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  1. What do you think did this?

    Wondering if I caused a new problem trying to fix bubble algea....got a emerald crabs....do you think they are doing this to my poor LPS? I also thought I needed more clean up crew and got some star fish....thought they would be fun....are they destructive? Didnt read bad info on the liveaquaria info page....but now...reading some questioning things... Changed flow as well....got second gyre pump...so many variables trying to make things better and get stable but not sure if doing harmful things...still such a newbie.. Anyway, poor coral ripped down to the skeleton....will they survive? 20170911_084205.jpg.pdf 20170911_084032.jpg.pdf
  2. Feather duster or aiptasia?

    Sorry I am such a newbie...been reading horror stories and I really have a hard time telling the difference and if I should be worried about these guys? Are there any easy ways of knowing if they are feather dusters or aiptasia? #of tenticals? If they have the tube and can go in it are they feather dusters for sure? Thank you!!
  3. Feather duster or aiptasia?

    I can not tell about a shared encrusted base. It is on a rock that makes it very hard to tell and I am so inexperienced regarding what to look for.
  4. Top ones look like some kind of tube worms? The bottom white one opens and closes kind of like a Venus fly trap. Both sick themselves all the way in to hide...they are in a montipora... Are they bad guys? Thanks!!!#
  5. New hitchhikers....Venus fly trap?

    Awesome! Thanks!
  6. I bought a Nuvo fusion 10 gal kit for my quarantine tank. It came with a Skkye 6x3 watt led light and I am wondering if it is OK to support coral for the quarantine time? The only other info I find about the light is that it is 3 x 10k and 3 x 456nm Thank you for advise!
  7. Well I brought home me first corals, mushroom, xenia and another one that I should have written down the name...from the lfs Exciting.... 3 things came off of them...see attached pics. I understand the white starfish is not good but done now what the worm or the red legged star are? Also, a black baby snail like thing but it seems to have legs came crawling out of my sump? Anybody know what these are? I didn't quarenteen the coral but maybe I should have....getting quarenteen tank set up today...
  8. First coral dip....and stuff that came off

    I didn't see them at all before the rx bath....
  9. First coral dip....and stuff that came off

    Do you you know about the other star and snail like thing?
  10. 90 gallon tank flow?

    I have a 1000 l/h pump for my 90 gallon tank overflow to sump. I also got a wp40 WaveMaker...wondering how you know what direction it should be pointed? Is this enough flow for the 90? Too much? Thanks for any advice!!!
  11. 90 gallon tank flow?

    The back is flat but the overflow sticks out there. Yes I would like coral. I tried putting it in and if the flow is turned up a lot it wiggles and moves...looks like it could work itself off the outside magnet and fall....I am thinking that may be due to the curved glass. I didn't try attaching it to the flat part in the back. It is black...not sure if it is paint or plastic. Will work on it. Thanks!
  12. 90 gallon tank flow?

    Thank you!
  13. I used the Nutrafin test for ammonia and I have a really hard time understanding what the results are. Please see attached pictures and let me know what you think. Also, Nitrate and Nitrite are both so faint in color...do I assume close to 0 ? Thanks!!!!
  14. Hello, I would like to introduce myself. I had freshwater aquariums growing up and always dreamed of having a saltwater tank. Now that I am retired (have time) and a little more financially capable, I am giving it a try. I ordered an AquaVim 90 gal 3/4 cilinder tank and waiting for delivery. It is coming with 1,000 gpm SmartSump, Protein skimmer, HO 82W LED lights, WaveMaker and 300W heater. I bought a koolermax RO-DI, 80 lbs Caribbean life rock and 100 lbs Caribsea live sand. Anxiously waiting for the tank and praying it will arrive in good condition.... I tried to read as much as possible but still have so many questions....do I have enough rock? Confused about curing time with life rock and live sand? Do I turn on everything while curing? Drew a tank outline and tried to arrange rocks...would have 13 inches of just water up high with what I have now. I appreciate any and all help and look forward to reading about everyone's tanks and comments. Thank you! Karen
  15. Ammonia test results hard to diagnose

    I am also finding I question the test equipment....I am so old I can hardly see the refractometer readings and it varies from the plastic hydrometer readings... Hope I can get better at all of this...I have been dreaming of beautiful coral and fish.....and getting anxious....the tank has only been running since May 5 and I keep shopping on line....restraint is hard!
  16. New to Saltwater, starting 90 gal

    I am wondering about an auto top off system and how big of reservoir I would need for the 90 gallon tank? I really appreciate the experienced advice!
  17. Ammonia test results hard to diagnose

    I retested today and it clearly read O I must have done something wrong...
  18. Foam during new tank start up

    I finally got my tank filled up and have a lot of foam? Please see the picture. When I start the skimmer it immediately foams so much in the skimmer cup that it overflows. Does anyone know why? Is this normal? What should I do? Thanks!
  19. New to Saltwater, starting 90 gal

    I am wondering if someone can tell me how much evaporation to expect with the 90 gal tank on the west side of mountains by puget sound ..seems we have 90+ humidity....is evaporafion as much as on the east side?
  20. Ammonia test results hard to diagnose

    I ordered API and Slifer tests so I can compare.... I'm not comfortable with the uncertainty....
  21. Ammonia test results hard to diagnose

    No....sounds like the a good idea
  22. Foam during new tank start up

    The foam is subsiding....the charcoal is working! Thank you!
  23. Foam during new tank start up

    Are you asking if I tested it myself or if b I had it tested by someone else? Can you advise what I should have it tested for and who could do it? Thanks
  24. Foam during new tank start up

    I did not use the jb weld in all places...only in 1 place on the drain line in case I need to take the plumbing apart. At first i just stuck it together thinking if it came apart it would just drain into the sump but it leaked too much. The hard pvc plumbing goes all the way into the sump so that you could never be able to remove the sump if the plumbing doesn't come apart some how. I used blue pvc plumbing glue in other places. I am getting the activated charcoal today
  25. Foam during new tank start up

    No, I have not used ammonia. I use a lot of hand cream because my hands are so dry. I am thinking that ma have contaminated the water. It just started when I turned in the skimmer. Was running fine with just the pump. No even running the pump causes foam.