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  1. jtarmitage

    why are people flakey?

    Unfortunately its becoming uncommon courtesy....its just plain wrong in my book.
  2. jtarmitage

    Back at it... RSR 170

    Upscales had some big ice fire frags earlier this week
  3. jtarmitage

    Manny’s 150g Waterbox

    Nice. Would be interesting to see in person sometime when it's up and running. Feel free to hit me up if you need a hand with anything. I think I can manage the drive lol
  4. jtarmitage

    January CNC sps grow out thread

    Cant get a decent pic to save my life with my Samsung. Need to learn sometime...or get a new battery for my camera lol. It's now in the main tank way up high and getting a very nice blue base. Not sure about about growth but looking good so far.
  5. jtarmitage

    54 Watt T5 bulbs FREE

    I'd love a pair of blue plus. I bought actinic and not in love with the colors... where are you located?
  6. jtarmitage

    Super awesome aussie acropora spathulata

    Put me down for a frag as well. Will have to work out how and when to pick it up.
  7. jtarmitage

    90g long acrylic tank

    Tank pending
  8. jtarmitage

    90g long acrylic tank

    FS: 60"x18"x18" acrylic tank drilled for closed loop, with stand, canopy and 1600gph Synergy Reef Shadow overflow. The tank does have scratches, but I'll include a buffing kit so you can make it pretty again. 3 hole closed loop allows you to avoid additional pumps in the tank, but can be sealed off should you choose not to use it. Slim overflow box by Synergy was bought new for this tank. If tank doesn't sell, I may part out the overflow. Asking $150 for the lot...located in Happy Valley. Johnson Creek at 205.
  9. jtarmitage

    90g long acrylic tank

    E-Marco mortar sold
  10. jtarmitage

    Wtb cerium oxide

    Anyone know where to get some locally? Or happen to have any? I'm in Happy Valley and would like to switch tanks out this weekend, but would love to remove a few scratches from the glass fiest...
  11. jtarmitage

    Wtb cerium oxide

    Yeah. I broke down and ordered some. Didn't completely remove the scratches because I'd still be polishing if I did lol
  12. jtarmitage

    90g long acrylic tank

    Also have a new, unopened container of E-Marco 400 aquascape mortar kit. Ended up not using it. $35
  13. jtarmitage

    92g Oregon Reef

    Hello all. After living in Hawaii for the past 5 years, we have moved up to the Pacific Northwest and it's time to get my fingers wet again. I'm a long time reefer, with my last tank being a 225g(5'x3'x2') custom peninsula that was taken down in a rush prior to moving to the middle of the Pacific lol.So, it's time to build another tank, and on a bit of a budget. I've got some items so far, and will list the details as I go. Others I'm waiting on until I find the right deal.THE TANK:I picked up a used acrylic 60"x18"x18" tank I found on Craigslist. For $75 for the tank and stand, I couldn't really pass it up
  14. jtarmitage

    92g Oregon Reef

    Mid transfer chaos....
  15. jtarmitage

    Sump, media reactor FS

    Tru view Platinum Series sump 30"x16"x16" - $80 NextReef MR1 media Reactor - $50 4" filter sock holder - $10 Skimmer stand - $10 Located in Happy Valley, just off of 205 at Johnson Creek
  16. jtarmitage

    Sump, media reactor FS

  17. jtarmitage

    Can my floor hold a 190 gallon tank?

    That's not far of a run. I'd just sister the joists. No real need to add supports, though they wouldn't hurt
  18. 1. total system volume, approx 200g 2. what kind of lighting, 2x AI Hydra 52hds 3. how you keep alk and cal stable, 2 part on a doser 4. how old your tank is, 1 yr, but constantly changing lol 5. rate your tank stability on a 1-10 scale, 6
  19. jtarmitage

    Need help picking a light

    My ideal setup...radion with T5s, so you last option. I've got a pair of AIs and like those as well, and will be adding T5 supplements before too long
  20. jtarmitage

    92g Oregon Reef

    Sorry for the lack of updates. Been working on getting a different display tank for the last 6 months and finally picked it up last night. It'll be a bit before I get it ready to go, but here's a teaser...also, who has info on buffing out a scratch on a glass tank? I think I saw a conversation awhile back about cesium oxide, but would love more details before I run off and try it lol
  21. jtarmitage

    Sps grow out contest?

    If you have room, count me in. 😁
  22. I am such a reef horder that... I keep all extra plumbing parts because you never know when you'll need it...😁
  23. jtarmitage

    $10 Early Bird tickets for Frag Fest!

    Payment sent
  24. jtarmitage


    Definitely hydroids. Manual removal and kalk paste is how I dealt with them in the past. They will spread quickly, so don't waste time dealing with them as they'll pester your corals