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    WTB Desktop sized AIO

  2. danimal630

    WTB Desktop sized AIO

    Hi all, first post here. Been lurking for months though reading and looking at all of your tanks and builds. I think I'm finally ready to give this a shot myself. I'm an apartment dweller in Seattle so I don't have a lot of room for a large tank, stand, sump etc. I'd like a 10-30 gallon self contained unit (nuvo, biocube, anything else?) and whatever components that could be used on this size tank that you fine folks have laying around unused. I've noticed most of you are from Oregon or southern WA but I am willing to drive down on a weekend to grab stuff. I will follow this post as well as regularly check the classifieds. Thank you guys, hopefully there will be a build thread from me forthcoming in the next few months! Thank you all for looking and considering helping get someone into this hobby. Best, Dan