build Thread

    Not at all. When I get home later I will snap some pics. If I rememer correctly I cut it right at the last ridge in the ring with a pair of dikes.
  14. DavidK

    Greg's Red Sea Peninsula 650 Build Thread

    While i was waiting for my extra socks to ship I trimmed the rim off a few of my old standard filter socks and they work just fine in the reefer bracket so I still keep them in my rotation.