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  1. jtarmitage

    92g Oregon Reef

    Not much to update yet. Frag tank is still not online as s I got sidetracked remodeling a pair of bathrooms. Half way through tiling the first shower. Had to pull the tub to build a shower to take a bit of space from this bathroom to expand my shower a tad. Takes awhile as I'm learning as I go lol. With that being said, there will be a bit of a change with the tank coming up next month 😁 For now, its back to tiling for me...😐
  2. jtarmitage

    Is there anything else I can do to fight aefw?

    As I messed up the date and missed the meeting, can someone offer a brief recap here?🙏
  3. jtarmitage

    Is there anything else I can do to fight aefw?

    Been there, done that. I set up a 2nd system in the garage and moved all stones there. Dipped before they went in and every 5 days for a month, and let those remaining in the DT starve out. Ducked but is the best option
  4. jtarmitage

    Centropyge potteri

    I also had one in my last mixed reef tank. Was a model citizen...
  5. jtarmitage

    Sometimes you forget to check Alk for two weeks

    What app are you using to track it?
  6. jtarmitage

    Rainbow and rose Nems

    This is in your post, not PM...
  7. jtarmitage

    Rainbow and rose Nems

    Interested in a rose but you can't receive PMs...😁
  8. jtarmitage

    CNC TFT AUCTION ! #2 Rainbow Acan

  9. jtarmitage

    Coral Giveaway!

    Share the love
  10. jtarmitage

    Magnesium Use

    BRS is really a 3 part solution, dosed at the same rate, but the mag can be dosed all at once. Not sure that's wise, but can be done lol
  11. jtarmitage

    92g Oregon Reef

    Picked up a frag tank. It had a leaky overflow box that was just a bit big to fit the space I had, so it was time to bust out the saw... Then a patch to close up the hole and a few hours of polishing, a new hole in the side for a drain, and voila.. And in place. Still need to plumb it and get a bit of foam under it just for peace of mind and to hide the plywood and give it a cleaner look.
  12. jtarmitage

    92g Oregon Reef

    A little more progress. Got the mixing station set up. Now turning a few ball valves will move the fresh RODI to the salt bin. Add salt and the pump and inline heater will get it prepped, then another v salve will send it to the tank. 😁 Also got the manifold installed, my carbon and gfo reactors installed, and built a couple of shelves for the doser and chemicals. Still need to tidy up the wires, but 1 thing at a time lol.
  13. jtarmitage

    Corals for Sale!SE Portland

    Ah, no. Already have one similar if not the same
  14. jtarmitage

    Corals for Sale!SE Portland

    I'll take the joker favia, frag b of the pokerstar and mystic montis, the tricolor and left tierra del fuego 😁
  15. jtarmitage

    Frag Tank with stand and light $100

    Thanks. Playing with the idea of building my own, but would need to find a reasonable glass shop lol