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  1. well some gen 4s have gone for 480 to 530 with shipping. i would to to stay umder 500 some came with rms mounts or others came with diffusers. i want a diffuser for light or lights so thats about it
  2. i keep loosing the bids on eBay bay for a light. 5 seconds left and I'm always out bid if u are selling one gen 4 xr30 I'm interested. but if price is right i might buy 2x gen 3 xr30 in stead.
  3. Do any of u slow drip into skimmer. or cut your dosage from what the bottles recommend. my phosphates are close to 2ppm. According to phosphate e. 1ml lowers 1ppm for 4 gal. i have about 120 gal after rock and sand. so i should dose 29ml. but i heard if its to concentrated fish start gasping for air ! im trying to raise nitrate and lower phosphate does anybody know if this phosphate remover lowers nitrate or any other parameters
  4. thats awesome I'm glad u are having success. On melevs reef, he only doses once every 8-10 weeks. How often are u dosing?
  5. thanks for the input i was thinking this would minimize fish exposure i have read some people have lost fish. maybe human error didn't fallow steps
  6. im tired of gfo and the expense. I've heard good things about these products if used properly with caition. meleve's reef has used this for years. This is my idea for a safer method of lowering my phosphates any input would be greatly appreciated. So i can open and close an arrangement of valves on the tank and isolate the maim tank and actually cycle the sump over and over within itself i could treat the sump with phosphate rx and skim it out with out the main tank being affected. this would only treat 27 gal but i could do full streangth untill the water is clear again and repeat till no4 level is achieved with less harm to the fish.
  7. i might be interested in the 3/4 i would need 2 of them how much was it from manufacturer
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