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  1. jtarmitage


    Definitely hydroids. Manual removal and kalk paste is how I dealt with them in the past. They will spread quickly, so don't waste time dealing with them as they'll pester your corals
  2. jtarmitage

    Tunze ATO ?

    Why not just put the output up into the overflow on the tank? Would solve the back siphon issue without relying on something else that can fail...
  3. jtarmitage

    180 Breakdown Equipment Sale

    Pics of the t5 retro kit? Does it have reflectors, and if so, how long are they?
  4. jtarmitage

    Maxspect Ethereals

  5. jtarmitage

    Maxspect Ethereals

    2x Maxspect Ethereal LEDs with ICV6 controller for sale, $500 for all. I'm upgrading tanks in the near future and need to go a different direction with my lighting. Everything works perfectly.
  6. jtarmitage

    Hydra HD52

    LOL. I need a reef gear layaway plan...but picking up my new tank this weekend and itll be a month or 2 before I can swing new lights
  7. jtarmitage

    Hydra HD52

    [language filter]...already blew my reef budget for a bit. My timing could have been a bit better. 😐
  8. jtarmitage

    Tank turnover......baffled

    It looks right. The only place you'd see the flow is the 2nd to last baffle, and the flow is spread over the entire length, and that looks like a good sized sump. First, test by removing s bit of water so you can see the flow, or add some food to the middle chamber of the sump to see the flow. 2nd, I'd add an elbow to the input of the pump to draw water from lower in the return section. The water level in the last baffle section and the return compartment will always be the same as it's an under flow baffle. The water level in the rest of the sump is dictated by the 1 over flow baffle.
  9. jtarmitage

    Pump needed

    I've got a waterblaster HY7000 I can let go for $50
  10. jtarmitage

    THE master of camoflage

    LOL. Took me a sec to figure out what you were talking about...😂😂😂
  11. jtarmitage

    Gorilla play structure free

    Would love to have it if it's still available. My 4 year old needs this 😀
  12. jtarmitage

    WTB Aqua UV/Emperor Aquatics UV sterilizer.

    Found. Thank you 😁
  13. Looking for a 40W unit but will consider slightly smaller or larger. Let me know what you've got😁
  14. jtarmitage

    92g Oregon Reef

    Not much to update yet. Frag tank is still not online as s I got sidetracked remodeling a pair of bathrooms. Half way through tiling the first shower. Had to pull the tub to build a shower to take a bit of space from this bathroom to expand my shower a tad. Takes awhile as I'm learning as I go lol. With that being said, there will be a bit of a change with the tank coming up next month 😁 For now, its back to tiling for me...😐
  15. jtarmitage

    Is there anything else I can do to fight aefw?

    As I messed up the date and missed the meeting, can someone offer a brief recap here?🙏