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  1. I have a nice 90 gallon acrylic corner tank for sale. Seems to be like an all in one. Acrylic has some scratches. I painted the stand. No accessories included. Except I do have a 36" Light with I my 1 bulb. Will need a second bulb. I was thinking if building a canopy for it, just don't have the time. Asking 150.00 or best offer. Thanks.
  2. WTB CO2 Tank

    Don't known if this is a good deal, but thought id forward it to you.
  3. WTB CO2 Tank

    On salem craigslist
  4. Trouble using new ro/do unit

    Does anyone have any experience with a Kent Marine Hi-s 4 chamber Maxims unit? I got this in a recent tank purchase and have no idea how to use it. I couldn't find much online either. Any suggestions or pointers woould be hugely appreciated. Thank you! Do i use the water from the "out " line, and the other is waste?
  5. Trouble using new ro/do unit

    One thing I forgot to mention. So the yellow is the in line, there's a blue with a meter hooked up to it showing me the numbers for the output that I have been saving that water, and a second blue I'm assuming is the waste line. On that second blue line, there is a valve and a cap. Could I treat it like a ball valve, close it up some to increase my output? I also don't want to damage it.
  6. Trouble using new ro/do unit

    LOL.Hurry up and wait, right?
  7. Trouble using new ro/do unit

    I think we are at 75 psi. Just patience on my part. Lol. If I can. Thanks again!!
  8. Trouble using new ro/do unit

    I want to start it earlier, but I just wanted to make sure I was doing it right. I guess I'll start it it tonight. Thanks again for the help.
  9. Trouble using new ro/do unit

    Also, got the tank inside today. Took a while, But I think I got all plumbing hooked up right. Now I'll just wait a couple days to get some water going. Pretty anxious.
  10. Trouble using new ro/do unit

    That's kinda what I was thinking also. I ran some for a while today. Man, thats a slow process. Thanks Dale.
  11. 125 setup

    Thanks again for the tank. Can't wait to get it up and running. Super excited !!
  12. Live Rock

    Pm sent
  13. Live Rock

    Are there any other kinds of trades you might be looking for? Other than tank goodies? Thanks.
  14. How many gallons?

    I have a new to me tank I'm working on, and will want to try to sell when finished, but can anyone help me figure out how many gallons it is? I'll include a picture. TIA!!
  15. WTB LED lights

    I saw that. Do you still have my cell? You could text a few?
  16. WTB LED lights

    I did a water change today, and was gonna check levels again tomorrow. If nitrates are still high, I may hit up on that. Thanks very much. Still no pics of the new setup?
  17. WTB LED lights

    About 2 months. I am gonna try alternating my lights. See if that improves things. Today everything looked good. So I don't know. Maybe expecting too much, too soon.
  18. WTB LED lights

    Go blue, white, blue,.white? Would that change the timer pattern?
  19. WTB LED lights

    Ok. Checked the water. Ph is 8.2. Ammonia 0. Nitrates 0. Nitrates are high it seems at 40. Trying to figure out the best way to lower them. Seems.like water changes? Any suggestions? Thanks.
  20. 65G Rookie Build

    65 tall I'm told. I have quite a bit of rock in there. Probably 100-125 pounds.
  21. 65G Rookie Build

    Unsure if my water right now. Need to check. Trying to upload my lights. I think T5 with 3 white lights and 2 blue and a purple. All tube of course. Need to probably upgrade.
  22. 65G Rookie Build

    Here's my before pics.
  23. 65G Rookie Build

    Nice. I think this new tank has a few, but luckily thet are on the outside. What kind of lighting did you use? I think I'm having issues with growing my stuff because of my lights, but I have no idea.
  24. 65G Rookie Build

    The white looks great. I just picked up a 90 gallon corner that I'm gonna paint white with some kind of from color. Was thinking red. How did you do the buffing in that tank?