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  1. Taylorhardy1

    Is there anything else I can do to fight aefw?

    I haven't seen any with my now 2x weekly basting/blasting sessions for the last 5 or so times. When the issue first arose I chopped up the infected colony as I had thought it was rtn. The first time I found eggs I feel like I scraped of thousands, then it seemed to kind of cripple their populations. Only found a few small egg clusters the next week during dipping. The first cluster I found was on the base of a frag after I cut up and dipped the colony. Seems to be getting under control now though. The biggest thing I feel I've learned from this experience is ALWAYS qt any new additions. Gonna have a dedicated acro qt after I move next month. Thinking about doing a sort of multi stage quarantine like Jason fox does to guarantee pest removal.
  2. Taylorhardy1

    Is there anything else I can do to fight aefw?

    The pe on that piece is absolutely nuts. I wish my phone would capture the actual colors of it. Had it for a little over a month now, and it's almost an entirely different, nicer piece. Base tissue is very yellow green, with hints of blues coming in on the corallites, the tips are a very nice bright blue, with the corallites being yellow/orange. Polyps are faint in color still, some are beginning to turn orange/yellow, others are a pale blue/green. Im currently running 4 zoomed coral blue t5s(my favorite blue bulb BTW) with a radion g2 on a heavily adjusted sps ab+ setting. it's currently sitting at 550 par, and seems to love it. I started it out at 350 par, and moved it to here over the last month. Seems to show the best pe in this spot, and colors are coming in like crazy. Guess we will see what cool things it decides to do! As far as wrasses go Im thinking about getting a melanarus, a mystery, and either a Radiant wrasse, or a bluespot leopard.
  3. Taylorhardy1

    Is there anything else I can do to fight aefw?

    Last year I became a stick addict, I very rarely leave a fish store without a new acro frag these days. This has been really tough knowing anything I add might get gnawed to bits by these terrible little monsters. So for a compromise I've been keeping my eyes peeled for anything with potential in the $30 or less price range just to feed the addiction. Recently I got this sweet tenius that seems to be more and more colorful everytime I look at it. Ive nicknamed it "the fuzz" My phone camera does a terrible job at capturing colors, though the base tissue is beginning to resemble rr orange passion in my opinion. Some polyps have begun to show orange/yellow colors too. Hopefully it will color up more and make the OP look like the Hw makes a wd look.🤞A man can dream right? 😉 What other wrasses would you guys recommend for pest control? I have a sandbed so really open to anything with a generally peaceful tempermant. Already have a yellow corris, and a possum, and I'm currently trying to find a Radiant wrasse. Would like to add another 1-2 for a total of 3-4 wrasses.
  4. Taylorhardy1

    Is there anything else I can do to fight aefw?

    Spent 3 hours dipping, rinsing, and inspecting acros this weekend. Wasn't able to find any eggs, and after diluting the dips to as clear as possible I was surprised to find so little in them. The acros that got bitten the most appear to be healing now. Color and polyp extension seems to be coming back on most everything. Haven't seen any tissue loss recently either. Gonna keep up the current attack methods. Moving into the new place June 23, so a quarantine will be setup waiting for all my acros before the day I move the tank. Will do a 75 day quarantine just to be safe. Then rededicate the qt for any and all new corals.
  5. Taylorhardy1

    Show me your mushrooms

    What shrooms are these? Got a piece of rubble with some blue discos a few weeks ago, and there's a baby shroom with very very similar coloration to these.
  6. Taylorhardy1

    Show me your mushrooms

    I've always heard that mushrooms are quite resilient to fragging. I've been told multiple times that when fragging shrooms, if you tear the foot, the leftover flesh will grow into a baby shroom in ideal conditions. Not so sure with rics and yumas though. My first ric I ever tried was the only mushroom I've ever had die on me, so maybe they're a bit more fragile. But I've seen people frag loose mushrooms by just cutting it down the middle, and throwing the pieces into a bin of rubble. 9 times out of 10 when I see a bounce in a store it's a 1/4 cut off a nice mother.
  7. Taylorhardy1

    Large sump?

