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  1. @Chief thanks for looking into it so quickly. Sorry if I drug you away from something more important. Appreciate it!
  2. Thanks for the heads up! I didnt think I had that many messages but will go delete some old stuff! EDIT: Hmm... showing the same thing when I try to message you @xmas_one as well... Supposedly I'm only at 14% inbox utilization? @Chief @TheClark any suggestions? Looks like some of the mods may not be super active, who else should be tagged?
  3. Bump. This is great setup for someone wanting to try their hand at a bigger thank, a frag tank, specific biotope, maybe seahorses or a mantis tank? Tons of options!
  4. Hello PNWMAS, I'm looking to sell my Innovative Marine Fusion Lagoon 25 All in One. This is an almost complete package, you'll just need to add lights, a heater and whatever you want to go inside it. Its a fantastic little tank, I loved it when it was up, perfect for smaller houses/apartments, if you know you'll be moving in a year or two or as a frag tank. Includes IM lagoon 25 AIO: 25 Gallons Ultra Thick 8mm High Clarity Glass / Low Iron Glass Leveling Rubber Mat DIMS (24” x 20” x 12”) Diamond Edge Polished, Black Silicone Black IM APS (aluminum stand) with the shelf kit! 2 return pumps (stock config only has one, I upgraded to two for more flow) - aquatop 237gph, tunze 210gph 2 IM multi chamber media baskets (one for each side) Eshopps nano skimmer IM screen lid clips The only things you'll need to supply are: lights, a heater, 1 return nozzle (something like this) I have one Vivid Random Flow Generator that I'm including but the other pump was running an IM spinstream that I broke trying to clean and whatever livestock you want to go inside it. Asking $450 firm. Not interested in parting out. I'm located in Beaverton, not far from St. Mary's. I might be interested if you have a well established sand sleeping wrasse to trade + cash. After the first wash, I'm going to take a srubbing pad to the water line, but wanted to get some pictures up. I had epoxied some additional weirs infront of the built in ones as my anemone kept getting itself sucked up against them and unfortunately in getting them off I scratched up the back AIO divider a bit, you wont be able to see the ones below the water line and the ones above might be able to buff out or be coated in something, I havent explored the possibilities there. All in all, not bad, and its on the AIO divider not the viewing glass. (water marks and some slight marring from my light mounts) Here are some shots of the tank before I moved and broke some of it down
  5. Hey PNWMAS, I've got a big old SHEET of GSP that was on the back wall of my tank. Its probably 16-20" by 8" I'm not putting it into the new system so I figured I'd offer it up on here for free to someone who wants it. I'll take a shroom or two if you have some to trade. FULL DISCLOSURE: This system was treated for red planaria, there may be some in here somewhere but hey, I'll throw in some free Bayer dip so you can dip when you get it home! Located in Beaverton, near St. Marys. First come first serve! EDIT: please dont mind the algae growth, I ripped this tank down a few weeks ago, pulled the rock, stirred up all the nasties in the sand, etc and then left it running. That was the result. 🤯
  6. Hey PNWMAS, I'm hoping some of you may also be into herps (reptiles/amphibians not the STI 😉 ) or know some folks that are! I have an adult female (I believe, I've forgotten, I'll double check) that had dropped her tail prior to me receiving her. I got it from someone on CL who didnt understand what they were getting and thought it more of a leopard gecko. She's healthy and eating and its time to find her a new home. I'd like it to go to someone who knows what they are doing and is familiar with Crested's. Comes with: Gecko 20 gal glass tank w/ all plants and accessories Screen lid Ceramic heat emitter and dome External temp controller with probe Lighting hood with 2 spots for incandescent/CFL bulbs Small under tank heat mat spray bottle for watering 1 unopened bag and 1/2 bag of pangea gecko food My primary concern is finding her/him a good home but would love to trade for some QT equipment (can you guess where some of mine went?) I'm located in Beaverton, not far from Valley Catholic/Saint Mary's. Thanks! 0
  7. Is 7 still available? If so, I'll take it. looks like @RockChalk got it
  8. oh man, I just got the new tanks water to 35ppt. Planning on aquascaping this weekend and moving everything over next week. Perfect timing.
  9. Hello PNWMAS, I'm looking for some rock for an upgrade build I'll be completing in the next few weeks. I'm less concerned with where it originated from or how much coralline it has but rather that its wet and comes from a tank with good biodiversity. I'd prefer rock that doesn't have a ton of coral attached/encrusted as I'm not sure how much will end up as base rock vs shelves/surface rock but if you've got something you are looking to sell that has some nice specimens attached we can probably work out a deal. I'm located in Beaverton, work in Tigard and am happy to meet a reasonable distance to take a look, pick up, pay for. If you are planning to re-scape soon I can meet you after you've done so, otherwise if you have rock you are wanting to get rid of I can always throw it in a bucket in the garage. Please let me know what you've got and what you'd like for it in return. Appreciate it!
  10. Is that a lawnmower blenny? He still available? How big? Thanks.
  11. Shhh nothing to see here folks! Too bad there isnt a blazer game tonight to take some of the heat away from the forums!
  12. Hello Everyone, wanted to introduce myself (and get closer to hitting that post limit to use the classifieds!) My name is Kyle, currently running an IM lagoon 25 thats been setup for a yearish, up from a 10gal AIO that was setup for a few years prior to that. I've been around for a while, been to a few of the frag swaps and get togethers but mainly focused on the livestock less on socializing. Also a member of the FB group. Nice to meet you all.
  13. Very nice! Lots of good stuff, I’m excited!
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