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  1. Carla

    Good afternoon

    So........................... Here is the new Stealth 44" sump, Eschopps X350 Skimmer and Fluval SP6 return pump. I am still running my 75 gallon refugium, and in the background of the last pic, the 44 gallon Brute is full of 40 gallons of Kalk for my ATO.
  2. Carla

    Good afternoon

    I'll get some tomorrow for you
  3. Carla

    Good afternoon

    Well thanks, it was definitely quite the weekend when we did the change. I also got a new custom sump from Crystal Reef, new return pump, new skimmer. I figured it was time to change it all :).
  4. Carla

    Good afternoon

    OMG, it has been a little bit since I posted in this group. I have been a little busy changing some things around, so please forgive me. In July of this year, I went from from my 3 tank system, to just one tank, a custom built 190 from Crystal Reef in Bellingham WA. It was a chore, but with some friends from Seattle and Spokane, we managed to do the turn around in one weekend in July. There was beer, lots of good food, and better yet, a ton of fun. This new system is a little over a month and a half old now, and things are not looking too bad at all. I waited about 3 weeks after it got going and then brought in a clean up crew from Reeftopia, and the little guys have been working diligently to clear up all the algae from the cycle, and things are starting to look pretty darn good. There were only a couple of casualties, I lost my big Oregon Tort colony, it is now about 18 frags worth, but the STN has stabilized and I am crossing my fingers that I will be able to grow it back over time. See you all on October 27th if there isn't 3' of snow on the passes on the way over .
  5. Carla

    Showing off just some stuff

    Thank you
  6. Carla

    Showing off just some stuff

    Thank you, they were very cooperative
  7. Carla

    Showing off just some stuff

    It doesn't move real fast Thank you <3
  8. Carla

    Showing off just some stuff

    One of all time favorite corals ever. Thank you
  9. Carla

    Showing off just some stuff

    I always shoot in RAW mode and that makes processing a little easier for me. A little temperature adjustment and see what goes after that. Oh.................. and use something besides a cell phone, they take nice pics, but I am rather happy with my Canon DSLR
  10. Carla

    Showing off just some stuff

    Thank you
  11. Had a little time with my Canon 100mm f2.8 macro lens today. This will be a few posts :). Sorry for spamming.........................lol.
  12. Carla

    Fragfest 2018

    Yes, I was gonna try to make it over for this years event. It is kind of a crappy time of year for me to travel that way, but for right now, my plans are to try . I don't know if the farthest distance traveled is noteworthy, but die hard reef folks do what they have to sometimes.