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  1. I have a 55 gallon acrylic tank I want gone. Got it for free, hopefully someone here could make some use out of it, or something. It was patched out the end at one time. I'm told it holds water just fine. Let me know if you want it. Thanks!!
  2. Chadm73

    Free 55 gallon acrylic tank

    Tank is gone. Thanks. Please close.
  3. Chadm73

    Whys my tank seems to be flushing?

    Just 1 pipe runs to the sump. I took all of this off a system that was up and running yesterday, with no issues.
  4. Chadm73

    Bunch of stuff for sale!

    LOL. I can come get it whenever, and pay in dollars!!
  5. Chadm73

    Bunch of stuff for sale!

    I'll take the cube. If no one else has claimed it.
  6. Chadm73

    Question about selling...

    What size pumps do you have?
  7. Chadm73

    Free Canister Filters

    Did someone ever grab these?
  8. Chadm73

    $30.00 bowfront with stand, rocks, sand.sold

    Dang, wish you were closer.
  9. Chadm73

    $30.00 bowfront with stand, rocks, sand.sold

    Where are you located?
  10. Chadm73

    Equipment for sale

    Tried messaging you. My phone has been acting up. Would live to come grab the tank. Let me know what works for you. Thanks!!
  11. Chadm73

    Equipment for sale

    I sent you a PM
  12. Chadm73

    Equipment for sale

    Is your tank still available?
  13. Chadm73

    Styrofoam boxes for shipping

    I've got 1, but in Keizer. You'e welcome to it.
  14. Chadm73

    Looking for rock and sand

    I might be ok right now, but if I need more, ill definitely let you know. Thank you!
  15. Hello. Does anyone near Salem have either live rock, dry rock, and live sand available? Trying to get a new tank going. Looking for all shapes and sizes. Thanks in advance! If ok, please feel free to text me at 5039903991.
  16. Anyone have a stand for a 6 foot tank they want to sell? Needing one quick!! Thank you. Near Salem wohld be awesome.
  17. Chadm73

    Anyone selling a large tank?

    I think i have a tank. Thanks all. Please close. Thank you!
  18. Hello. I' looking for a tank 125 gallon or larger. It will be for a freshwater system. If anyone has one for sale, please let me know. Need soon!! Thanks!! Really just needing tank, but anything else would be a bonus, especially a stand!
  19. Chadm73

    Anyone selling a large tank?

  20. Chadm73

    Eshopps sump for sale

    Eshopps sump and lots of plumbing parts for sale. Open to offers!! Thanks. No idea of value. Say 75.00 or best offer for all. Some pics if plumbing I cant get now, but will. But quite a bit of it. Lots of fittings, tubing, etc.
  21. Chadm73

    ISO 10 or 20 gallon aquarium

    PM sent
  22. Chadm73

    Need a 24x24 cube

    PM sent
  23. Chadm73

    Does anyone have a biocube for sale?

    Thank you all. I have found one. I appreciate your time. Please close.