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  1. I generally come in at least fifteen minutes late, after that I sorta space out for an hour. I just stare at my desk, but it looks like I'm working. I do that for probably another hour after lunch too, I'd say in a given week I probably only do about fifteen minutes of real, actual, work.
  2. I have some on rock you can have. I will post a picture tonight. I do live in Aloha if that is not too far for you.
  3. Hops are antimicrobial so if it keeps the cyano away, dosing hop extract might be better than Chemiclean. Magnum or Chinook hops might be the best bang for the buck.
  4. I am in Aloha if you want some of mine.
  5. I have a 29 gallon tank that could use a new home. If you are interested PM me.
  6. I have a 29 gallon that could use a new home, if you are interested. I live in Beaverton.
  7. You know only one damsel in a tank and they don't play well with other fish.
  8. Good for fowlr, QT, or softie tank. $50
  9. The only Millie I have is this one 😉
  10. Beer taps that I made. Big one is made from bubinga wood and is about 9 inches tall and finished in Danish oil. Two about 4 inches made from cocobolo wood one is natural with wax coat and other is finished in Danish oil. All threaded to fit Perlick or similar beer tap. $20 each for the cocobolo and $25 for the bubinga tap handle
  11. How would a glow stick cause cracking a tank?? I think most glow sticks are non toxic and is mostly hydrogen peroxide.
  12. 29 gallon tank for sale $25 in Aloha/ Beaverton/ Cooper Mt area. I had water in until last week when I moved the couple fish into my main DT tank.
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