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  1. Chadm73

    WTB: 120g to 180g budget tank

    Cant send you any emails
  2. Chadm73

    93g acrylic complete setup $300

    Rick was telling me how nice this set up is.
  3. Chadm73

    93g acrylic complete setup $300

    That would be so nice. I am trying to convince myself to grab this from you. I've wanted to get another tank started. I'll let you know if I can swing this! Thanks!
  4. Chadm73

    93g acrylic complete setup $300

    What are the measurements for this? Thanks!!
  5. Chadm73

    Rock and Sand

    I will. Thank you!
  6. Chadm73

    Rock and Sand

    Sounds good. Thank you!
  7. Chadm73

    Rock and Sand

    Anything to get my tank started would be great. I havent even got water started yet
  8. Chadm73

    Rock and Sand

    That would be great. Ron, when would you be available? I could have my brother met you. He lives down there also.
  9. Chadm73

    Rock and Sand

    Good Afternoon. Does anyone close to Salem/Keizer have any rock and/or sand they want to sell? Trying to start a new tank, and have nothing. Been out of the hobby for a while. Let me know what ya got!! Thank you everyone!
  10. Chadm73

    Building stands!!

  11. Chadm73

    Building stands!!

    Thank you!! The last one I did I really wanted to try, but went with normal doors.
  12. Chadm73

    Building stands!!

    Hello. So I've started a little side job of building stands. If anyone is needing one, I can usually do it in just a day or 2. I'd charge exact cost of materials, and little more for my time. I will build to your measurements. I will send some pics of the ones I've done so far. The biggest has been for a 135 gallon tank. Tall, short, color, whatever you desire. I want to do one with like barn door slider. I think that would.look killer, if you had the space available. If this is not ok here, please feel free to remove. I wasnt sure. Thanks all and have a great day!!
  13. Chadm73

    Looking 4 5gal cube

    I have a 8 gallon cube of that would help you.