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  1. So on a wild lobo I got a while back i found a small hitch hiker. I left it because it never seemed to cause any issues. About a year later I noticed another one on a rock. I had a temp swing in the nano i had going after i sold my 93 and i killed the small one that was on the rock. My lobo grew out and I wasnt able to see the original anymore so i figured I lost em. Ive been removing my sand bed to prepare for a move so things have been getting looked at a bit closer lately. I found the one on my lobo is still kickin along, growing slowly, and ive been pulling out finger nail sized shells wit
  2. Well. I debated posting this, but its still alive, so I guess ill stick it out. Still no growth. Color seems to be starting to come out again, seeing more polyp extension so i think its starting to come back. Thanks to some crappy calibration fluid I managed to kill off about 30 acro frags by spiking my salinity to 1.032. Luckily this thing stuck it out.
  3. Sweet!!!! Thanks everyone else for saving the best pack for me😉
  4. Super excited about this awesome pack. Cant believe I only paid $60 for the tenuis mini colony in itself, let alone the entire awesome 6 pack. Holly, @Gil&Fin it was awesome to see your systems and have you be so accommodating despite everything else going on. I really appreciate it! Cant wait to see everything open under my lights tomorrow!!
  5. My old job had jason fox, wwc, rr, and sbb corals blocked because they had a system setup for any site unrelated to cars only allowed to be accessed so many times. That system had an enormous amount of flaws though.
  6. Like the title says, does anyone have a 4' peninsula, or 3' cube they'd part with? Im moving soon, and when I move I need to build a new stand for my 120 but Ive been tossing the idea of upgrading to a peninsula, or a 150 cube. I dont mind something that needs a little work, but ideally looking for just a tank/stand. The taller the stand the better.
  7. Dodge is the man! I need to get out there and grab some frags from him soon.
  8. Here's my august update. No real notable growth, I've been slowly losing sticks to stn over the last month due to some stability issues I've been tr huh ing to get under control. It's gotten a little pale, hasn't been putting out much pe as of late. Hopefully I'll bounce things back before I lose much more.
  9. That's me! I'm pretty busy right now, but shoot me a text @ 503-504-1605, and we can discuss what you're needing and I'll get you on the schedule.
  10. Since I started my business I've been tracking where I spend all of my money, and just what I buy from cuttlefish was enough to consider an intervention.
  11. I mix to 1.026, and have been using the black bucket for a while. I test everything down to n03 and p04 so I can match the numbers to what I want before the water enters my display. I found that typically the black bucket mixes 10.3-10.6. I reduce it down to 9.2 with organic white vinegar before it hits my display so everything can maintain stability. I'm gonna switch to the blue bucket and start supplementing alk, cal, and mag in the water change water. I feel as though itd help a bit more with stability if I could get dead on the numbers I'm looking for. I run a calcium reactor so my main ta
  12. Mines doing okay in spite of my ongoing algae/bacteria battles. Encrusting a bit, not enough upward growth to justify a picture, BUT its started throwing a couple new little branches.
  13. Is 1 or both of these still available?
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