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  1. 92g Oregon Reef

    LOL, thanks. It's gonna stall for 7-10 days awaiting plumbing parts. I finally got around to fully mapping out where/how I plan on running everything to figure out what all I'd need to order. Going with grey PVC as I have in the past and making sure I put the proper unions, true union ball valves, and gate valves in the right places, and will set up a manifold to run a carbon/gfo reactor and have a couple of valves open for potential future additions should I decide to add. I'd forgotten just how quickly all the valves, unions, and fittings can add up...
  2. 92g Oregon Reef

    The fuge is a 10g tank that I mirrored 4 of the sides on to make the most out of whatever light I put on it... I'll end up linking the two tanks together via a pair of 1" pipes and feeding the fuge via 1 of the 2 main drains from the tank. Just need to wait for my plumbing order to arrive... Other than that, got the holes drilled for the returns, and had to enlarge the holes in the bottom of the tank to accommodate 1" bulkheads. Finally placed the order for the plumbing fittings and valves...will be a waiting game for a bit now until delivery.
  3. 92g Oregon Reef

    A bit more work on the tank done this week. First up, I painted the sides and back to the sump (20 Long) to limit the light entering the sump from the fuge and to hide any cables running behind the tank: Then laid out the acrylic pieces to turn this into a proper sump...
  4. 92g Oregon Reef

  5. 92g Oregon Reef

    Finished up staining the stand, painting the back of the tank and installing the overflow. Next up, putting the doors back on and drawing up the plumbing to figure out what all needs ordering...
  6. 92g Oregon Reef

    Thanks nrc...Trying to get the stand color right atm and its driving me nuts lol. I'm from Northern California originally, and after living in Hawaii for the last 5 years I've come to realize that I am much more of a mountains guy than a beach guy
  7. 92g Oregon Reef

    Yep, used the drill and novus 1, 2, and 3. There are still some scratches that I'd need to hit with sandpaper to fully remove, but most will vanish with water in the tank, so I've opted not to go to that extreme.
  8. 92g Oregon Reef

    You can also see from the pic above, that I went with the Synergy Reef Shadow overflow. Had to drill a couple extra holes in the tank, but it's a nice unit. Still to do...paint the back of the tank black to hide the pluming and wires and give it a nice clean look.As for the holes in the bottom...they tank was previously a freshwater tank with a UG filter. As the holes are already there, and I like a nice clean look in the tank, I will be re purposing them for a closed loop.Thus far, I have a few things ordered, including a Waveline DC6000 and a Waterblaster HY7000. I'm not yet sure which will be the return pump vs the closed loop pump, but I got great deals on both, and I guess I've got a little time to figure it out, as I'm still working on modifying and refinishing the stand.PUMPS:Return vs Closed LoopWaveline DC6000 (1585 gph)WaterBlaster HY7000 (1800 gph)Heater:Cobalt 150w Neo-ThermEheim Jager 150w (Back-up and extra umph for those cold Northwest months)RO/DI:BRS 75GPD 4 stage value RO/DIRock & Sand:50lbs Marco Rock along with a few seed rocks I'll pick up locally60lbs Carib Sea Arag-AliveSalt:HW-MarineMix Reefer Salt - I've always run Reef Crystals in the past, but decided to try something a little different this go roundLights:As for lights, I'm holding my breath a bit. I found a too good to be true deal on eBay on a pair of these:Vervve Plus LED Fixture with Bluetooth - GiesemannBeing the deal that it is, and being that I have to wait an extensive time for economy shipping from China, I will believe it when they are actually in hand...Should this not pan out, lighting is up in the air, but will either be T5, LED, or a combination of the 2 depending on the deal that I can find...Skimmer:Yet to be determined. Depends on the deal, though I am looking at the Simplicity 120DC or 240DC. I am vertically challenged in my stand. I cut the bottom out of the stand which gives me 26", but will need room for plumbing and I don't think the 23"-24" skimmers that I like will be fun to maintain...Controller:As this was a bit of a budget build, I wasn't going to add a controller, or if I did, I was just going to pick up an AC jr or Reef Keeper lite, but I came across another deal and will be picking up an Apex with a pair of EB8'sSump:As for a sump, I can't justify getting what I want, which would need to be a custom job to work in my stand. So I'll be using a pair of plain 15 or 20g tanks plumbed together, with the left being the "system" sump, and the right being a fuge.I think that covers the basics up to this point...I'll post up more as I go. Happy reefing all.
  9. 92g Oregon Reef

    And after a solid days polishing...
  10. 92g Oregon Reef

    Being a used tank, it needed a little TLC. Lots of scratches to work on, a stand that needed refinishing, and a few holes in the tank to work into my plans. So, a little elbow grease was required....
  11. 92g Oregon Reef

    Hello all. After living in Hawaii for the past 5 years, we have moved up to the Pacific Northwest and it's time to get my fingers wet again. I'm a long time reefer, with my last tank being a 225g(5'x3'x2') custom peninsula that was taken down in a rush prior to moving to the middle of the Pacific lol.So, it's time to build another tank, and on a bit of a budget. I've got some items so far, and will list the details as I go. Others I'm waiting on until I find the right deal.THE TANK:I picked up a used acrylic 60"x18"x18" tank I found on Craigslist. For $75 for the tank and stand, I couldn't really pass it up