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  1. They're supposedly super easy and user friendly to program with a cable through the ati light studio these days. I'm still waiting on my cable, but it definitely was a PAIN programming from the controller with the buttons. Still easier than maxspect led lights lol. Exactly!
  2. The powermodule is hands down the best light I've used. 1 cable for everything, and it looks so sleek and clean. I ran my aquarium life fixture on a multi channel digital timer. I would suggest just running t5s at 100% as they burn better at their recommend power, then using the leds as what would technically be supplemental lighting. Only run the LEDs for visual pretty much.
  3. T5/ led is the way to go. I've had an 8b custom fixture with a radion xr30 I built, an aquatic life hybrid, and now I have an 8b ati powermodule. The powermodule puts out the nicest lighting I have EVER seen. The aquatic life hybrid fixture looks okay, very cost effective, but it has multiple wires, and no programmability capabilities. DIY can yield good results.
  4. Hmm. This would look really nice in my 120g and save me some scape headaches when I move.... I want.... still have it?
  5. I've got my 48" hybrid I dont need anymore. Upgraded to a powermodule and figured I'd let this go to someone that'll use it! Includes 5 month old bulbs+ 2 or 3 bulbs I'm unsure of age on. Asking $180obo
  6. Upgraded to my all time dream light fixture, an 8 bulb ati powermodule. This+ the calcium reactor this week should help my sps start really taking off. Thanks again Jeff @CuttleFishandCoral! Still battling dinos/cyano. I've found if I vacuum the sand really well It goes away for about 4 days, but were 6 days out from the last water change. Working on another tonight!
  7. Recently traded some work with Jeff@CuttleFishandCoral for this sweet aquamaxx reactor setup. Got it up yesterday, gonna start tuning it in today! Have had some issues purging the air from the reactor body and dont wanna risk inconsistency until my pump stops screaming with every air bubble it sucks up. Now to get a peristaltic pump, and apex to run my ph monitor. But even without those things, will be nice to stop blowing money on kalkwasser @2tbsp/gal in the ato+ manually dosing 2 part because kalk just doesn't keep up with 40+ quickly growing sps frags.Waiting on some new xr30 g4 pros to arrive then lighting will soon be upgraded. Still been battling some sort of nuisance algae/bacteria. Not entirely sure if its dinos, did a water change and siphoned out as much as possible and it hasn't returned in the past 2 days. Added some more sweet sps, and some cool wrasses since my last update. I also decided to get a diamond goby to help maintain my sandbed.
  8. Thanks for the shout out Jeff! Hope everything stays solid on the boat! I think this would be a SWEEET addition to the forum, especially right now with everyone's work and life in general being so all over the place! Thanks man! Love wrenching on your b5!
  9. Man if I had the space for a chiller I would snag this so quick.
  10. What brand is it? What kinda gph does it need fed?
  11. Can I get added to the waitlist? I'm picking up some radion g4 pros this weekend and dont trust my Seneye anymore.
  12. Extremely slim. I would dip everything immediately, and get some wrasses.
  13. I recommend contacting Jason Gregory of Clear Fabrications in seattle. I'm gonna have him build me my shop display tank, stand, and sump because his quotes were so competitive and reasonable that I instantly decided not to build my own. Not only that, he does the best acrylic work I've personally seen with my own 2 eyes. Plus there's nothing better than supporting local! PM me and I can shoot his number over.
  14. This thing is fuzzy. Super excited for it to grow!
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