    How much?
  8. Taylorhardy1

    Is there anything else I can do to fight aefw?

    I have a magnifying glass I normally inspect everything with. I'm not quite sure where they came from. Current living situation just doesn't allow time, or space for a quarantine tank. I always dip my new acros and sps in heavily concentrated Bayer dips. Then inspect for eggs, and any other pests. I know I should quarantine, and I plan on it in the future once I'm in a position where I have the space and time for it. As of right now I'm kinda looking for just good management methods to keep everything somewhat happy and alive until I can move to quarantine. Then it will be geared towards eradication.
  9. Taylorhardy1

    Is there anything else I can do to fight aefw?

    It seems like most are actually pulling through fairly decently. The worst piece they took out quickly was my homewrecker. That one hurt. Annoyingly enough they're entirely uninterested in my low $$ tenius. I still tracked down, and added a few really nice acros that Ive wanted for a while and couldn't miss out on. Most things, aside from my torts and valida I think are actually doing alright it seems. Been buying cheap acro frags lately just to keep the addiction fed, and the heartbreak from losing my homewrecker to a minimum so hopefully at the very least the cheap frags I've been buying keep the fw off the rest of my higher end acros..
  10. Taylorhardy1

    Is there anything else I can do to fight aefw?

    Unfortunately I'm moving in the next month, so a quarantine right now would just make the move even more difficult haha.
  11. As some of you know, I've recently found myself living the worst nightmare of an acro lover. I have already lost my favorite teal/rainbow tenius colony to it, and a homewrecker frag I put in literally a day before I found the flatworms.😭 Now they've spread to heavily attacking my tri color valida, and torts. They don't seem to touch anything that has longer pe, which thankfully most all of my acros have. I have so many pieces encrusted to rocks now that even dipping is tough, and a quarantine at this point just isn't in the cards. Anyways, my current methods at brutally murdering these terrible little bastards. 1-the natural approach: I have a yellow corris wrasse, and a possum wrasse (I don't think the possum touches them though) as well as blowing all of my acros and surrounding corals off with a turkey baster or powerhead every other day. Would be interested to hear of other approaches on this front. 2- Bayer dips every 6 days: I love this approach, and I hate it. I have almost 30 different acros still, so this process takes me hours. But I enjoy knowing hundreds die everytime I do this. I'm trying to reduce cross contamination by dipping and rinsing the infected corals in different containers than the pieces that still look healthy, with great pe, and no bite marks. Mostly just to find which corals they're attacking the most. Usually don't see any flatworms on any acros other than the ones that are clearly infected. When I do it's only 1 or 2. I also inspect for, and scrape egg clusters during this process. The acros I have encrusted to rock also get dipped to the edge of encrusted tissue, and rinsed thoroughly after. 3- keeping the corals as happy as possible, and water stability. This one has been tough. With so many angry acros my alk consumption has been all over the place and quite difficult to keep in line. However Ive been able to minimize fluctuations by just manual dosing, and daily testing. After dipping corals and rocks go back to as close to their original spot as possible. Is there any other approaches I can take short of a full blown qt? Ideally I'd like to reduce the frequency of dips, but I'm still finding so many after dips I'm actually considering increasing the dip frequency currently...
  12. I already have a very similar shroom, but I'd be happy with either piece!
  13. I want the zoas! I can throw you a frag in return for them as well if you wanted.
  14. Taylorhardy1

    Coral Giveaway!

    Share the love.
  15. Taylorhardy1

    Peter Pan

    Nice pieces! That PC rainbow grows like a weed. I got a nice multi branch frag from cnc a few weeks ago, and even while fending off aefw, weekly dips, and multiple bastings throughout the week, each branch has grown 1/4"-1/2", and it's very well encrusted Hahah.