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    Thanks for everything you all did, sure the vendors had some stuff to do. But I feel like your job was harder, you had so much to organize and keep things in line. But it was very smooth, and we all appreciate how much you even took care of us and even offered to get coffee for a barely awake individual ;). I had a lot of fun, and glad that others did too :).
  2. AquaBogie

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    Heck yeah! I will try to be active on here too. I am normally on R2R, but nice to know there is a forum for us locals :).
  3. AquaBogie

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    I will encourage him to join ;).
  4. AquaBogie

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    That's ok you cleaned us out last time ;). You have to save money sometimes right? lol!
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    Hey everyone, My name is Zach Bogatz, and I was at the most recent PNWMAS frag show. Got to meet a lot of you nice people, it was a lot of fun and tiring ;). Dodge told me about your forums, and thought I would join in on the fun, and thank everyone for coming out to visit us at the show :). I will try to keep up on the forum but I am super bad about checking these things lol!