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  1. Need skimmer help

    Not sure who carries Hob skimmers locally as I'm new to the area, but you have time. Skimmers help but are not required. Worse comes to worse, do an extra water change until it arrives.
  2. 92g Oregon Reef

    Too soon to say, but it seems great so far. It can't compete with the Kessil H380 that I would have preferred, but it was a tiny fraction of the cost. It is a knockoff of the kessil H150 however, and at 37 watts, should do fairly well. I hung it with a bit of chain and S hooks attached to an eye bolt in the sump area.
  3. 92g Oregon Reef

    Hello all. After living in Hawaii for the past 5 years, we have moved up to the Pacific Northwest and it's time to get my fingers wet again. I'm a long time reefer, with my last tank being a 225g(5'x3'x2') custom peninsula that was taken down in a rush prior to moving to the middle of the Pacific lol.So, it's time to build another tank, and on a bit of a budget. I've got some items so far, and will list the details as I go. Others I'm waiting on until I find the right deal.THE TANK:I picked up a used acrylic 60"x18"x18" tank I found on Craigslist. For $75 for the tank and stand, I couldn't really pass it up
  4. 92g Oregon Reef

    Had a couple of wrinkles to work through. First, the skimmer was sitting in too deep water to keep from overflowing. No amount of adjustment could keep it from overflowing, so I actually removed the 1st baffle to drop the water level in the sump, as well as build up a small stand for it. The problem is really that one of the holes in the bottom of the tank is right above the skimmer. So I've got an elbow and true union ball valve in the way, preventing the simple approach of simply raising the skimmer. I do wish this stand was taller lol. The 2nd challenge was that the sump setup just didn't have the remaining volume to handle a power outage without overflowing. That is also part of the decision to remove the baffle and drop the overall level of the sump by 2". Next, I had to add a pair of check valves to the return lines. I will never fully trust a check valve, but properly maintained they will prevent a few gallons of water from hitting the floor. I may add them to the overflow lines as well, but that is such a small volume of water that can drop into the sump, that it doesn't make much difference. Other than that, got some chaeto growing in the sump, a couple corals in the tank, and all of the fish are getting fat and looking good with the exception of the small flame angel that vanished after the 2nd day. I suppose the clean up crew has taken care of business, as I can't find any sign of him. I've got a care package coming in next week from a friend in California, so the tank will be prettier then. I also did modify the rock work a tad bit, and got the CL returns hidden a bit better.
  5. Which stores to visit?

    Being new to the area, and not having had the time to make all the rounds yet, which stores are best to visit? First off, I'm looking for a few reef safe fish, so who has the best selection of healthy livestock? Later will be for corals. Who caters toward the coral market? I'm in the Happy Valley area...
  6. Sand

    I've tried most, and having SPS, I hate oolite as it doesn't stay put with higher flows. If you mix in a heavier sand grade with it, it'll help. I prefer the caribsea special grade myself.
  7. Which stores to visit?

    Nice...I may need to make a run to check them out. I had the greens in mind, but reds are beautiful as well, and eating frozen means I wouldn't need to wait for the pod population bloom...lol
  8. Looking for some Chaeto

    I'm in Happy Valley and would love to get some chaeto to get my fuge rolling. If anyone has any to spare, please let me know
  9. Looking for some Chaeto

    Thanks, just picked some up earlier today
  10. 92g Oregon Reef

    Thanks. Been in the hobby for a wee few years before my 5 year hiatus Added a Scopas Tang to the mix as they're one of my wife's favorite fish, as well as a skunk cleaner shrimp. A clean up crew package should be arriving tomorrow as well, and got some chaeto added to the sump.
  11. Looking for some Chaeto

