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  1. Measured it while cleaning it up last weekend and realized it's actually 29" tall making it a 210g. Wasn't able to get help pulling it out of our storage unit to get current pictures unfortunately, but planning on it later this week. Have a stand, sump, pumps, and other random equipment I can include. I'd take $500 or best offer, or would be interested in trading for any 4 foot 120g, or a nice rimless 40g+
  2. Have had this 72x24x27 AGA 200g sitting in storage with the intentions on setting it up but have decided that I don't have the space, or funds to setup a tank like this right now. I'm wanting to trade it for a 50-140g rimless, eurobraced or acrylic shallow dimension tank. Not necessarily looking for super shallow, but can't be taller than it is wide. Lmk what you got.
  3. Was interested until you said corner overflow 😅 the tank will be in a spot where we want 3 sides fully visible, without seeing plumbing unfortunately.
  4. Wonder how the waterbox's handle being drilled. Aio isnt completly out of the question with how plausible modifying most tanks are anymore. I definitely could be interested if you wanted to arrange a trade/partial trade for labor on your car though!
  5. The title pretty much says it all. Looking for something I can manage a little easier than the 16g aio I'm running right now. I've got cash sitting aside for a 120g, but I haven't been able to convince the girlfriend it's reasonable to spend $2250 on some glass boxes with a particle board stand. So I'm praying someone somewhere local has a nice tank they'll part with so I can let her get her hair done with the leftover cash as a "please don't make me sleep on the couch" kinda present.😂 Anything rimless with a sump in the 25-120g range is something I'd consider, but could even be interested in a Red Sea max I could modify. Have cash in hand, or various trades. I'm also a Mechanic and could trade parts and labor for the dusty old setup you've just got sitting. Let me know if you've got anything!
  6. Didn't I give you that lil encrusted nub? PC rainbow is such a fun acro.
  7. I've been contemplating that. But if I bought new I think I'd get a waterbox or a reefer. I'm not completely ready for a big tank yet, but antsy enough that a cheap option that needs a little work is surprisingly tempting.
  8. I found a 120 In pretty decent shape for super cheap. The only issue is it's got a rim, and I'd prefer to avoid having a plastic rim. I'm also not exactly sure how old it is, so I definitely want to reseal it. Ive resealed tanks before so not as worried about that but I haven't ever euro braced a tank. Is it possible to get a 48"x24"x3/8" pane, and get the center punched out to make a clean one piece 3" rim? Would I be better off just buying 2 48"x3", and 3 24"x3" pieces? Is it really worth it?
  9. Can't wait any longer, need to setup my little nano tank. I'm looking for a decent looking 24"x12"roughly footprint stand to fit my im nuvo 16g. Could be up to a couple inches larger, but trying to keep it sleek to keep the cat from messing with it too much. I've been looking at furniture stores, and pet stores and haven't been able to find anything very nice. Doesn't have to be special, just simple nice look, decent condition, able to hold an aquarium, and a cabinet to tuck wiring and the ato.
  10. Was able to convince my girlfriend to let me get a larger setup, and have permission to get something in the 48x28 footprint range. Ideally something eurobraced or rimless. Not a fan of the plastic rim.
  11. Definitely! I've done a few, and can get the whole kit with updated tensioners, etc. But it's a lot of hours. Definitely a good idea to do some other preventative maintenance while everything's out too.
  12. Hey everyone, my name's Taylor. As some of you know, I'm a mechanic. I've been working on cars professionally for about 6 years now. I've spent a season working with a race team in Utah where I modified, built, and maintained multiple different makes and models. I've had my hands on everything from general repairs on your everyday cars and trucks, to maintaining Lamborghinis, Ferrari's and Porsches, to installing various custom modifications on everything in between. I specialize in Audi's, but have been lucky enough to gain experience with just about everything. I have a shop in Silverton where I can do more extensive repairs and builds, or can come directly to you and get your car taken care of. I charge $50/hour for labor, and have multiple accounts with reputable parts vendors to get you the best prices on the best parts. If you've got anything you need done on your vehicle shoot me a pm and let's talk!
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