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  1. Share The Love Spectra Style..............................

    number 4! love branching GSP
  2. Reef humor

    Oh man I love The Far Side.
  3. AI prime with mount

    I can buy.Sent a PM
  4. June Meeting Food Ideas

    just voted for hamburgers, shouldve read better. definitely pulled pork.
  5. AI prime with mount

    If I can figure out a way to ensure my fish don't jump, I might just have to nab this...
  6. Cheap live stock

    Alright cool, ill get back to you
  7. Cheap live stock

    Okay. and about how big across? for the full colony that is?
  8. Cheap live stock

    Are those Acans in number 7 on a rock? or just resting on the sand?
  9. Cats are better than corals

  10. Ive got more HOB's than I care to count from my freshwater tanks. most have been sitting dry for a good few months, I dont think I have a spare heater though.
  11. Share the Love: Random Euphyllia

    Share the love #5. could use another hammer for my garden..
  12. Clam and sps order from Reef Corner

    Havent heard of them, Just checked them out. those are some seriously decent prices. and with $16 shipping to oregon and washington? unbeatable.
  13. Jellyfish

    I dont see why you couldnt. would look pretty sweet.
  14. Corals, Fish and Equipment

    How many heads on that Duncan? Might need to snag it. Add it to my growing collection of Duncans.
  15. Equipment and live stock for sale.. Breakdown.

    I should be free friday. ill shoot a pm.
  16. Equipment and live stock for sale.. Breakdown.

    definitely Interested in the Duncan, and possibly the hammer, how much for the hammer?
  17. Aaron in Wilsonville

    Can attest to the size of his corals. I live by the highschool and get down there every once in a while, very clean, very helpful. all around great store.
  18. Want to buy Sinularia, K Tree, Devils Hand

    Totally forgot about that! Id love that, We'll have to set up a time.
  19. 90 gallon tank flow?

    I second the Gyre. isnt there a flat portion of that tank where the overflow is? idk, its not my tank.
  20. oh wow another 29 Biocube thread.

    I hadnt thought of Gorgonians! Ill definitely look into that.
  21. oh wow another 29 Biocube thread.

    yeah that might work. maybe in the red. Im considering a light upgrade and im planning on starting dosing pretty soon, so I might leave the purple open for a potential birdsnest or another more or less hardy SPS.
  22. oh wow another 29 Biocube thread.

    Oh, also, looking for some suggestions on something to fill these top spaces Thinking softies of lps. Any suggestions are welcome. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  23. oh wow another 29 Biocube thread.

    Well I added some rock and moved some stuff around. Moved my little Euphyllia garden lower in the tank and a bit more central, opening up a ton of top space. Ill need something to have up there. Also dealing with a bit of cyano which is going away after some siphoning and Phosguard. Getting a ton of coralline growth though which is good! Anyway, heres some photos., [emoji1] Also, Just a suggestion, dont get a Lawnmower blenny unless youre okay with 4 inch deep craters in the tank minutes after leveling your sand... Look at that smug little face... Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  24. Acans and Lobos for sale

    I thinkkkk I might be able to buy the lobo. No need to hold, Ill know tomorrow for sure. Just thought Id put that out there. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  25. oh wow another 29 Biocube thread.

    They all get along well yeah! The blenny is nearly 5.5 inches so he startles the shrimp every once in a while, but no aggression. [emoji1] Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk