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  1. Yep. It will stick out 12". Cant have it out much further without intruding on the walkway and cant put it all the way back (even if I wanted to) without blocking access to the fish/storage room. The tank is 6' x 3' x 2'. I will be building a canopy for the front to close it in on that side.
  2. And the tank is in place. Still need to level it and do 100 other things before it gets wet, but it's getting there.
  3. That was the old setup. It worked well, but was right where the 270g tank was going through the wall. The heart of my fishroom is still a bit of a mess, but coming along...
  4. I combined my main display and frag systems into a single sump, and had to deal with a frag tank that split, so it's been slow getting to this point, but I'm just about ready to slide the tank into place. The plumbing is already in place, so will just need to add the final connections after moving the tank. Then comes the closed loop and cabinetry work.
  5. And then open the wall up, re-route a few electrical lines, brace the joists, as it's a load bearing wall, cut the studs, add a header and after cleaning up the giant mess, we are here...
  6. Been busy the last few weekends prepping for the new tank downstairs. First, I had to relocate the sump and mixing station for the upstairs tank...
  7. I've got a pair on my 110g. I really like them with 1 caveat...the magnets, at least on the older models, are on the weak side. I'm not sure if they have addressed the issue already or not for new ones. It's not really a problem on my tank, but the pumps do a little back and forth shimmy on pulse mode sometimes. They haven't shifted positions or fallen, just do a little dance from time to time lol. They move a ton of water, are low profile, and don't have the awful MP40 ramping sounds as they are IN the tank...
  8. I just added a 110g tank to my system. Its tied into my main display, so your corals would be as safe as mine...I can hold off on filling it with frags for a bit if you're still in need.
  9. Also, open to trades for Kessils, Hydra's, Radions, Radion RMS rail and slides for xr30s, and a DC pump bigger than a Waveline DC6000...Need to up the flow on a closed loop and could update/add to the lighting on the frag systems and my new tank.
  10. I wanted it as it would fit nicely where I had a frag tank previously that cracked. Though it would have been a waste of a beautiful tank just to use it as a grow out tank lol.
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