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  1. Thanks man. Its been a rough week. Oh well, now Ill be the only one I have to convince to build my own 600g. Well, when I recover from this and am back on track to buying a house again.
  2. Does anyone know of any 3-4 bedroom pet friendly homes for rent in the Vancouver area? Unfortunately me and my significant other have come to the hard conclusion that things aren't working, and that leaves me to finding a new place to live. Me, my brother, and best friend have decided we want to all move into a house together. However we've had some difficulties due to all 3 of us having our own, medium-large dog, and my aquarium. We're not super picky, just as long as it's 3-4 bedrooms and under $2200/month would be awesome. Ideally something by owner. We can pay a pet deposit and everything. Looking to move in at the end of the month.
  3. I did get a new #, old phone service provider merged with another company and I didn't want to continue their service. I'll pm the new one. They're exactly that- a mix between the a6 and a4, body electronics are the same a4 vs s4, but the s4 got slightly modified a6 engine electrical. But your next step would be checking for power at the control unit, there's no relay on them. The control unit is located next to the driver side intercooler on the underside of the frame rail.
  4. The biggest piece of advice I can give is always assume your husky is smarter than you. Ours knows how to open his kennel without damaging it, he's figured out how to open doors with round door knobs, and is quite possibly one of the most mischievous animals alive. It's been extremely stressful, but I'm doing what I can to learn from it. Starting with getting him a new kennel he can't escape, and moving all of my automotive fluids and chemicals to the top shelf. I could definitely give you a hand with that one man!
  5. The vet actually told me this one too. Actually that was one of the things the vet did after Simba threw up a couple times. Today he seems to be recovering from the hangover of yesterday, and going back to normal behavior thankfully.
  6. Generally what kinda par do you guys keep your deep water/ smooth skin stuff at?
  7. I really appreciate it Brian, thank you!
  8. *mods delete if not allowed* So late last night I was awoken to some noises in my garage, only to find that my 9 month old husky puppy that's figured out how to open doors broke into our garage and got into some antifreeze (less than a pint, but still a poison) Spent all night at the vet, getting various tests, making him throw up, and praying he only consumed a small amount to avoid kidney damage. I just left with a $2400 bill that completely obliterated my checking account, and took a chunk out of savings. The biggest issue is my husky is still at risk, and may need to go back to the vet. After the 1st bill I'm already questioning how I'm gonna feed ourselves, and keep the lights on till my next check comes. Anyone have any advice? Already planning on Uber/Uber eats in the evenings but that will barely cover my food and gas. I'm also an ASE certified mechanic and can fix your car properly for significantly less than your standard shop rates. If anyone has anyone work they need done let me know and we can work something out.
  9. @pdxmonkeyboy made me a little acrylic stand for my ATO and now I've got a little extra space for storage underneath my ATO. Added 2 rw15s for flow, have them turned all the way down and flow is just about right. Seeing better PE from my sps already, my lps seem to be adjusting to the extra flow pretty nicely. I also shifted my scape a bit because it was too symmetrical, and I felt it wasnt quite right. Much happier with the new one. Hopefully the epoxy holds till some sps start welding the rocks together. But now it's time to decide between dosing and running a CARX. I like the idea of a CARX, but with atleast a $1400 up front cost for a quality setup I'm not quite sure if I wanna just stick with a doser. Especially considering I don't plan on running this tank long term, and want to be upgrading to a significantly larger setup. But I'm also not sure where I could fit anything aside from the chamber between my fuge and return. I could build a shelf to mount a doser, or fit a compact CARX in the chamber before my return, but im not sure which way is the smartest financially and for my limited space. Any advice?
  10. The 1/4" flow sensors look really nice. Would have saved me thousands running those on my dosing lines. I wonder why there's 4 usb ports on the power strip though. Can't think of any reason I would ever need that around an aquarium.
  11. They're pretty nice pumps, super quiet for an AC pump, and they come apart to clean really easily too.
  12. I've got like 15 of these pumps sitting bnib, 4 or 5 of which are needlewheel skimmer pumps. I've been using a couple for mixing water, but don't have a need to have so many sitting on the shelf. Got them when I bought out all the equipment from a guy that used to breed clownfish around here before he moved out of state. They move 1000l/h or about 270gph. I would let em go for a frag in trade, or $10/each?
  13. It's a hefty tank, but honestly Id be surprised if it weighs more than 350lbs dry. My own calculations based on dreaming of identical dimensions would be about 5800-6000lbs filled but because of the surface area its really not that much pressure once distributed.
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