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  1. Aznbala

    Hangin' in Hawaii!

    Thanks for sharing all the pics!
  2. Aznbala

    Hangin' in Hawaii!

    I haven't been to Hawaii in a while. Envy your vacation. Have fun and keep showing the pics!
  3. Aznbala

    Visiting LFS ediquette

    Hi I like to visit the local fish stores and just look around. I cannot buy anything because my house is not ready for one atm. Is it bad to visit all the stores a couple times a month just browsing? Anyone else do this?
  4. Aznbala

    Fish for Biocube?

    Doesn't the flasher wrasse need a bigger tank? Thought I read 55
  5. Aznbala

    Visiting LFS ediquette

    Haha ok thanks guys. It's just mostly looking at stock. Most questions I just google so I don't bother any employees
  6. Aznbala

    Dwarf cuttlefish tank

    Sweet videos. Always loved cuttlefish. I didn't think they lived very long
  7. Aznbala

    any eel fans?

    Any new pics? I would love a dwarf golden myself but I love all eels
  8. Aznbala

    I love seahorses

    My wife loves them as well. Might have to get a tank for them
  9. Aznbala

    Hey guys

    Welcome and dang. Glad you are ok
  10. Aznbala

    Eye candy!

    Is that a dwarf golden eel?
  11. Aznbala

    A few photos from lately

    In the 5th pic, what is on the bottom left? Great looking tank!
  12. Aznbala

    Rock Nem Love Affair

    Wow those are gorgeous. I need to do some more research for my tank.
  13. Aznbala

    Eye Candy

    Gorgeous stuff as always
  14. Aznbala

    oh wow another 29 Biocube thread.

    Any new pics? I am basically trying the same thing. Budget reef tank.
  15. Aznbala

    Sale this weekend!

    Wow. Wish I had my tank up and running!
  16. Aznbala

    Cuttle Fish n Corals visit!

    Nice fish. Been to the store once. Great looking store
  17. Aznbala

    Hello from new member

    Hi my name is Jason. 36 years old. Married with a 2 year old. Living in west linn. I do not currently have a tank nor have ever owned a marine tank. Life got in the way. Anyways doing research. It will probably be at least a year until I can start my tank. I love salt water fish, inverts and corals. Also looking for any stores to visit in the Portland area. Been to all the ones on yelp. Thanks and hello