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  1. cmckown

    Need a home for my 125gal SPS Tank

    Thanks for all the advice! If it comes time I will part things out. I will try to group as recommended. I am asking 3K for all but I would like to see it stay in the house if possible (Money talks!). It is doing so well right now. I just rebuilt entire setup with my home made super sump and three hole overflow. Silent with huge flow. All corals are taking off and parameters are good and stable.
  2. New here so I guess I cant post classifieds. I am moving out of state and need to pass on my SPS tank. Any ideas for me to post or contacts to be made I am all ears. I have it on Craigs but could sure use some help. 971344886three Corey.
  3. cmckown

    How do we get this tank into a school?

    Sorry about the link, just read the rules.
  4. I am moving and would like to see my sps tank go to the right home. I have it posted on craigslist, <Removed link> I would love if some generous philanthropist would like to share the cost with me as I could really use some moving money. I am open to all ideas. Thank you Corey M.
  5. Hi kknight,

    I just joined pnwmas to find a home for my 125 sps setup. I was considering donating to a school but it is a large amount of gear and livestock. I don't know much about the school programs. I have the aquarium on Craigslist Portland. If you would like to look please visit


    I am interested in any input you may have,

    Thank you very much.

    Corey McKown


    1. cmckown


      sorry about the link, I just read the rules.

    2. kknight


      Cory thank you for thinking about us.

      We are doing smaller tanks for the schools. The large volume tanks make it hard to keep up.



    3. cmckown


      Oh I see. Well if you find a fit I am interested. Thanks