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  1. Yeah, I'm gonna need to add a few myself...😐
  2. Looking for a few powerheads. Affordable controllable pumps like jebaos preferred, but will consider others. They're going on 5' frag tanks, so must be decently high volume...portland area...
  3. Yep. I bought 3 sheets of black 2 weeks ago
  4. Multicraft In Tigard stocks it. $13/sheet
  5. CNC Purle Urple, though with high light it's a beautiful sky blue color, at least in my tank.
  6. Good question. Hard for me to get decent pics, but it's a 3"x3"x3" colony now
  7. Sounds like fun. Pencil me in. I may be able to drive as well if needed. Just need to run the details by the wife lol.
  8. A razor blade works well. If you want them gone, be sure to shave the rock just under them. Any flesh left behind will possibly just lead to another mushroom.
  9. Anyone holding onto any crushed coral or aragonite sand? New or used but budget friendly would be most appreciated. Happy valley area but can travel a bit. Jeremy
  10. Will do. Had to order new glasses, so my budget took a hit as I started this whole project lol
  11. Thanks. Clearing and building stands later this week, so was aiming for sooner.
  12. What are the other dimensions? Planning the layout now, well, after I clear the space lol, and need to see what kind of room I have to play with.
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