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  1. RobMBush

    200g deep dimension with stand

    True. Thought about doing the same... but then I just decided to buy the new 750xxl instead! Cant wait to see your new rig! That much water in my living room would be too much since I cant put additional support under it.
  2. RobMBush

    200g deep dimension with stand

    Looking good man! Definitely made a nice difference getting rid of the corner overflows! That was the worst part about the tank!! Assuming you are re purposing the OM and closed loop parts for your new mega-ego setup?
  3. RobMBush

    Clam sale weekend!

    Too bad my copperband has caused us to be a clam free tank That blasto looks amazing though! At least I think its a blasto.
  4. RobMBush

    Update your fire protection - AFCI vs CAFCI

    Hah. Funny thing is that my tank only pulls about 5amps on average these days with exception of the heaters. Used to be I had a 20amp dedicated circuit just for my lights!
  5. Looks like it will fit the space much better than the old tank. Looks great!
  6. RobMBush

    Update your fire protection - AFCI vs CAFCI

    Guess my place was a bit overdone by 90s standards. I've got a 400amp load center and a sub panel in the mechanical room.
  7. RobMBush

    1000 gallon system!

    I would only use GFIC around wet areas. Arc faults are really to sense faults like what you get when an electric blanket goes bad and gets a short that could cause a fire. Or poor wiring connections that are getting hot. Arc fault is not designed to save your life from electronic shock and the intervention isn't as quick as a GFIC. There is a reason arc faults are code for bedrooms and GFIC are for bath/kitchens.
  8. RobMBush

    Ecotech Vectra M1

    Price gets good enough and I may grab it as a spare!
  9. RobMBush

    Help me decide!!!

    I would go tank in living room and plumb to basement. Could build a nice enclosed cabinet too so everything stays out of sight. Good luck on the project man, looks like you're keeping busy!
  10. RobMBush

    Got my dream skimmer!!

    Is it because this hobby makes us equipment hoarders?!?
  11. RobMBush

    Red Sea Reefer 750XXL build with remote sump

    Hah! No I dont think the wife would allow it! I have too many more projects and a 5 month old little guy to chase around! It's technically his tank anyway, I'm just the maintenance guy
  12. RobMBush

    Got my dream skimmer!!

    And besides... Moving without a tank is just too easy... Need to keep things at lest a little challenging.
  13. RobMBush

    Got my dream skimmer!!

    Haha. He is back in business! Didn't you sell your main tank and most of the gear?
  14. RobMBush

    Red Sea Reefer 750XXL build with remote sump

    Build update: MRC CCR-818 Calcium reactor up and running along with upgraded frag tank and MRC waste collector! Enough building up equipment for now. Time to start growing some corals!
  15. All systems are go! PH in the reactor has stabilized around 6.51 for ~24 hr. Effluent rate is running 8ml/min and the bubble count is one every 2-3 seconds with the LP side at 15psi. So far the solenoid has not come into play but will cut the CO2 at PH 6.4 if it were ever to go that low. Baseline before starting the reactor a few days ago was CA of 372- Hanna, dkh around 9.5, mg ~1500. Phosphate has been holding around .03 - .04 on the Hanna low range checker. I still need to mount the pump controls but haven't decided where I want them quite yet.