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  1. Hello. So I've started a little side job of building stands. If anyone is needing one, I can usually do it in just a day or 2. I'd charge exact cost of materials, and little more for my time. I will build to your measurements. I will send some pics of the ones I've done so far. The biggest has been for a 135 gallon tank. Tall, short, color, whatever you desire. I want to do one with like barn door slider. I think that would.look killer, if you had the space available. If this is not ok here, please feel free to remove. I wasnt sure. Thanks all and have a great day!!

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  2. Hello. Happy mothers day to all the moms!! I have a 8 gallon all in 1 I'm hoping to trade for some coral. If anyone is interested, please hit me up. I'm in Keizer. Thanks. Only minus, I dont have a light for this tank. Heater and pump is included. 


  3. I so have a refractometer. I'll have to check to see how to calibrate it. Been using it as is, so I'll double check when I get home. Hope the pump did well for you!! I did pick up a basic test kit, but will get the others as well. Been doing a lot of checking online. Appears Ph is good, need to recheck everything else though.

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  4. Sounds like I need to get a good test kit. I was gonna order 1, but was hoping somebody had 1 for sale here first. I haven't had this tank going very long, used the water that was in the tank, salinity was super low. My few fish are good, but anything else is doing horrible. My previous system did awesome, and with very little work. Maybe I was lucky. I'd love to try some different corals this time, but dont want to start buying without any knowledge of proper maintenance. 

  5. Just a basic saltwater test kit. Ph, ammonia, nitrates, nitrites,  just the basics. I'm not sure what else to be checking. I dont try to do hard corals, just the softies. Sorry, I'm not smart about any names of stuff. Any extra pointers for advice is always appreciated. I read a ton on the internet, but like the advice of the people here.

  6. 40 minutes ago, Huntero1975 said:

    I have some little marine land lights would work for fish only.  one is programmable and the other is not, how about $20.00 each


    Thank you for the offer, but I do need one that may help grow some corals. I do appreciate it though!!

  7. I'm needing a LED light for a 60 gallon cube. I wish I could afford the higher end, but if anyone has one for sale, or laying around, I can do some cash, and maybe trades? I have 1700 gph pump and probably some other stuff. Let me know what you got. Closer to Salem area would be awesome. Thanks!!!

  8. Thank you.  I will get some pics when I get home. I hooked this up the exact way I took it apart 2 days ago. There wasn't any valves in either line, and it ran very quietly. I drilled a hole in the return line last night and added a small piece of air line to no avail. I really appreciate the help.