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  1. 92g Oregon Reef

    LOL. I've thought about that. In time I'm sure. For now I'll have a couple of cans to the right for RO and saltwater, with shelves above. Gotta stock the main tank before I worry to much about the future frag system 😁 I've got the holes cut and run the flex pvc. Not really looking forward to actually doing the rest of the plumbing πŸ˜‚. Also, I decided to run a deepish sand bed with a plenum in the tank as I had the vertical space. Just built an overflow in 1 corner with the external yellowtail pump below the tank. The manifold system will be added at a later date. Filling it with water today and adding the extra live rock i picked up. Still need to build a skimmer stand and start connecting the plumbing.
  2. BT's 75Gallon Build

    Looking good. That border makes a big difference on the stand.
  3. 92g Oregon Reef

    Getting a little closer...I must say I hate waiting on things to dry...drywall mud, a couple times, texture, paint, paint again...The tank is officially in place(no pic yet), but still need to run the plumbing. Turned out pretty well for my first shot at doing drywall.
  4. 92g Oregon Reef

    A bit of progress...Finished tearing out the old shelving downstairs, fixed a leaking water line, added a new faucet, ran a new 4 outlet GFCI line, and threw up some insulation(more for sound suppression than anything). Will put up some sheetrock tomorrow and hopefully start building out the stand and shelves later this week. I also picked up some additional live rock that I've got simmering as I have a bunch of room at the bottom of this 110g tank, so might as well add some additional biological filtration
  5. Clear pvc cement

    Yeah, if you're using white off, clear is definitely the way to go for aesthetic purposes, though I strongly urge people to still use primer. You can get that in clear as well and makes for far better bonds. As we have a lot of vibration in our systems and tend to bang the pipes now and then working around our tanks, the primer creates a much stronger bond resulting in fewer leaks. I'd much rather do the plumbing right the first time than deal with the mess later...😲
  6. River City Corals 120 shallow reef build

    All out and about. Settling right in 😁
  7. River City Corals 120 shallow reef build

    Very nice. Looking forward to seeing the build once you get settled.
  8. Clear pvc cement

    Lol. Looks good πŸ˜‚
  9. Showing off just some stuff

    Very nice πŸ‘
  10. 92g Oregon Reef

    Thanks Brian. Still pondering how I'm gonna set it up and segment it. Hadn't planned on such a deep tank, but that's what was on the market for the right price when I was looking lol. It'll have at least 1 baffle, likely 1 on each end as water enters and exits the sump. I'll obviously have to elevate the skimmer and I'm thinking about doing away with the filter socks as the fudge is just a wee bit bigger...I'll add a bunch of live rock down low and create a bit of a cryptic zone, with the macro and frag rack up top. It'll be a bit before I add a frag setup as I'll need another light and have loads of space in the display, and the wallet needs a little recovery time πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  11. Mantha Shrimp close up

    Lol. He was all tied up at the timeπŸ˜‚
  12. 92g Oregon Reef

    Have a new project underway....😁 Decided while the current setup works well enough, it could be improved upon. So, we have this wonderful storage space located downstairs nearly right below the tank. Decided to use it and picked up a cheap 110g glass tank to use as a sump/fuge/frag tank. Needs a bit of work cleaning up the tank, removing some shelving, and building to suit. Will run the plumbing into the closet and down through the floor. As it happens, we already have a drain in the floor and a water line right where the tank is going. The water line has a shutoff valve for an exterior spigot with a leaking seal, so while we fix the leak, we are going to add another spigot to supply the RO/DI.
  13. Smart idea for mounting power strips

    Lol, what a simple yet brilliant idea
  14. Bug ID?

    Just amphipods and copepods