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  1. 3 hours ago, badxgillen said:

    I will see if I can get those all fragged tonight or tomorrow. Could I snag a piece of the yellow tenius? Maybe a green acropora mystery frag if you have one extra?

    I'll pm you some pictures later tonight, the green acro frags are mostly just some cheap low end chunks I got to fill in areas until I was ready for more higher end stuff. Nothing special by any means. The tenius is mostly blue, fades into yellows on the base. I got the colony from upscales this last week and it's colored up immensely over the last few days. I do have a sunset tenius frag I got from Kim that's showing really nice bright yellow under my lights, but it's not ready to be fragged yet. 

  2. On 1/11/2018 at 3:56 PM, badxgillen said:

    To get started I can throw up a few here, I kinda have to fraga  few of my SPS and zoas so if there is any interest in that just let me know. Here we have the classic Upscales Microlados, Tierra Delfuego, and last is a strange green Monipora Stellata. I have many many more I can cut if you are wanting something different.




    It took forever to upload a few pics so Youcallmenny beat me to it. Could I snag a blasto from you man? 

    I want a frag of that microlados and tierra Delfuego!

  3.   I just found out I'll be able to make it, and for the first time have colonies worth fragging.😂 Anyways, a list of what I've got;

    Idaho grape monti cap

    Green monti cap

    Orange monti cap

    Blue digitata

    A few different green acro frags

    Ora tricolor valida

    Blue tipped teal and yellow acropora tenius

    Green hydnophora 

    A couple smaller rose bubble tip nems(3-4")

    I'm always looking for more acros and acans, and currently am looking for nice sandbed pieces as well. Let me know if there's anything you want so I can get it cut and healing asap! 

  4. 1 hour ago, albertareef said:

    Well, that is one way to clear off the frag rack!   If I had room I would consider something like what you are proposing in order to keep it simple (one set of main equipment, one set of water parameters to worry about) and take advantage of the stability of more water volume.  Doesn't help with QT necessarily but can't have everything.  Good luck!

    Brian - you are selling of the frag system as well?  Bummer.

    I've got a 65g Im gonna setup for qt, but that's exactly the plans for this one. I find it to be a breeze keeping stable parameters with the current 115g of water volume, figure upping to 150 or more would make that front easier, as well as the simplicity of technically only maintaining 1 system. Should have pretty much everything covered here soon, finally hahaha 

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  5. After putting in a few weeks worth of work trying to clear my frag rack off I realized I can't keep it cleared off and out of my dt at this point, so it's time to just link a frag tank into my current system and get a larger sump than my current 30x20 space allows. Looking for something atleast 36x24x10, with as large of a sump as possible. Needs a big fuge chamber, and a nice skimmer chamber. Looking for a decently quiet 2000+gph return pump, a good skimmer rated to atleast 250g, and all other equipment to get it up and running. I'm really just tired of my old noisy equipment that needs a constant eye watching to keep everything going smooth. Let me know what you've got! Thanks! 

  6. Took a pretty bad fall this last weekend while hiking and ended up getting hurt before I was able to make the trio to Portland, the tri color is pending sale, but I do have a few chunks to cut off the mother to help encourage growth where I want it. Let me know if any of you guys would like to make a trip out here to checkout what I've got!

  7. Still have all these. Let's get em out today! If any of you in the Portland area are still interested message me and let's see what we can work out. The frags have only gotten bigger and healthier. Nearly mini colonys at this point. Also interested in trades for sps and acans!

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  8. 18 minutes ago, albertareef said:

    Hey Taylor - I wouldn't mind the echinata and the chalice if you thought you might be up our way at some point.  If not no worries... I know your goal is to get the frag rack down sooner rather than later.

    Actually Im thinking about making a trip out of it, seems as most people are in the Portland area so I might try to just go drop them all off on the same day.

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  9. 50 minutes ago, Newreefer02 said:

    Holy moly.... I like that ORA but I'm like 2.5 hours away... lol

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    It's a really nice frag, almost looks nicer than my small colony I have now. 


    44 minutes ago, albertareef said:

    Shoot - if I would have known about these when I was down there 🙁. Not that I have room for anything else!

    I wish I would have decided to unload them all sooner. 

  10. I'm just tired of seeing my not so attractive DIY frag rack in my display so I've decided I'll finally post these and get them sold off. 

    First off is a really nice ORA tricolor valida frag. Fully encrusted and multiple branches. Sold. IMG_20171226_130947.thumb.jpg.f0b4fd10af9fa80bae6856b03478c70b.jpg

    Next is a nice candy red monti cap, photos do this piece no justice. Sold. IMG_20171226_131233.thumb.jpg.71ee75d7b0e5ff0c91797770e54a580e.jpg

    Next I have 2 fingernail sized pieces of Idaho grape monti cap. Sold. IMG_20171226_131328.thumb.jpg.56b93bb2e9a1c1f21528eb834a11750e.jpg

    Orange, green, and purple acan echinata frag. Sold IMG_20171226_132029.thumb.jpg.0654c72076006f04ddcc2beacaebc284.jpg

    A fully encrusted chalice frag with pink eyes, 2 different variations of purple, and a nice green rim. SoldIMG_20171226_132039.thumb.jpg.c06e3097f483f9545f48c58094bd8f1a.jpg

    And lastly a free little green rhodactis shroom that's lost most of its color since ending up in my tank. Would probably do much better in a higher nutrient system.