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    Hello from Beaverton

    Hello Everyone, wanted to introduce myself (and get closer to hitting that post limit to use the classifieds!) My name is Kyle, currently running an IM lagoon 25 thats been setup for a yearish, up from a 10gal AIO that was setup for a few years prior to that. I've been around for a while, been to a few of the frag swaps and get togethers but mainly focused on the livestock less on socializing. Also a member of the FB group. Nice to meet you all.
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    NWfragfest Raffle Items!!!

    Very nice! Lots of good stuff, I’m excited!
  3. kyleinpdx

    Getting out of the hobby

    Good looking out. Thanks
  4. kyleinpdx

    Getting out of the hobby

    I'd like to know as well, depending on where it is I may be interested in the RODI unit!