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  1. There is an AirGas on 82nd in portland and one in south vancouver that are both open on saturday mornings if you don't find anything near by.
  2. I have two aqamai kps wifi controllable wavemakers for sale. I ran these for a few months on a 40 gallon breeder before breaking it down and they have sat in the box ever since. Paid $240 for these from world of wet pets over in beaverton. Asking $100 for the pair.
  3. If no one comes up with anything, get one of those 4 cube organizer from ikea. I used one in my son's room for a 20 gallon and it held it just fine. We bought bins for the cubby's and hid everything in there.
  4. Yes, it's still available. If you would like to take a look at it shoot me a message and I can give you my number and address.
  5. I have a marineland 60 gallon cube with everything needed to get it running. This setup was used for about 9 months before I upgraded to a reefer 350 and has sat in my garage ever since. Everything was cleaned up pretty good before storing. Available for pickup in Hillsboro, OR. $500 Comes with: 60 Gallon Marineland Cube Home built stand. Eshopps R-100 Refugium sump Maxspect razor r420r light. Sicce syncra 3.0 return pump Bubble Magus Curve 5 protein skimmer 2 100watt colbalt neo-therm heaters 2 Jebao pp series wavemakers. Tons of filter socks (8 are new) A box of previously used rock.
  6. What might these guys be? I might have to drop in and see these in person.
  7. We are headed over to the Nampa/Caldwell area. We looked at a lot of places in the area and decided we want to buy a place near Lake Lowell once our house sells. My wife and I are Portland natives but are moving to escape how "awesome" Oregon has become lol. That answer is typically yes. I would see if there is some sort food grade bag that is big enough to line them with.
  8. Lots of good info in this thread. Once our house sells I am planning on making a similar trip of about 7 hours to Idaho. I have a reefer 350 as well and keep debating if I want move it or just sell everything. I was thinking about buying one of those 150 gallon stock tanks and tossing it into the back of my truck then removing all the rock from my tank and setting it in there and then siphoning all the water out and into the stock tank while removing all the livestock as well. During the summer months I think temp will be fine and was going to put a battery pump in for circulation. Since it would only be about 2/3 the way full I would hope that the water wouldn't slosh around too much and was thinking about putting a fine mesh net on the top just to keep things in and road debris out. I was just planning on putting everything right back in and topping off with water that I have already made at the new location.
  9. I can vouch for vibrant in a SPS dominate tank as well. I was traveling a lot and slacked on my maintenance and had a GHA and bubble outbreak happen. I tried fluconazole along with manual removal. The fluconazole would kind of work about 2 weeks in, but the algae would come back during week 3 so I tried doing water changes every two weeks and just redosing but could never fully get rid of it. After a constant battle for a few months I did literally 2 doses of vibrant and my tank was 100% clean in a week. The advantage of vibrant is you can keep your skimmer and media running.
  10. Also had some time to visit @MrBret while I was downtown getting my haircut and picked up a couple zoa frags. Speckled Krak is still doing good. Thanks again for the coffee cup!
  11. Well life got busy so have not had time to post any updates. Finally got the red sea screen kit together. The flush mount profile looks clean.
  12. I have been using all red sea test kits for the past few years and just picked up a hanna ALK checker during BRS's Black Friday sale. Works great and saves a ton of time if you check frequently. I read mixed reviews on the other checkers though. Some people say results are inconsistent and others say its user error.
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