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  1. Taylorhardy1

    Total Sell off... Exiting the hobby for a bit.

    I'll take the skimmer, and if you still have any of that blue/rainbow tenuis Ill buy it back haha.
  2. Taylorhardy1

    Frags, black widow bta's, 18"+ snowflake eel

    Shoot me a message!
  3. I made some acro frags a while ago while I was battling aefw and never managed to sell them. I recently cut up some euphyllia, and popped off my anemones to make more space for sps. ora tri color valida xxl frag:$30 500 dollar efflo frags:$20 each Unknown tri color frag:$10 Unknown tri color 7" tall "colony" on a small rock with mind blowing palys: $20 Wwc splatter hammer frags:$15/head 2x 4-5" Black widow bubble tip anemones: $50 each More and better pictures coming tomorrow!
  4. I have some 500 dollar efflo.
  5. Taylorhardy1

    Amazing new shipments!

    Is this Millie or frags of it still available?
  6. Taylorhardy1

    Automotive Gurus

    Your ignition is regulated by the ignition fuse/relay. You will rip your hair out trying to chase issues without finding your baseline. To test continuity you simply pull the fuse/ relay, and place the prongs from the multimeter into the ports the fuse slides into. No outside power needed because all your testing is if it's a complete electrical circuit or not, not for actual power. When you turn the key on, your ignition should be 12v all the time. The first thing I would do is test for power at the distributor. If you turn the key, and press the prongs to the prongs on the connector and you should see 12v. If you see 12v getting to the distributer it's not a wiring problem, but a mechanical issue. That's when you start chasing sensors, and other things. The alarm system could have an immobilizer that wouldn't allow spark, but I wouldn't think it'd be too likely. Typically they shut down the fuel system because raw fuel in cylinders can create numerous issues. First things first, check for power to the distributor, if you have power no need to test continuity and you can rule out a wiring problem within that system. You'll want a multimeter for this because numbers are important. You can test the continuity with the test light, but I prefer a multimeter for everything electrical.
  7. Taylorhardy1

    Automotive Gurus

    Are you getting power at the distributor? Have you checked for continuity in the fuse location? That fuse links the electrical circuit. So if the circuit is clean and complete you will have continuity, if there's grounds or other components missing then it will not have continuity. This is how myself, and many other mechanics verify and find wiring issues without spending a bunch of unnecessary time looking at what it could be, vs what it actually is. The easiest way to find the number you'll be looking for is turn your multimeter on to the continuity setting, look at the numbers it gives you when the circuit is open and make a mental note of them, then press the prongs together and that's perfect continuity, and that's the number you'll be shooting for. Most multimeters will just spew out random numbers when the circuit is open, then drop and hold steady close to 0 if there's continuity.
  8. Taylorhardy1

    A few acro frags, and free green monti cap!

    You got it! As of right now 1 small efflo frag, the tierra Del fuego, and Millie are pending. Ideally just want someone to just come get all these monti pieces too. They're free! Great to try your hand at ridiculously easy sps.
  9. Recently I decided I was losing the battle with aefw in my display, and decided to setup a qt and get the upperhand on them. Well, it's been about 3 weeks, and I haven't seen any flatworms, or eggs in the last 15 days. I just dipped today, and everything was looking great. Now I'm just looking to get rid of the extra frags I have. Would still always recommend a precautionary dip on anything. Ive got 4 of 500 dollar efflo frags to get rid of. Asking $20 for the smaller 2, and $25 for the larger 2 on the 2nd row. Next up is a small multi branch Tierra Del fuego frag I accidentally broke off my mini colony. Asking $10 Next up I've got a small sunset Milli frag. Green/gold base tissue, red polyps. Asking $10 Last up for now is a bunch of green cap pieces I broke off my colony while removing acros and rescaping. Take them all and get em out of my display for me. 😊
  10. I recently fragged up my ca og $500 efflo while fighting aefw. Ive got 4 extra frags just sitting in qt with the rest of my acros. Ive got pink/orange cap, blue polyp green cap, and a bland green cap as well.
  11. Taylorhardy1

    Meet up at Cuttlefish and Corals

    I dropped by yesterday with the intention of getting a purple+ bulb, and maybe a few cheap frags. Walked out with $160 in frags, and didn't even remember to ask about my bulb. So many ridiculously nice corals, and fish in there right now.
  12. Taylorhardy1

    What's your favorite SPS/LPS Coral

    It's been a depressing few months for sure. I was shocked at how willing they were to help me out. They've already got my replacement frags cut and healing, and are giving me a massive discount on them. It's pretty much the best news I've gotten in the last few months. Lol. The new process for additions should prevent anything getting into my display again. With as much as I've already dumped into the new build I've been planning, I can't afford anymore high end coral losses, and definitely not allowing another catastrophic mistake slip through the cracks. Sorry for the threadjack Brandon!
  13. Taylorhardy1

    What's your favorite SPS/LPS Coral

    Ive still got about 20-24 different acros. About 10 of which are encrusted colonies that seem to be resistant to the aefw. Ive actually got a multiple stage quarantine setup im in the midst of acquiring equipment for to be setup after I move. 2 stages dedicated for acro frags to sit in each stage for 60 days at a time, while receiving Bayer dips weekly. 1 additional setup will be used for wild colonies while they de-stress a bit before chopping frags off. I spoke with the person that sold me my ultra high end pack, and they said they would happily help me out with another due to how terrible my situation has ended up. One of many reasons I love dealing with good people off of forums vs a fish store, or vendor. Retail value on the 18 frags I got would have totaled well over 4-5k. I felt like a terrible person watching all of them get eaten like a rare delicacy. The day I get the first stage of my frag tank ready I'll be ordering another identical pack so hopefully I'll be better prepared when those get here. I've started hunting for good vendors for unique and colorful wild/mariculture colonies as well. Would be interested to hear of anywhere you guys recommend for that.
  14. Taylorhardy1

    Where is the best place to go?

    My favorite fish store I've found in Oregon is @CuttleFishandCoral by far. They have a very nice, clean, organized store, full of extremely nice corals and fish at great prices. They're in Portland, so a bit of a drive, but they're worth checking out for sure!
  15. Taylorhardy1


    Your entire comment was spot on. But this definitely impacts me the most considering the losses Ive had over the last 6 weeks. There's plenty of "cheap" ($10-20) sps out there to get you into that world a bit. However cheap sps usually means bland, boring colors, and much less interesting growth patterns. I added a lot of cheaper sps. Never qt'd, dip processes varied, and I was quite honestly setting myself up for failure. Then after I had all those cheap pieces growing like weeds, I figured it was time to dive into the really high end stuff, $200+ acro nubs. Lost almost every named piece in my system now. My highest value acros would be tough to sell frags off of for more than $20. If you ever plan on keeping a coral or fish worth more than $30, I'd definitely say quarantine EVERYTHING. It's the most heartbreaking thing in the world to see corals you spent months working towards, and countless hours looking for, just get devoured by a pest. Knowing how little you can actually do to save it. After this whole ordeal I've actually begun building dedicated quarantine systems for my new house. Never ever gonna let another pest get into my main system.