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  1. I don't usually post because I don't have much interesting to show off, but I found this unique. About a month ago I had my first fish loss in over 2 years. I usually put a blanket over my aquarium when the lights turn off so my fish aren't bothered by any light. Unfortunately, I forgot to leave room for air to enter the tank, and I woke up the next day to find clownfish jerky on the floor. I now only have one clownfish and a firefish goby. The goby had to put up with the two territorial and dominant clownfish for over a year and a half, but ever since the dominate clownfish jumped there has been a swing in tank politics. My clownfish now acts reclusive, and is shy about going out from their cave or under shade to get food. The goby is now out almost all the time in the front of the tank and freely swims wherever. While this is all interesting, I think it pales in comparison to the relationship the goby and clownfish have formed. The clownfish has begun sitting on rocks or in caves next to the firefish, or outside when it can't fit. They confidently swim side by side, often touching. My clownfish's personality has completely shifted from the time of his big sister's death, but appears to be in perfect health. The two clownfish had been together their entire lives, even apart of the same hatchery. When I first introduced them to the tank they acted flabbergasted by the concept of a rock because they had never before seen one. Regardless, I will try to take some photos of my fish exhibiting this weird behavior. I just think it's cute that through loss they have realized that all they have is each other. I'm not sure if to add a new clownfish because my current one is quite big and old as well as what I have perceived as a hard pattern to come by. I don't want to get a fish just for it to be chased around the tank and eventually killed.
  2. Thanks for the replies. I've been dreading having to do a maintenance day, but it probably is the best thing I can do. I have a Red Sea Max Nano with base filtration. I consider the skimmer and filter sock very good, but I haven't had the experience of owning much to compare it to. I get my water from an RODI Machine I hookup to my outside garden hose and fill 5 gallon buckets at a time with. I am going to make a permanent station eventually, but for now I have the BRS 4-stage system with no TDS meter. Ill update with photos after I do a 50% waterchange, takeout the sand, and remove as much of the algae as I can reach.
  3. Hey everyone. I would make an effort to submit photos tonight of my tank however it's past its bedtime. Over the last month one of my hammer corals has been partially closed most of the time. I continuously checked my levels to be presented with perfect water parameters. I decided that its best if I give it time. Two weeks have passed now, and most unfortunately my tank has spiraled into bubble algae heaven. I have made 2 attempts to remove it, but even with a siphon hose and a scalpel I cannot get to all of it. Within 2-3 days it completely grows back. Today I came home to find that 2 of my 3 sps frags had closed and changed colors to a more dull tint. My rainbow acropora is turning green and another purple/green frag I have has turned a darker blue. There is no polyp extension. My other large hammer coral was also retracted, with my mushroom corals bleached white instead of its normal flesh color, though the green highlights are still prevalent towards the top. My anemone, or two as it split a month ago, seems unaffected and continues to take up way to much space and sting my zoa's. My levels, as I said before are perfect under my standards. I am unable to test for phosphates with my current equipment, however I've read elsewhere that bubble algae doesn't need an influx of them to grow. Salinity 1.025 Alkalinity 7.4 dKH Calcium 420ppm Magnesium 1350ppm Nitrate 0 Nitrite 0 Ammonia 0 Tempature 80.5F I have calculated my system water volume with rocks to be 14gal. I've been doing a 5 gallon water change every week since I saw the hammer was closed. My tank is almost a year old now. I've hit many bumps in the road but this is one that I am clueless to the solution. Photos will be submitted tomorrow around lunchtime. Please help.
  4. Edogg

    Thanks, Jeff!

    Gorgeous piece! I look forward to picking up a few alike it for myself in the near future
  5. Looks great Those clownfish look happy in their cave.
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