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  1. I would love one but not sure if I'm going to the meeting
  2. Awesome I will take what's left are youin salem?
  3. If you are giving that skimmer away I would love to put it to use
  4. Critter cabana Their salt water supplies they're not gonna do any More so they're selling all their supplies And used equipment It's located in Wilsonville
  5. I have a balboa I am trying to sell it's brand new only used for 20 mins tops just to much for my 75 gallon
  6. I have a balboa I am trying to sell it's brand new only used for 20 mins tops just to much for my 75 gallon
  7. Awesome I got my Mandarin to start eating frozen food thanks for all your help
  8. Thank you all so much been a big help
  9. What's a loofa sorry I'm new to hobby
  10. Hello and thx for your help I really appreciate it yes I do have a sump And I could breed pods I got him from critters and cabana he is skinny they are getting rid of there salt water so I got him and a yellow tang for 20 bucks I am trying to get him to eat Flake food or even frozen Just don't want him to die They're really pretty fish And it was a great deal I'm going back again to get some more livestock Have you learned how to try to Feed flake food You have any ideas please let me know Thanks again for your help
  11. Thank you for your help after posting this I did my research and bought a lot of pods on line they will be here in a few days .that is a great idea to breed my own pods as well im looking into that as well
  12. So I pick up a Mandarin fish I believe it's a blue mandarin what's the best way to care for him and ensure he's being fed
  13. This is a brand new pump Literally has been used for 20 mins Gph I'm not sure I had it on my 75 gal and had to much flow for my tank
  14. I have pump up for sale I'm asking 350 for it or trade for led lights that will work for 75 gal tank I'm looking for fish as well thx for looking
  15. I have some that I would trade if u have anything to trade?
  16. I got A Balbo a pump worth about 850 looking to trade for led lights fish or coral or trade and cash
  17. Anyone selling yellow tang or giving away? Pls let me know thx and be blessed
  18. Sorry I'm new to the site it may have copied I did Post a couple Lol sorry if I did more than one
  19. Anybody out there have any led's they would like to To trade for my T5 light Looking for a pair of Led's that would do a 100 gallon tank
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