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  1. Ok, will you be at the shop today? We can swing by.
  2. @Jorge This forum is not letting me DM you. Let me know what works best as far as time and place. Damien
  3. I will send a DM can pick it up.
  4. Do you have any experience working on Jeeps? Will send you a DM.
  5. I connected a 35 and a 45 gallon sump under my 200G tank using two bulkheads and it worked just fine. If you're not going to use PVC pipes in between the sumps then you will want to get some extra gaskets to put in between the sumps. It would be best to have a small amount of pvc in between the sumps though as i had an issue about 1 year in as the gaskets shrunk a bit and the bulkheads had to be tightened.
  6. I would be down for 10 or 20 let me know will send the money if there is another group buy
  7. @Emerald525 sent you a private message, I'm interested
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