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  1. I love the stuff my turbo snail laid eggs in my sump and have them all over it does work i was doing research on the product and found that only half ever six months is to be changed i also found on ebay sell it for 50 .00for 10 lbs  im going to mix with some mangrove mudd that is like 20lbs for  35 also on ebay

  2. Looking to buy one i have t247  don't want to use for sump  i need to build another stand to fit my 80 gallon long as well  it's little short . Thx for the recommendation anywhere i may get this light? 

  3.  I have some puppys that need a home soon they about a month old now the breed is a Yorkie lhasa opsu just started them on solid foods I do it slow they  so they will be ready in a couple of weeks or when they no longer go to mama for food they are bed trained already very smart pups, here is a picture of one is a Male has a great personality let me know if your interested there is only one female the rest are males asking price is $500.00 thank you and have blessed day/night 


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  4. There is some sort of anemone  on my hermit crab anyone know what kind it is?  I know the quality is not the best  I am trying to get better pictures  he has a few of them almost looks like a zoa  But it's not  This photo was taken while lights  Are off he only comes out at night So it's kind of hard to get to him  Any input would be appreciated thanks 

    Underwater Photo Editor_1532152140.jpg

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