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  1. Greg's Red Sea Peninsula 650 Build Thread

    Super excited to see how this turns out. I'm dying to setup a nice peninsula myself. One of the best orientations for a reef tank imo.
  2. Breaking down 120 gallon tank

    No worries. In a strange chain of events this morning, it's actually looking as though I have to sell my tank and tear it down. Was actually hoping to hear you say that.
  3. Breaking down 120 gallon tank

    I want the acans labeled 15,16, and 17, and the acros labeled 31 and 35
  4. Free AIO Tank 25g? An more to come!

    I want that sump, will take whatever you'd want out!
  5. Id please?

    Thanks guys! It appears to be doing well in similar conditions to my acros. I think I'll leave it on this branch piece for now. Love how helpful this forum is!
  6. Id please?

    I'm thinking psammacora, but want a second opinion. Thank you!

    Hey guys! I've still got 2 large frags/ mini colonies of scrambled eggs zoas, a chunk with green palys and some random zoas(free), a chalice, a cyphastrea I've never been able to make happy, and a few idaho grape monti frags. Lately I've really been getting more and more into acros, and would really love to clear some of these frags out for some decent acro frags! I can get better pictures if wanted. I'm in ne Salem, but can drive within reason!
  8. Well I guess I'm back... Again haha

    These shrooms are awesome! Tank is looking great!
  9. WTT My Clown Fish

    I've got some idaho grape monti, or some zoas, or a cyphastrea if you're interested! I'm in ne salem
  10. Dosing trace elements?

    I used to only test once with everything, then I watched a video on the 20000g reef in New York I believe. Anyways, he brought up how most people will only retest if it's a number they're not happy with. I've tested atleast twice ever since then. Personally I like to test twice to verify my first test was done correctly, then be able to take the average between the two for what I'd imagine is the most realistic values. I'm mostly happy with how things are doing, just wanting to optimize water conditions for the healthiest growth, and have one of those kickass reef tanks I've aspired for since I was a kid haha.
  11. Dosing trace elements?

    Just got finished testing my water, and I'm unsure on what to do about my dosing schedule. Currently dosing alk, cal, and mag, so that's all I felt would be relevant to test right now. Tested each two times to verify with my Red Sea kit. Overall, I feel like I could be much much worse off, although I think alk and cal may be a little high for an sps dominant tank, and mag seems a bit low. Obviously I just need to dose a bit more mag, but ultimately I'm wondering if I should lower my alk and cal dosage, or keep it the same and hope things level out and drop back to ideal levels. overtime? Everything seems happy, growing quickly. Just getting more and more OCD about this stuff everyday... When I first started dosing I tested my water daily until I had alk stable at 9, and cal at 440 for a few weeks then got lazy and haven't checked for the last few weeks.... What would you do in my shoes?
  12. Sps polyp extension and flow?

    It's so interesting to me. I've got another blue digi frag right next to it, and it's the same length polyps it's always had. My OCD just kicks in and I always want everything to be perfect and happy. Considering the growth I get, 9 times out of 10 I'm chasing something entirely irrelevant though it seems. My hydnophora has just gotten me addicted to fuzzy looking corals😂 Just got what I believe is my first Millie yesterday, starting to get nice pe, but it's definitely adjusting to my lights and flow still.
  13. Sps polyp extension and flow?

    Hey guys. Figure one of you may be able to help me out here. I've been trying so hard to make my acros have the awesome pe I see in so many other tanks, and I simply can't figure it out. I recently got another blue digi frag, and man, the pe is insane on it. I've never seen digis get like this, and the thing is it's in a lower flow spot. I've been trying to increase flow because I was thinking that was the issue with my acros. Right now with just the powerheads I have the ability to move 5400gph, as well as my return pump that's rated to 1600gph. My pumps run in cycles, with a few seconds of all running at the same time. Water parameters are solid- gha is from me getting lazy with my rodi maintenance. Is it time to accept that maybe the species of acros I have just have shorter polyps? Crappy iPhone pictures for reference.
  14. Wtt: Halloween urchin, and zoa frags, for frags!

    Ill definitely bring up a few frags, or a mini colony next time I'm in the area!