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  1. There is some sort of anemone  on my hermit crab anyone know what kind it is?  I know the quality is not the best  I am trying to get better pictures  he has a few of them almost looks like a zoa  But it's not  This photo was taken while lights  Are off he only comes out at night So it's kind of hard to get to him  Any input would be appreciated thanks 

    Underwater Photo Editor_1532152140.jpg

  2. For sure I learned my lesson from this if know of anyone that would like to trade for this fish he don't eat coral at all just very peaceful looking to add color to my tank thank for the help 

  3. The fish and all my coral  Where in the  Tank overnight  It sucks but that's  Reefing I guess I know I'm  Ammonia can kill fast Another friend of mine said that it might be that there  Wasn't enough air

  4. Thanks brother I had  Couple yellow tangs  Sail fin T'ang 4 fire shrimp and 4cleaner shrimp Couple of clowns  A few others that I forget the names of .You know the norm It's the one you had for a couple years that sucks when they die  You get to know them and the personalities

  5. So a while back I setup a new DT  I placed everything in  a 20gallon tank and over night I lost 10 fish and all my shrimp not sure why they died as the water was from original dt I put a power head to help circulate the water in the morning most of my livestock was gone  I have a saddle back puffer that really does nothing but swim peacefully I'm looking to trade for another fish let me know what ya got ! Or if there is anyone wanting to get rid of some fish that need a good home pls  PM me 

    Thank you  all and have a blessed day 

  6. Hello fellow reefers  Got a new tank I'm trying to  To plumb correctly with overflows its 5' long by 17" tall and 18" wide Can you help me on ideas on how to  Plum and with the correct overflows and how many I should have Basically I need step-by-step instructions Thank you  For your help

  7. Thx so much for all who helped with the awesome knowledge,  on the road to recovery all my fish have  just about  lost all the white dots thx exodus for the heads up on the Petco deal 



    God bless 

  8. So I just noticed my yellow tang is barely getting some ick on him and my puffer it looks like it just started I need help from you experts on a way that I may cure this with everyone inside of that's possible? 

    Thx be blessed