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  1. Taylorhardy1

    Doser or carx?

    What's the and this? I've heard great things about the ghl, and it's been sitting in my shopping cart for 3 months now lol. Just can't bring myself to order it, half of me is convinced carx is the way to go.
  2. Taylorhardy1

    Doser or carx?

    Dosing pumps or carx? I get each has its pros and it's cons, but from a reliability standpoint? Which one is closer to a "set and forget" kinda setup? Will a doser be able to keep up with a heavily stocked sps/lps reef as it matures? Will I spend more on c02 and media, or on alk cal and Mag supplements? Am I gonna be forced into daily testing my alk again? With my garbage jebao doser I was constantly making minor adjustments and I hated it. Ive been looking at the ghl doser, alkatronic, and a few others. Some of them I've noticed have some interesting fail-safes. I've also seen quite a few carx setups with multiple fail-safes that seem to do really really well. This will be for my current 93g setup, but I'm working on getting me and my brothers 210 build off the ground (literally, need a stand to start making real progress) 😂 basically I want to know, overall which is more reliable? Which one will give my tank the most stability? Which setup will cost me more long term?
  3. Taylorhardy1

    T5 metal hailde 36" fixture

    What are the dimensions of the mh's? Might make a good fixture for an led conversion
  4. Taylorhardy1

    Need help picking a light

    I'm all for radion/t5 hybrid. 3 xr30g4 pros with diffusers with 3 blue+ t5s, and 1 purple+. Youll get nearly mh type shimmer, and the best colors and growth you've ever seen.
  5. Taylorhardy1

    favorite aquarium memes

    The 3 most relatable memes in my life currently.
  6. Taylorhardy1

    Hello from lewis county

    I feel this. I sold my racecar to setup a new tank. The addiction is real.
  7. Taylorhardy1

    SPS changes reveal chemistry imbalance

    Went through almost an identical fiasco with my tank at the beginning of the year. Anytime I have something funky happening in my tank I test my basic elements (n03,p04, ammonia, alk, cal, etc.) 3 times before making a decision on anything. I take the average # between the 3 tests, and then base my attack plan based on those findings. I find it absolutely critical to test 3 times back to back on everything I have kits for. This process severely reduces chances of taking the wrong steps towards a solution. I also test my wc water just as extensively when issues arise.
  8. Looks like I'm the only participant in this week's acroholics anonymous?
  9. *everyone* "hi Taylor." Some might say the first step I need to take is admitting I have a problem. And I most definitely do. But I can't bring myself to stop buying them. So, I'm here to ask you all to help feed my addiction. I'm in search of some nice tenuis frags to replace my high end ones I recently lost. I really want to find a nice pink lemonade. Im not necessarily looking for jf and rr pieces here, but I'm definitely looking for less than common pieces. If it's yellow, pink, blue or orange, I already want it. I'd be interested in pretty much any and all interesting acros. Show me what you've got!
  10. Taylorhardy1

    Sps grow out contest?

    I could be interested, but Itd take a nice tenuis or Millie to count me in.
  11. Taylorhardy1

    Gotta go - 75 and 55 Rimless Lagoon - Dec 1st

    I want the gyre, aquamedic doser, return pump(if it's quiet) and that green favite. I'd also be interested in acros!
  12. Taylorhardy1

    Cyano? Dinos? Or something else?

    After reading up on the Redfield ratio, I feel it's critical for reef keeping and managing algae. It can be essentially a diagnostics chart for your reef. First things first I think you need to find the source of the problem, ie which element(s) are out of wack. Some people claim to have luck with blackouts, but I think thats more stressful on stock than its worth. Cyano is photosynthetic, so certain light spectrums can set it off too, but it does need nutrients to feed. Make sure your using 0tds Rodi. Test your water right after you mix it, and make sure you're not adding anything that could be negative. If your source water is truly good, you can rule it out. Next/continued step is finding what is causing excess nutrients to feed the bacteria. Could be detritus build up in the sump, or sand bed. Maybe your rocks are just starting to leach some nastys. In this step I think it's a good idea to attack everything. When I first started I had cyano/dinos growing all over. Mostly on my rocks. So I started to siphon the cyano off my rocks, and the stuff on my sand. I made sure to get the hose really close to the rock, you wouldn't believe the nasty stuff that came out. After about a week of siphoning 5g/day, the cyano stopped coming back on the rocks, and only returned on the sandbed after 24 hours. At first I tried just siphoning up the cyano and detritus in the top layer. Didn't have much luck. Wasted alot of water, and about 3 weeks doing this. Eventually I decided to just start removing the sandbed entirely. By the time I got about half of my sandbed siphoned out, the cyano stopped coming back entirely and I haven't seen it since. As precaution I replaced my sandbed anyways, and made sure to get more sand sifters. I almost always see cyano ends up being due to excess nutrients in the sandbed.
  13. Taylorhardy1

    Cyano? Dinos? Or something else?

    I had to deal with this earlier this year. Chemiclean didn't work, aggressive skimming, and regular water changes didn't do anything either. I found my issue was my sandbed, and my tank had fallen out of the Redfield ratio. I started actually removing my sandbed, after I got about halfway removed I actually stopped having issues. I replaced my sandbed anyways. Did waterchanges with better quality water while siphoning my sandbed out, and havent had issues since.
  14. Taylorhardy1

    WTB: clown fish pair

    I have a mated pair of regular orange occelaris.
  15. Taylorhardy1

    24” T5 light

    Id be willing to buy the extra bulbs if you're willing to sell em!