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  1. I've got a brand new Ecotech vectra I've had sitting on my shelf for a while. I won it in the raffle at a meeting 6 months ago. I was planning on setting up a smaller setup to run it, but Ive decided to just dedicate all of my funds and efforts into my big tank build. It's never been out of the box, never seen water. March 2018 manufacturer date. $200obo
  2. Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of updates. Like Brian mentioned, I've been having phone issues, as well as just dealing with the stressors of moving on top of my daily life. Unfortunately all of the corals we're sold last weekend, and I forgot to update this post. Thanks everyone for the interest, and I apoligise for failing to update sooner. Mods please close this thread
  3. I'm interested in the  rainbow lobo do you have any pictures? 

  4. After alot of consideration I've decided to take a break from reefing entirely. I've moved in with my girlfriend in Portland, and my brother hasn't been maintaining the nano like he told me since I left. I'm gonna sell off the remaining corals from my nano, and restart entirely when I setup my 200. I will get more pictures up in a few hours, but there's not much left. First thing I want to re-home my absolute favorite piece before it declines any further. It's my rainbow wellso I purchased from CNC 13 months ago. It still shows color, but isn't looking as happy as it should. I'm open to discussing a price on this one, it is absolutely beautiful when it's happy, and would do great in a well maintained setup. Next I have a really neat rainbow lobo, looking for $40. Rainbow acan mini colonies- $30 each
  5. I use some literal $1 cfl's from Walmart in some cheap fixtures. My macro grows like a weed. But those tunze lights look so nice. My cfl's will never look that good. Lol
  6. Stomatellas are the best. Greatest cuc I've come across. Also that yellow lobo is sweeeeet.
  7. A bit of work and this would be an amazing setup for anyone! And seriously, $300 you can't go wrong.
  8. 30x30x24 aquarium, stand is 31.5" wide, 30.75deep, and 37" tall I believe
  9. I have no idea, but if someone comes and buys it they'll get 10 rainbow spathulata frags for free too!
  10. Come on guys, only $300 for a truly reef ready 93g setup. It's not the prettiest, but it's such a good price!
  11. I second this. It was shockingly easy to fill my 93. I'm also currently selling a 93 cube for cheap if you're interested.
  12. This was my reef of frags about 8 months ago. Its kind of depressing seeing the difference. I'll clean it up and get better pictures tomorrow night, or Saturday. I'll be available Saturday for anyone interested in looking at it.
  13. First off, apologies for potato pictures. I was given a huge job at work, and 2 days to do it so these were some quick ones I grabbed last night. It comes with a canopy that matches the stand. I just preferred open top. The rocks are just piled up on the bottom because I didn't feel like setting the scape back up after removing my coral. It looks like I lost the orange cap, and stylo. The rock was overturned and they had no light exposure and I didn't catch it soon enough. There's some kryptonite candycane, scrambled eggs zoas and hydnophora as well.
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