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  1. eclipse pics

  2. 65 gallon tank setup

    Selling a nice 65 gallon tank that's pre-drilled with overflow. Nice cabinet with sump, skimmer, and pump. Also has a 6 bulb, t-5 lights that are programmable. I will also include a ro/DI water system and lots if rock. I'm sure I have some other stuff to include as I find it. Asking 200.00 firm for everything. Need to sell quick. Thanks all!!
  3. Free RBTAs

    If you get any extra, I'd take 1 as well. Thanks!!
  4. WTB LED lights

    Thank you. Appreciate the advice!!!
  5. WTB- 50Gish cube setup

    I thought Ron had a 60 gallon cube for sale?
  6. WTB LED lights

    Pm sent
  7. Free 100g w/stand

    No kidding.
  8. Free 100g w/stand

  9. Free 100g w/stand

    Saw this yesterday 14 minutes after it posted. Why are all the freebies so dang far away? LOL.
  10. Another Craigslist freebie!

    That's what I was gonna try to do with it.
  11. Another Craigslist freebie!

    Yep. By email only. No response yet.
  12. Another free setup on Craigslist. Good luck!!
  13. Free Craigslist tank. Someone snag this!

    For sure. Looked a little different to me, but I'm kinda new to a lot if this.
  14. Free Craigslist tank. Someone snag this!

    Lol. I appreciate that. I have an extra 65 gallon that's drilled with a nice stand in my garage I'm trying to sell. Hope the 1 you just got is a good tank. Those deals don't come by very often. Nice grab!
  15. Free Craigslist tank. Someone snag this!

    At my house!! LOL!