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  1. Frag Swap for March Meeting???

    I have a fairly large multi branch purple Nana frag I'd be interested in trading for other acros, a torch frag, etc.
  2. Desperately need some help

    I'm not sure if this is of any relevance, or the quality of the tools, but last time I stopped into Harbor freight they had a few holesaw bits for glass. Not sure how safe they are to use, if at all. Just throwing it out there.
  3. ISO 24w t5 bulbs

    Wanting to do some experimenting with some t5 hybrid fixtures, but don't really want to drop $220 on enough new bulbs to test the ideas. Figured I'd see if anyone here has any bulbs laying around they aren't using. Old or new, doesn't matter as long as they still illuminate.
  4. New project, plumbing question.

    I plan on just plumbing in a fork on my return when I tie my frag tank to my system. I thought about running the main drain of my Herbie drain into the frag tank. Then I realized even with a full siphon drain, my overflow pushes microbubbles through. From what I've got drawn up, it seems it will be easier to control the drains, and returns on each tank, and will have minimal visible plumbing.
  5. ISO 24w t5 bulbs

    I got the reflectors from a 6 bulb 48" ati fixture with a bad ballast. Cut the reflectors in half, and fitted them to some end caps. Ive got a few ballasts and controllers laying around from t5 retro kits, and other fixtures so I'm just gonna end up using what gives me the best results. New bulbs should be here by the end of the week.
  6. ISO 24w t5 bulbs

    93 cube. 30x30x24
  7. ISO 24w t5 bulbs

    My worry is par being a bit too intense. Ive got 12 individual reflectors, so I worry that when I get 8-10 mounted up I'll end up having to turn the leds down so much I lose the effects from the led. I already ordered 12 bulbs, so worst case I have replacements on hand. But I still would be curious to test out par comparisons, and visual appeal options if anyone's got anything laying around before the new ones get here. I'd be happy to toss whoever a few frags, or some cash to let me borrow or recycle some old bulbs!
  8. What are your other hobbies?

    Wondering what you all do for fun outside of the aquarium world? I go skiing as much as I possibly can. Growing up I was actually a pretty good freeskier, was sponsored by monster energy, spy optics, and fuel outerwear for a few years. Had an unfortunate bmx accident on my 16th birthday that resulted in a traumatic brain injury. Most all my sponsors dropped me within 2 weeks of leaving the hospital, and by the time I could ski again I was terrified of another tbi and substantially slowed it down. In fact today was supposed to be the first time I was going to go skiing and ride park in over 2 years! Unfortunately got called into work, to seemingly handle a 15 minute rush this morning😤 anyways, I'm also a car guy! I love Audi's more than anything, but the fd rx7 will always have a special place in my heart. I used to own a single turbo car, made 522whp on wastegate pressure! Eventually I scared myself to the point I was convinced that car would kill me, and sold it to another enthusiast back in Utah! I currently own a nogaro b5 s4, built a silver one with my dad in high school and fell in love with the chassis. Ended up parting out that car to buy my nogaro car, and finish the rx7 build. Sometimes the cars I get to work on make my job feel more like a hobby. What do you all do for fun outside of your aquarium?
  9. ISO 24w t5 bulbs

    I just don't want to go buy 10 new bulbs to find I can only use 4 or 6. Trying to budget a bit on my experiments before I pull the trigger on expensive fixtures.
  10. ISO 24w t5 bulbs

    Or trading for corals, or buying at a reasonable price. Any of the above.😂
  11. ISO 24w t5 bulbs

    Ideally ati, Up to 6-8 blue+, 1-2 coral+, and 1-2 purple+. Not sure how many bulbs I'm gonna be able to supplement my radions with, and still get a bit of shimmer. As well as how much par I'll be putting out. Not sure if I'll even be able to run more than 6, but hoping to be able to fit more, and achieve what I'm hoping for.
  12. Tiny Tank, Tiny Budget Contest

    Could the tank be larger than a 5g? Like maybe a 10 or 20g with a max of 5g of water?
  13. New Trachyphyllia in Town

    The homewrecker of the trachy world? Absolutely insane piece.
  14. Free blue polyp montipora chunks

    Yupp! Still have 3 or 4. You're welcome to have all the remaining pieces unless anyone else wants em! Want to get my frag rack cleared to get some other pieces pruned.
  15. Free blue polyp montipora chunks

    I've got 10 various sized chunks of some sort of blue polyped monti cap I was given the other day, had to break it down to get a piece where I wanted future growth. Pieces are coloring up alot, but they were exposed to air for an unknown amount of time recently so they're still pretty bleached. A bit of a teal color is quickly returning to the tissue, and shows awesomely bright blue polyps. Not sure exactly what colors they're gonna end up being, or what the pieces chances of survival are, but they're free. 1"x1" frags up to 2"x5" chunks. I'm located near keizer/salem area in Brooks.
  16. I made it snow in my tank

    Just last week I made it snow with some kalkwasser In my tank. I felt a bit raunchier about it. More like the fish and corals were Canadian exotic dancers, getting change thrown at them.
  17. Free blue polyp montipora chunks

    It's an awesome piece for sure! It very quickly replaced my Idaho grape cap. There's been so many awesome people on this forum that have helped me out with numerous different things, from equipment to livestock. I'm just trying to pay that courtesy forward wherever and whenever I can!
  18. Free blue polyp montipora chunks

    Still have 3 or 4 pieces left. All are colored up again now.
  19. Is this a Yuma?

    Looks like a bleached orange yuma to me. The mouth being open so much worries me.
  20. Iso: lettuce sea slug

    Does anyone local have any lettuce sea slugs? Or some extra flucanozole?😂 fed up with my bryopsis issues!
  21. Iso: lettuce sea slug

  22. Iso: lettuce sea slug

    Had a seahare recently, he ate a bit of it, then stopped touching it and passed away.
  23. Best SPS LPS scuba diving destination

    Australia has the coolest corals from what I've heard. I'm planning a trip to the gbr early 2019 myself.
  24. G dangit.....

    Mixed up a tablespoon of kalkwasser into a shotglass of ro water for some aiptasia control, I use an old 5ml syringe for aiptasia control. I filled it with 5ml of kalk paste, and the tip of the syringe ended up bursting after knocking down 3 aips, jetting about 4mls of kalk paste right into my display. Ive never used kalk for dosing, and don't know much about it other than what I've read for using it for aiptasia control. My alk has jumped from 7.9 to 8.3 since the incident. Feel like its still climbing. Is there anything I can do to prevent loss right now? Should I just keep testing and observing?
  25. Budget pico contest. Who's in?

    I think I could be interested in trying this out🤔