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    PVC Fittings, Barbs, & Valves

    Have you called George Moreland?
  2. Sailingeric

    What's a good ATO for a 20G sump?

    You say you have a 20 gallon sump.. What is the DT size?? I have the 20 gallon long tank as my sump and a 75 gallon DT. I have the Osmolator and it takes longer to get it out of the box than it is to set it up. It has a high water warning which is good if your return pumps stops so you know something is wrong.
  3. Sailingeric

    Found fish fry in filter sock.

    If they make I would be up to buying 1 from you
  4. Sailingeric

    Jumping fish

    I had a fire fish for months who was very easy going so I never put a screen on my 75 gallon tank and this last week he must have went carpet surfing and became a cat snack.
  5. Sailingeric

    Whys my tank seems to be flushing?

    I did this and it just about silenced my overflow draining. I could tinker with it a little more to silence it but I have not bothered with it since it is not too intrusive sound wise.
  6. Sailingeric

    Here goes nothing.

    Like you I went from fresh water to saltwater. I started with a 29 gallon tank and after a month I moved everyone to my 75 gallon tank. I have found saltwater fish keeping is not that much harder than freshwater other than you just need stay on top of topping off with freshwater daily so the salinity stays in check. I am just now starting with some beginner corals so need to learn how to keep the elements and hardness in check. I would recommend checking the for sale forum, you can save a bundle that way.
  7. Sailingeric

    Methods for moving Large Tank

    I live in Aloha, if you need help PM me. Other than tomorrow, I am free to help.
  8. Sailingeric

    March Picture of the Month - Angelfish

    Sorry, missed the angel fish part.
  9. Sailingeric

    Moving tanks

    I have 29 gallon SW Fowlr tank that has been running for a couple months and a 2 FW tanks, a 55 gallon and 75 gallon FW tank. I want to make the 75 gallon my salt water tank now that I have learned that salt water is not that much more work than my freshwater tank, if I move my rock and possibly my sand will I avoid another cycle? I have found conflicting answers when I look online.
  10. Sailingeric

    Reef Room - Drain?

    I have been waivering on putting a wall up too. Sheet rock would be cheaper than cutting concrete and pump for the flood that may never happen??
  11. Sailingeric

    Reef Room - Drain?

    I too have my SW tank and a 55 gallon FW tank for my two now large 14 cents gold fish that live in the garage/ soon to be mancave space and the pump is a good idea but like your garage it has a slope, so wouldn't gravity take care of any flood?? At least that is what I am counting on.
  12. Sailingeric

    What are your other hobbies?

    I enjoy beer making and sailing as well. If you need crew I have offshore experience, sailed to Bermuda, Antigua to Grenada a few times and up and down the east coast and the Bahamasa hand full of times.
  13. Sailingeric

    Aloha from Aloha

    Just wanted to say "Hi!" I got my first tank this weekend from a fellow member. Looking forward to learn all about salt water fish keeping and hopefully can get my tank up and running soon.
  14. Sailingeric

    Aloha from Aloha

    I got a 75 gallon tank. Hopefully that will be a good start.