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  1. Free blue polyp montipora chunks

    I'll be going skiing in the morning probably, but I'll be home early-mid afternoon. If I head that direction I'll definitely shoot you a message! Otherwise just shoot me a message and we can figure something out!
  2. Free blue polyp montipora chunks

    You got it! I can bring a chunk down when I come get that sump?
  3. Free blue polyp montipora chunks

    I've got 10 various sized chunks of some sort of blue polyped monti cap I was given the other day, had to break it down to get a piece where I wanted future growth. Pieces are coloring up alot, but they were exposed to air for an unknown amount of time recently so they're still pretty bleached. A bit of a teal color is quickly returning to the tissue, and shows awesomely bright blue polyps. Not sure exactly what colors they're gonna end up being, or what the pieces chances of survival are, but they're free. 1"x1" frags up to 2"x5" chunks. I'm located near keizer/salem area in Brooks.
  4. Equipment for sale

    Interested in the return pump if still available. Pm me!
  5. Free stuff... in Oregon city

    No thank you! Everything is already opening up in the qt. Like I said, definitely let me know when you get the new tank up and going and I'll send a bunch of corals your way! Should have great luck keeping most of this alive! I will be posting whatever I decide not to keep on here for free again. Keep your eyes peeled everyone.
  6. Free stuff... in Oregon city

    I've got a qt that would house all of this nicely! I could come by in a few hours?
  7. Chasing Coral

    Its hard to say I enjoyed watching a documentary showing so much death. But it was definitely a well put together, and informative documentary. A few weeks after I watched it I talked with a guy who dives the gbr in Australia quite regularly, and he said that in certain spots all you can see is nothing but coral skeletons, and some fish swimming through, then a few hundred meters later there's sections of the reef just entirely booming and overgrowing itself. I feel as though the movie puts so much emphasis on what's dying in the reefs, it can feel tough to remember that so much is still alive.
  8. What are your other hobbies?

    Skiing definitely isn't for everyone, but that's what they invented snowboarding for right? 😉 Ive definitely slowed down a ton over the last year. I've obsessed over my aquarium that entire time, so I fully blame it. But it's not all bad. I just swore I'd get back into the things I enjoyed as a kid again this year, and escape from the daily routine. I'm too young to slow down as much as I have, I mean I've only got maybe 5-10 more years of being able to still bounce back from the hard falls.😂
  9. What are your other hobbies?

    I found na miata 13b subframes once upon a time. Do you have the keg yet? If I were building a track dedicated rotary car I would personally go na peripheral port rew. I've got a buddy back in Utah with an pp rew swapped rx8 that makes 440rwhp na. Revs to 11k too. That car is nuts.
  10. What are your other hobbies?

    YES! Just a ported na 13b-re?
  11. What are your other hobbies?

    Wondering what you all do for fun outside of the aquarium world? I go skiing as much as I possibly can. Growing up I was actually a pretty good freeskier, was sponsored by monster energy, spy optics, and fuel outerwear for a few years. Had an unfortunate bmx accident on my 16th birthday that resulted in a traumatic brain injury. Most all my sponsors dropped me within 2 weeks of leaving the hospital, and by the time I could ski again I was terrified of another tbi and substantially slowed it down. In fact today was supposed to be the first time I was going to go skiing and ride park in over 2 years! Unfortunately got called into work, to seemingly handle a 15 minute rush this morning😤 anyways, I'm also a car guy! I love Audi's more than anything, but the fd rx7 will always have a special place in my heart. I used to own a single turbo car, made 522whp on wastegate pressure! Eventually I scared myself to the point I was convinced that car would kill me, and sold it to another enthusiast back in Utah! I currently own a nogaro b5 s4, built a silver one with my dad in high school and fell in love with the chassis. Ended up parting out that car to buy my nogaro car, and finish the rx7 build. Sometimes the cars I get to work on make my job feel more like a hobby. What do you all do for fun outside of your aquarium?
  12. Id please

    Green goniopora
  13. Golden Basket Auction - GB Blue Diamond

  14. Taylor's 93 cube

    Thanks man! I really appreciate it. Hope those frags are doing good for you!
  15. Taylor's 93 cube

    Some more current pictures! Pardon the cyano bloom, it sparked up after I rescaped, but its clearing up fairly quickly!