  12. Looking for some Chaeto

    anyone? just need a wee bit...
  13. 92g Oregon Reef

    First goal with the rockwork was to hide the closed loop. Nearly there, but need to pick up 1 more small rock to hide 1 of the outputs. And I'm going to see about finding 1 more piece of rock to bridge the structures on the right side to tie them together. The rock on the far right is a bit closer to the glass than I'd prefer, but that's where the hole that I'm using for the CL intake was, so I'm making it work and hiding it as best I can.Current stocking list:2 Percula variants1 Chocolate Tang1 Sailfin Tang1 Coral Beauty Angel1 Flame AngelThe Angels are a risk, but I've had good success with them in the past. Well fed, they tend to not pick too much on anything. I'm also wanting to add either a Regal or Majestic Angel. More of a risk, but such beautiful fish and those I've had in the past had such enjoyable puppy dog like personalities, I'm eager to try another. Also down the line will be a few wrasses. I definitely want to add a Radiant and a Potters or Leopard. As for the others, I'm still torn. I've had Flames, Lineatus', Rhomboids, and many more, but with the budget, and smaller tank, I will need to be a little pickier and limit my choices. At this point, I think I'm leaning towards either a pair of Flames or Labouti, but I may need to scale my wish list down to something a bit more budget friendly. Last on the list of future fish to add will be a pair of Mandarins. Need to let the tank mature a bit and build up the pod population before going down that road, especially as they will be competing with the wrasses for food.
  14. 92g Oregon Reef

    Guess it's been a bit since I last updated. Had a couple of plumbing issues pop up that delayed getting this thing wet. Decided to not fiddle with cheap bulkheads on the bottom of the tank, so I ordered some better ones, but the tank is now up, sand is in, rock is in, Apex is programmed, refugium light is in, and we have our first fish. For the fuge light, I'd have loved to get a Kessil H380, but that just wasn't in the budget(which I already blew by a considerable margin lol), so I found this 37w OHMAX LED Grow Light.
  15. Which stores to visit?

    Thank you all for the replies. I hit up Cuttle fish and picked up a few fish, and made a run over to Paradise to check things out. Need to find a couple pieces of rock and a bag of sand this week to complete the hardscape, but it's well on it's way. At some point in the near future, I'll be on the search for a few specific fish like either a Regal or Majestic Angel, as well as a few wrasses. After that, and once the pod population has had some time to mature, I'll be on the hunt for a pair of Mandarins
  16. New to saltwater

    You need to update this thread Manny. Even from the door, I saw a ton of color Thanks for the deal on the pods BTW
  17. 92g Oregon Reef

    Thanks. Was a bit of a challenge not having all of the pieces in place at the time. My only real error was not making enough room for 1 of the true union ball valves on the closed loop. I can live with that, but it'll cost me yet more time before I can put water in the tank lol.
  18. 92g Oregon Reef

    Oh, and the lights are officially installed, as well as the gyres, though I ended up with 1 bad power supply, so had to order a new one for one of them.
  19. 92g Oregon Reef

    Made some progress this weekend. Got the manifold done, as well as nearly all of the plumbing. A slight miscalculation on the room I had to work with on the CL pump means I have to wait a few more days for a few new fittings to run with plan B, but the drain lines and return lines are done, and skimmer is in the sump.
  20. 92g Oregon Reef

    I've started the plumbing, but working 6 days a week for UPS through the end of the year. Will need to find a regular job in January, but making money and losing weight at the same time is good 😂 as for the plumbing, doing a little each day before work. The drains are all but done, so will be working on the CL, returns and manifold next, and the wife has decided furniture needs rearranging...
  21. 92g Oregon Reef

    Lol. Well, I did blow the budget of course. Spent more on lighting than I'd planned, but hard to resist 50% off 😁
  22. 92g Oregon Reef

    Well, got the canopy finished and mounted the Maxspects. The shipment of plumbing fitting also finally showed up, so will start laying pipe soon
  23. 92g Oregon Reef

    Well, a little setback with the plumbing part shipment...They sent out the 2nd order, but seemed to forget all about the 1st...So, I had to contact them and they finally shipped it yesterday. Looks like I'm waiting another 7-10 days to get the plumbing done. Still working on the canopy. Got a couple coats of stain on and will add 1 or 2 more shortly. And had this show up yesterday
  24. Anyone know what these are?

    They don't look quite like the majano's I've seen in the past...however, they are a type of pest anemone, and you can see several smaller ones in the nooks and crannies as well. Soooo, kill em and be done...Turning off the pumps and covering in kalk past has been my go to in the past.
  25. 92g Oregon Reef

    Scored a pair of Maxspect 150's to add to the flow in the tank, And decided against going open top, so time to get to work on the old canopy that came with the tank and bump it up a bit...