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  1. I would be down for 10 or 20 let me know will send the money if there is another group buy
  2. @Emerald525 sent you a private message, I'm interested
  3. I'm interested, PM sent.
  4. If you want a frag of Tierra Del Fuego I have plenty. Just send me a dm
  5. Suncrest is absolutely right about a generator. June 12th my power went out due to the record heat. The power was out for more than 5 hours my Honda generator saved my tank. I highly recommend the Honda generators they have clean power for electronics and run quiet. They are more compact and can be easily transported. The generator ran all components of my 200 gallon tank with no problems.
  6. Sure I have a spot ready for that pest next to my other torches... 😁
  7. Green Milli Frag


    I work from home so anytime after 11:30 am would work. My cell phone is 503-432-9869 Damien. 

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    2. H20cooled


      Thank you for the nice frags. Question on your hybrid lighting; how long do you run your T5's and led?




      That sounds good, I'm off work tomorrow so I will check with the wife and let you know what time works best for me. Where are you located?


      Rich my cell is: 503-936-4037

    3. What_The_Frag


      I run my t5's for 7 hours and the LED's I run them for 12 hours with 4 hours of it is just the blues ramping up and ramping down. 

    4. H20cooled


      Thank you!

  8. I'm running out of space so I'm trying to avoid more hammers etc unless it's a torch 😂
  9. I have 6 Pink Mohawk Zoa colonies that need to find a new home. They are growing fast and each of them have around 10 heads. Looking for $20 for each colony.
  10. I upgraded my water changing containers and I have an extra 20 gallon container.
  11. @spectra If they all sell I can always frag another piece, the main colony is getting pretty big. Not sure when I will be near Portland next, I try to avoid it as much as possible lol.
  12. @spectra sure thing, I'll be around all day on Sunday. I'm in Hillsboro near Cornelius Pass and Baseline.
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