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  1. I read on a forum somewhere that you should order Dr Tim's from the manufacturer directly. Something to do with shelf life and better efficacy. Anyway, my $0.02.
  2. Funny in the sense that Zebras have a big ‘X’ marked on them by colorization. Surprising that they are not extinct. But the True Facts dude is by far the winner for true humor!
  3. Lol, I would have shaked my head if I got banned for that. Just wanted people to watch it. Bobbitt worms are so freaky, i love watching videos on them. Even better when it’s the true facts dude!
  4. Ok, most of you will love this. Some of you will not. It is sort of inappropriate, but only for the most sensitive of silly adults. Don't watch when kids or bosses are around. You have been warned (perhaps a little too warned): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5DH9IZ01Qqg
  5. Why in the hell would you WANT to confuse people by even mentioning Sunday? You are a special kind of weird Brian! Please everyone, show up on Sunday and make him pay for his rediculousness!
  6. Dude, I haven’t been over in forever...it looks great and congrats!
  7. Oh ya, even Red Sea are made in China. Waterbox may even contract out to Red Sea, who knows.
  8. Yup, that is why I was asking. BRS sells them, so at least there is that! 🤨
  9. I don't like the leveling feet on the cabinets, but that is it as far as critique so far.
  10. Brian, looking at some of their other stuff as an intermediary, until I can put a bigger tank in a home I own. Dude, we need to talk hawk’n tanks soon!
  11. https://waterboxaquariums.com/crystal-peninsula/
  12. Obviously you didn’t look...they have bigger peninsula tanks than Red Sea!
  13. Here is their website, in case anyone is too lazy to look it up 😜: https://waterboxaquariums.com/
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