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  1. Sailingeric


    That might explain why he was yelling " get of my dang ocean!"
  2. Sailingeric

    Aquarium Operations Manual

    Mine is complicated- Drink beer, watch fish. 😋
  3. Sailingeric

    Freshwater peeps?

    I have a 55 gallon with a large gold fish, a gourami, and 4 penguin tetras and 29 gallon with about dozen neon tetras and some panda and pygmy cory cats. They were living in my 75 gallon tank before I kicked them out to make my SW tank. 😁
  4. Sailingeric

    WTB: ~200 gallon glass tank

    I saw this one on the Craigslist. 210 gallon https://portland.craigslist.org/clk/for/d/210-gallon-fish-tank-aquarium/6689151260.html
  5. Sailingeric

    Equipment to donate/sell to the cause

    Yes please tell!!
  6. Sailingeric

    Free 100-ish gallon plastic pond- gone

    It is gone!
  7. Sailingeric

    Help ID algae or seaweed!?!

    Possible sea kale or sea chard then? 😜
  8. Sailingeric

    Help ID algae or seaweed!?!

    hard to tell with the blueish light, you could turn up the white for a better pic but it might be sea lettuce.
  9. Sailingeric

    Tank turnover......baffled

    I think what you are getting is head loss and the rate of water going into your tank is far less than 3000 gph and your overflows drains can easily handle what you are throwing at it, from what I found at 1 inch drain with a 3 foot drop at full siphon is about 1200 GPH, I am going to confirm with my plumber neighbor on that and I also found this calculator at Reef Centeral http://www.reefcentral.com/index.php/head-loss-calculator and putting in a pump that does 3000 gph based on your turns and pipe diameter, your are actually getting close to 1300 gph into the tank.
  10. Sailingeric

    Complete Tank, exiting the hobby for a bit

    Yes, if wanting to part out I would be interested a few of the corals.
  11. Sailingeric

    Pistol shrimp vs snails

    I think it might be more "Go home, your drunk!"
  12. Sailingeric

    New additions in my Reefer XL 425

    I picked up a piece of this today from Cuddlefish. I wonder if it is from the same piece.
  13. Sailingeric

    Snagged some frags

    I got a couple hammers from them a few weeks ago. Doing great other than one of my turbo snails keeps knocking one over.
  14. Sailingeric

    LASERS! (need to borrow)

    you are going about it all wrong.. You need to add livestock while getting rid of pests. My I suggest....