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  1. Had a little time with my Canon 100mm f2.8 macro lens today. This will be a few posts :). Sorry for spamming.........................lol.
  2. Showing off just some stuff

    Thank you
  3. Showing off just some stuff

    Thank you, they were very cooperative
  4. Showing off just some stuff

    It doesn't move real fast Thank you <3
  5. Showing off just some stuff

    One of all time favorite corals ever. Thank you
  6. Showing off just some stuff

    I always shoot in RAW mode and that makes processing a little easier for me. A little temperature adjustment and see what goes after that. Oh.................. and use something besides a cell phone, they take nice pics, but I am rather happy with my Canon DSLR
  7. Showing off just some stuff

    Thank you
  8. Fragfest 2018

    Yes, I was gonna try to make it over for this years event. It is kind of a crappy time of year for me to travel that way, but for right now, my plans are to try . I don't know if the farthest distance traveled is noteworthy, but die hard reef folks do what they have to sometimes.
  9. Fragfest 2018

    Ah, that is what I needed to know, thank you
  10. Fragfest 2018

    Is this the same one I came over for?
  11. Just some pics to end 2017 with. And thank you to the powers that be for letting me in this club <3
  12. Some End of the Year pics.

    That sounds good
  13. Some End of the Year pics.

    Well gee, let me know the next time you are headed this way and maybe we could get together for an adult beverage and some reef BS
  14. What do you do?

    There is no price for a smile and a frag
  15. What do you do?

    Let's see................... this is a pretty cool thread :). I spent 37.5 years at the local phone company in Kalispell Mt., Lovingly now known as Centurylink. I retired in August of 2012 because of my back. Please don't ask me about phones, I already forgot whatever I used to know. I took up the reef hobby in 1999, and still don't know anything :). I have found that I can answer technical questions about the Grateful Dead, Bowling, yeah, I was one of those too, and maybe the reef hobby if the questions are easy. I also found out that I am really, really good at clearing snow off of my driveway lately, and that makes the deer around here pretty freaking happy, at least someone appreciates it.......................................lol. I drink Crown Royal on the rocks............................. so if anybody ever needs help with that, let me know. I trade frags for Blue Moon Belgian White, gave up selling them cuz I really just enjoy getting people stuff they like.I have also been told I am pretty ok with a camera :), I am a Canon lady.
  16. Some End of the Year pics.

    Yeppers, that is my Oregon Tort, close to 10 years old in early 2018. I haven't killed it yet..................................lol. And yes, that is a purple stylo. I think I got that From Duane O. in Seattle late 2015. The green Stylo is from a Friend in Spokane. And Thank you
  17. Some End of the Year pics.

    see one of the above posts for more info on my system. I think I answered as much as I could, if you have more questions, fire away
  18. Some End of the Year pics.

    Thank you :). I know for sure I will show up again when you have the frag swap, and maybe I can make it over when it is a bit warmer, sometime in the summer?
  19. Some End of the Year pics.

    They are all on one sump, not pictured is a 75 gallon refugium also. I am running Mars Aqua lights, 2 ea. over the 40s and 1 over the cube. I dose a Baking soda mix for alk and BRS calcium chloride for Ca. Every once in a while I throw some magnesium in just because I can :). I feed Reef Chili every Friday and that is all I feed the coral. There aren't many fish at all, I lost 2 Firefish in the tank with all the sps and just haven't replaced them yet. I am in Columbia Falls Montana. It was snowin and blowing so hard yesterday I figured reef tank maintenance was a good thing to do........................lol. The attached pic is what I woke up to this morning. My poor dog wouldn't go out to save her sorry little rear end, I didn't really blame her
  20. December Picture of the Month - Tangs

    Old pic when I had my 300. My Red Sea Sailfin :).
  21. December 2017 Holiday Meeting Pics

    Looks like you all had too much fun, maybe next year I can figure out a way to wander over for this