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  1. Paratore's 75 Gallon Display

    I'm running 2 24w blue+ bulbs with my radion on the sps ab setting on my 93 cube. I run the radion for ten hours total, with about 7 hours at peak, and I run my t5s for 5 hours. The t5s do a really really good job at mellowing out the shimmer from the radions. My corals have never shown as bright of colors, and they're all growing like weeds. I do run a really, really blue spectrum, with my whites only hitting 20% at peak.
  2. BTA Acclimating and Feeding

    I used to feed mine 1 piece of frozen a week, but then 2 little anemones seemingly sprouted out of the base, then all split out and now I've got 2 small rbtas and 2 bigger ones. I've learned mine seem to grow just as fast, without splitting as much when I don't feed.
  3. February 2018 Meet Frag Swap

    It's quite unfortunate, I was really hoping to make this one. But I've got a close friend in a tough position, who's car just broke down, so I'm gonna get her car back on the road, and let her borrow my car today. Hope to make it to the next one!
  4. February 2018 Meet Frag Swap

    Unfortunately due to transportation issues, I won't be able to make it to this meeting. My apologies to anyone I worked out swapping frags with. I will reachout and pm those of you who I worked out deals with and find a way to meetup another time and place.
  5. 75g breakdown. Livestock.

    Is the green acro available?
  6. ALk low

    My red sea kit asks for 10ml of water, then you titrate with 1ml, put 0.4 straight in, then drip and mix till pink. Mine is an older test kit, but it's always read the same as my brand new Hanna checkers so I still trust it.
  7. ALk low

    If I were in your position, I'd dose and do waterchanges until everything was where I wanted it, then keep it stable from there.
  8. Wtt: corals for sump

    Hey everyone, I had planned on buying a nice new bashsea biofuge sump and other equipment upgrades once my taxes come back, but my current DIY 20l sump is falling apart to the point where it's seemingly causing more issues than anything else at this point. I have various sps and lps frags to trade. I've got teal tenius frags, ora tricolor valida frags, green and purple monti cap frags, a lobo, acans, etc. I just really need to get a bigger, and slightly more functional sump to get me through the rest of this month. Let me know what you've got! Thanks everyone.
  9. ALk low

    Could be numerous things. Do you dose in a high flow section?
  10. ALk low

    With your alk being that low you're probably gonna have a really tough time getting it back to where it's supposed to be and keeping it stable just by adding alk supplements. I use io reef crystals, and every batch I've had mixes with stupendously high alk (12-14dkh). Ive learned atleast with my tank I would have to add over 100mls of alk in a day and it might bump the number up .5. I can get about .5 increase just by a 5g water change with io rc. For some perspective, I use 22mls of alk/ day on my 100g sps dominant system just to keep it stable.
  11. 4 Reefstar LED fixtures

    How many were used on the 30x30?
  12. February 2018 Meet Frag Swap

    I totally forgot about that! I'll get some frags curing and ready for you!
  13. Birthday time

    In comparison to everything I've used to date the ecotech radions are by far the best fixtures. Easiest setup, theyll grow anything, and they give a great shimmer without too much discoball effect. For me, my xr30 has essentially been a set and forget fixture. I wipe them off with a microfiber while they're off once a week, but it's been running the exact same setting for 8 months now.
  14. Coral dip

    I do know that Garrett had been putting a lot of wild colonies into his 300dt, then he got black bugs. As far as I know that was the only system contaminated. However that does worry me a bit considering most coral dips won't kill em.. In the last few months the only corals I've actually seen pests on before and after dips were pieces I had gotten from upscales. They just had what appeared to be a few different egg clusters on the frag plugs, all of which were thrown out pretty quickly.
  15. Golden basket overload

    The thing is he's selling corals under auction format so it gets really messy when you try to have people bidding on a half dozen corals on one thread and things tend to just get jumbled. I think instead of giving gb a sub forum, it would be better to just add a new forum under classifieds just for auctions.
  16. February 2018 Meet Frag Swap

    I have a frag plug with some green blue spotted discos on it that you can have. I've also got a cool speckled chalice, green an pink mouthed favia, 2 teal tenius frags, and a some red pavona. Also have some green cap frags, as well as some Idaho grape chunks to trade!
  17. Dosing: 2 Part or Calcium Reactor

    I'm only doing this manually for a little while longer. I just ordered a dosing unit haha.
  18. Dosing: 2 Part or Calcium Reactor

    I still have a pretty young tank so I'm barely on my second bottles of each. They're about $20 each so it's definitely more expensive, but I feel it's consistent and easier to use so I prefer it. Thrive offers all 3 parts, but I was given the aquavitro bottles sealed and new so I figured I'd use em.
  19. Some stony corals!

    You got it! I'll shoot you a text.
  20. Some stony corals!

    Hey everyone! Got some more corals to let go of! 1: green favia with pink mouths-$10 2: green speckled purple chalice-$15 3: red pavona-$10 4- Miyagi tort- sold. 5- mystery stag- sold.
  21. Dosing: 2 Part or Calcium Reactor

    I use thrive products alk and cal, and aquavitro mag with great results. Manually dose a few ml's of each every morning and every night to help minimize alk swings in particular. I do water changes whenever I feel like doing one😂
  22. Zachs 110gal Shallow mix reef!!

    Always unfortunate to hear of an awesome build getting broken down. Will definitely be interested in the part out thread.
  23. Sea Hare feeding...

    Anyone know if they'll eat macro? I occasionally give my urchin macro trimmings, but wonder if I could give the seahare some after he attacks my algae too!
  24. Frags Anyone?

    This is how I want my frag tank to look. So many nice pieces! Anywhere I can see a more detailed list ofwhat you've got for sale?
  25. Some sticks!

    The teal frags are sold, but I could make a few more if anyone is interested. The green stag is still available for $10, and the green and purple tipped tort for $15. Looks like a miyagi tort but a deeper green.