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  1. Some November pics

    These particular ones, since May of this year. Thank you
  2. Some November pics

    I'll think about it when the next frag swap comes around, I just hate fragging it, even tho it is so cheap. Thank you
  3. Some November pics

    For what I have been thru with this colony................................... you don't have enuf in your bank account :).
  4. Some November pics

    Clean that up, this is a family board
  5. Some November pics

    I have had this for a little over 7 years, I don't frag it much, but thanks. Lots of Blue Moon Belgian White for a frag of it........................................lol.
  6. Some November pics

    That is an original Oregon Blue Tort
  7. Some November pics

    Oh yeah, we got 3-4 inches last week and it really hasn't gone anywhere.....................lol.
  8. Some November pics

    All together draining into a 100 gallon sump. thank you
  9. Some November pics

  10. Some November pics

    I usually do monthly pics of my tanks just because I can. So here we go, hope you enjoy. This will take 2 posts because my pics are too big, OOPS .
  11. Lighting

    Good luck, and remember, nothing good ever happens fast in a reef tank.
  12. Lighting

    This is all a poke and hope idea, because you may not like the looks of the tank with the whites turned down. Alot of people I know running LEDs are primarily blue, and I am only speaking from what has worked for my experiences.
  13. Lighting

    Just my opinion, but try maybe turning the whites down a little. Maybe 50%? Let's see if there is a difference with the algae?
  14. Lighting

    IMO, a phosphate test kit really won't do you much good, it will probably show 0, but the phosphates are contained in the algae and won't read out. I think your tank is still cycling and time and patience will win out if you keep up your water changes. You could maybe do 2 water changes a week for a month and see where that gets you? Was the live rock dried rock and did you cure it before it went into the tank? All that bein said, what % are you running your lights at. In my experience, the higher you have the the whites, the more chance of nuisance algae appears. I run mostly blue on my Mars Aquas and have been pretty darn happy with the results. hope this helps
  15. Good afternoon

    LOL..................... let's not go that far................................ :). But I do appreciate the welcome, believe me <3