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  1. Sailingeric

    Looking for a few things

    That is where I got my 65 water storage container as well. Everything from 2 gallon buckets and up.
  2. Sailingeric

    Did I Make a Mistake?

    Get the ring.. it will make the next big reef purchase not sting so bad when she finds out the actual money you spent.
  3. Sailingeric

    ok folks... what did u get on black friday?

    A Talbot damsel from World of Wet Pets and a frogspawn and 6 crabs from Cuddlefish and Corals.
  4. Sailingeric

    Rivercity corals new handle (viper55)

    You should change your profile to this and remind us that what are about to tell us about corals is classified and could end your career
  5. Sailingeric

    WTB 5lb CO Tank

    Do you need the tank to hold CO2? Mainbrew in Hillsboro does CO2 tanks on exchange, 5 and 20 pounds.
  6. Sailingeric

    Can my floor hold a 190 gallon tank?

    Tap Plastics in Tigard.
  7. Sailingeric

    Can my floor hold a 190 gallon tank?

    Congrats. I thought it said Gluten Free plumbing at first glance. 😋
  8. Sailingeric

    I want an awesome new job.

    My neighbor is plumber who makes real good and has more work than he knows what to do with and says it is hard to find people to hire. Maybe look into becoming a plumber apprentice and work up from there.
  9. Sailingeric

    Can my floor hold a 190 gallon tank?

    I would just to be safe. Should I ever get the wife unit to approve of me getting a bigger tank I am planning on adding support just to be safe.
  10. Sailingeric

    100% maintenance free aquarium!

    Remember you will need at least a 150 gallon jar for a crocheted tang
  11. Sailingeric

    favorite aquarium memes

  12. Sailingeric

    favorite aquarium memes

  13. Sailingeric

    favorite aquarium memes

  14. Sailingeric

    favorite aquarium memes

  15. Sailingeric

    favorite aquarium memes