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  1. What_The_Frag

    Tank breakdown sale

    I will take the torch and the krypotonite candy cane
  2. What_The_Frag

    ideas for february meeting

    Would like to go over the topics listed below: shipping frags supplements
  3. I'm interested in the  rainbow lobo do you have any pictures? 

  4. What_The_Frag

    WTB Forest Fire Digitata

    sounds great will frag it and send you a pic
  5. What_The_Frag

    WTB Forest Fire Digitata

    Yeah that would be great! Let know if you are looking for anything. I do have some great blue ones I don't think it's the german one and bright red ones right now. I also have zoas.
  6. What_The_Frag

    WTB Forest Fire Digitata

    Looking to buy a frag of forest fire digitata in the Portland/Hillsboro area
  7. What_The_Frag

    Bored? watch my tangs attack nori :)

    Looks great!
  8. What_The_Frag

    Speckled Krakatoas

    Sign me up for one of these Bret
  9. What_The_Frag

    December 2018 Frag Swap Thread

    Beginning of February would be great. I should have some frags ready by then. I agree with pdxmonkeyboy about building the community.
  10. What_The_Frag

    What R U Using 4 Phosphate Removal

    I use a roller mat, a refugium, algae turf scrubber, and a protein skimmer. This keeps my phosphate at .03 to .04 steady on my 200 gallon mixed reef while feeding daily and plenty of food.
  11. What_The_Frag

    November Picture of the Month - Equipment

    Cable management project. We modified a folding desk unit found on Amazon to be able to hold and clean up our cables and and show off our Apex in a clean and simple way. The chords are behind the cabinet that swings open with a box we created. Here is a link to the video I did that shows off the cabinet better.
  12. What_The_Frag

    Best rock glue/putty for cheap

    I used the E-MARCO-400 AQUASCAPING MORTAR this stuff works great. Was easy to work with. Here is a link to a quick video of what the aqua scaping looked like before putting the corals down on the rocks.
  13. What_The_Frag

    Frag Fest photos?

    I grabbed a "Fun Burst" for the Clown Harem tank. Will have more pictures soon.
  14. What_The_Frag

    $10 Early Bird tickets for Frag Fest!

    Payment sent for 2 tickets