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  1. What type of isopod is this...help!

    Thanks, I was hoping that was it! No need for that dragonet after all
  2. Hi all! I have a ton of these critters running about, and I want to make sure they are not the 'bad' isopods. Any help would be appreciated PS- Best picture I could get!
  3. 280g Barrel of monkeys build

    Absolutely awesome tank! Brian has an awesome setup and everything worked (for the most part) as it should. Except for maybe watching his cat decide whether to jump or not, lol!
  4. 280g Barrel of monkeys build

    Through the garage and stairs or are ya gonna lug that thing through the backyard and take it through the deck?
  5. yeah for my clown fish :)

    Love it...you have told me that patience is a necessity in this hobby, looks like you won in that regard
  6. Hi all, Got interested in saltwater fish tanks about 40 years ago when my brother had a tank for about 3 years. When my brother would go out of town, I was responsible for taking care of it. I have always wanted to have one, and now is the time. I have another friend on here that has been my inspiration on getting started in this hobby. I have not bought one single thing yet. Looking at one of the bigger Biocubes to start out on, so if you know of anyone who has one for sale, send me a PM. Been looking through the forums and it's nice to see how friendly everyone is! Cheers!
  7. 100% new to the hobby...

    Thanks Exodus for the time you took to write that. I struggled with going with the smaller tank, as I have read how much more difficult it is to start out on a tank that small (although it is the larger biocube that I bought yesterday). In the end, I wanted to start out with a tank that was a bit easier to water change and I also wanted a smaller amount of sealife so when I do mess up, the tolls will be smaller. Perhaps a mistake, but I am still excited. If it goes well, I have a feeling the biocube will be short lived for me. Thanks Brian (pdxmonkeyboy) for helping me out!