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  1. Thanks, the black background was suggested by the tank builder, and it is definitely cool.
  2. I would agree on the lighting aspect. I have another variety of the SSC, but it is the "Kush". Both are in high light, + 350 PAR, so we will see what the other turns into when it grows up.
  3. Thank you :). Strawberry Shortcake
  4. Some more top downs are cool tho
  5. OK, I guess the fts will wait until another day
  6. Hey people, some end of the year top down pics and hope you all have a happy and safe New Years :). And one fts just for posterity sake :).
  7. A couple of December pics from Montana 😘
  8. I have had this thing for 3.5 years, it started really slow!! The frag I got from him was about 1/2" back in 2015.
  9. Pineapple Express Millepora from Inland Corals. Thank you :).
  10. This is a GARF Bonsai. I got it in July from Mindblowing Corals down in Denver. This coral has been around forever!!! Watch alk. swings tho!! I had a nice colony back when I had my 300 and my stupidity killed it 😞
  11. These were freehanded @ f6.3. Most of them anyways. I had the tripod down there and then just got carried away..............................lol.
  12. This lens and I have a love hate relationship
  13. Much better than mine..................lol. thanks for posting
  14. Thought I would post a couple of macro pics for you all :). Canon 7D Mark II w/ Canon 100mm Macro lens
  15. Thanks for the update and I am glad things went well. I wish I could have made it tho, looks like it was a ton of fun
  16. Hope it all went well! Sorry to hear about the family thing tho, hope everyone is ok
  17. Well thanks, things just didn't work out for this year. Things go good for you all?
  18. Missoula, Spokane, Seattle, I will drive . Thanks
  19. A couple of end of the month pics while all you people are at Fragfest :). I stayed home and saved my money............................lol.
  20. So........................... Here is the new Stealth 44" sump, Eschopps X350 Skimmer and Fluval SP6 return pump. I am still running my 75 gallon refugium, and in the background of the last pic, the 44 gallon Brute is full of 40 gallons of Kalk for my ATO.
  21. I'll get some tomorrow for you
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