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  1. Thanks, the black background was suggested by the tank builder, and it is definitely cool.
  2. I would agree on the lighting aspect. I have another variety of the SSC, but it is the "Kush". Both are in high light, + 350 PAR, so we will see what the other turns into when it grows up.
  3. Thank you :). Strawberry Shortcake
  4. Some more top downs are cool tho
  5. OK, I guess the fts will wait until another day
  6. Hey people, some end of the year top down pics and hope you all have a happy and safe New Years :). And one fts just for posterity sake :).
  7. A couple of December pics from Montana 😘
  8. I have had this thing for 3.5 years, it started really slow!! The frag I got from him was about 1/2" back in 2015.
  9. Pineapple Express Millepora from Inland Corals. Thank you :).
  10. This is a GARF Bonsai. I got it in July from Mindblowing Corals down in Denver. This coral has been around forever!!! Watch alk. swings tho!! I had a nice colony back when I had my 300 and my stupidity killed it 😞
  11. These were freehanded @ f6.3. Most of them anyways. I had the tripod down there and then just got carried away..............................lol.
  12. This lens and I have a love hate relationship
  13. Much better than mine..................lol. thanks for posting
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