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  1. "Gorgonian forest line" that would be really cool to see.
  2. Here are some shots of the circuit board. I haven't heard anything back from Ecotech as to the cause, I'm going to ask them out of curiosity... and a sense of self preservation lol.
  3. Anyone else have this issue? I was by my tank and caught the smell of burning plastic. I started looking around and noticed my MP40 QD controller was blinking red. I picked up the controller and it was extremely hot. The internals got so hot that they melted the exterior of the case, that dimple on the backside is where it actually melted. I looked all around MP40 but there is no explanation for this happening. The magnets were aligned perfectly, there was nothing blocking the impeller, I just cleaned the wet side a few weeks ago. I double checked and made sure that I'm using the right size of spacer for my glass thickness. I'm glad I was home and awake when this happened. I've had this MP40 less than a year. I want to give a shout out to ecotechmarine their customer service is top notch. They had me send back the original unit and sent me a replacement unit.
  4. I made a quick cell phone tutorial about fragging soft skin gorgonians.
  5. Yes, this works great! This reminds me I need to replace mine. Yeah it gives crazy polyp extensions. It also cured latteral line disease on my 13 year old beta.
  6. Here is a list of what I can frag up and have some frags of see below: I will add pictures of the ones I have but some of them I still need to take a picture of. DM me if you are interested or want to come check them out. white zombies Bowtie blaster zoas darth maul utter chaos gobstoppers Greenbay Packers GB Hawaiian God rainbow incinerators Cornbred Bloodshot Krakatoa
  7. @SuncrestReef Yeah, my wife and I get a good laugh every time we see W-Tee-F get caught by the language filter.
  8. Do you still have the sump and the frag tank? 




    1. Parzifal


      Yep.  They are heavy!   Give me a call and we can discuss.  



    2. What_The_Frag


      ok, I just left you a voicemail. Give me a call when you can. I work from home so I'm available throughout the day. I have coral I can trade or I can give you cash, either works for me. 

  9. Please close this thread the salt has been picked up.
  10. I'm having the same issue.
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